MU kicker Jeff Wolfert [Photo]

Tigers kicker Jeff Wolfert needs 21 points to surpass Brad Smith as Missouri’s all-time scoring leader.

Sixth annual Sustainability Fair [Video]

More than 360 people attended the sixth annual Sustainable Living Fair on Saturday at Columbia College. Fair-goers were able to browse more than 30 booths pertaining to sustainable living or environmental awareness. Andy Lister attended the event in order to gather information in the hopes of one day building a sustainable home.

Hickman sweeps volleyball match against Rock Bridge [Photo]

Hickman's Leslie Gregory, front left, and Natalie Sauble, back left, jump to block a bump by Rock Bridge's Bailey Chapin in the Kewpies' victory Monday night.

Treacherous weather, road result in drowning [Graphic]

Cardboard testimonies [Slideshow]

"Some things just grip you," Pastor John Battaglia said. And those things — the life stories of people in his congregation at Christian Chapel — are best told visually. With scrap cardboard and permanent marker, those people shared the burdens, addictions and pains they were in bondage to, and how their faith in Christ set them free.

The event, along with a message from David Batstone, author and activist against modern day slave trade, kicked off Columbia's Human Trafficking Awareness Week. Pastor John emphasized that everyone was a slave to some bondage in their life, and offered hope in Sunday's message on Freedom.

"Jesus Christ is the original abolitionist," he said.

Chris Crocker [Photo]

Chris Crocker poses for a photo outside Cadalac Ranch after eating dinner with close friends and family members Monday evening. Crocker's car became stranded in floodwaters early Sunday morning. Crocker was able to escape through a window and stand on the roof of the car before it was submerged under water.

Volunteer power washers [Photo]

Volunteers clean up the damages from the flood waters near Wilson Fitness Center. The water came over the levy to flood the whole area. Volunteers used power washers to clear the parking lot and even foliage clean of muddy flood water.

Helping to clean up [Photo]

Chris Viers pushes the mud and water away from Wilson Fitness Center on Monday afternoon. He and several others volunteered to help clean up the mess after the water unexpectedly passed over the levee on Sunday.

Towed away [Photo]

Doug Perry Towing is called upon to tow Ashley Cooper's car from N. Strawn Road. Cooper drove into the flooded waters on the road Saturday evening.

Covered in mud [Photo]

Ashley Cooper looks into her car for the first time since driving it into the flooded waters of N. Strawn Road on Saturday evening. Monday afternoon, her friends Steve Hill and Ted Neds helped her push the car out of the flooded road. The interior of the car was in poor shape. Mud covered all of her belongings.

Just a little farther [Photo]

Ashley Cooper watches as Ted Neds and Steve Hill (behind car) push her car out of the flooded waters of N. Strawn Road. She drove her car into the water Saturday evening, unaware of the flooded road. All the contents inside her car are covered with mud and water.

Stuck in the flood [Photo]

Ted Neds opens the door to a car trapped in flood waters in an attempt to push it out Monday afternoon. His friend Ashley Cooper drove into the water late Saturday night, unaware of the depth of the flooding.

Putting pond [Photo]

Twins Andrew, left, and Tyler Cox, 20, shoot golf balls at Perche Creek Golf Club in Columbia on Monday afternoon despite flooding of the range. Hurricane Ike brought torrential rainfall to Missouri over the weekend leaving many areas flooded.

Try this on for size [Photo]

Martina Pounds, a Lieutenant of the Boone County Fire Protection District, allows a student from Field Elementary School to try on the fireman uniform she brought with her to the Survival Kids fire safety class Tuesday morning. She allowed the student to try the gear on in order to feel how heavy and protective it is.

Reunion party [Photo]

Pat Westcott, left, BJ '75, and Laura Tyler, BJ '75, during a class reunion party at Harpo's on Thursday.

Oh, the memories [Photo]

Jim Pierobon, left, and Mary Elizabeth enjoy the taste of Tiger Stripe ice cream during the Reynolds Journalism Institute dedication on Friday. They both graduated in 1977.

Good chat, good ice cream [Photo]

Jane Stevens, left, and Darwin Hindman, mayor of Columbia, chat over ice cream during the Reynolds Journalism Institute dedication.

Capturing an image [Photo]

Rose Trbovich captures an image of the Pictures of the Year winning picture during the Reynolds Journalism Institute dedication on Friday. She graduated from the J-school in 1949.

Centennial dedication [Photo]

A crowd gathers to celebrate the dedication for the Reynolds Journalism Institute at 4 p.m. Friday.

Posing for photos [Photo]

Vanessa Petty, left, and Gretchen Pressley pose for Brent Adams on the quad Friday. Adams graduated from the journalism school in 2008 and currently works for Tulsa World. Petty and Pressley are both currently attending the journalism school and will graduate in 2009.