Blaine Gabbert practice [Photo]

Sophomore Blaine Gabbert, left, will be the starting quarterback in David Yost's first season as the Missouri offensive coordinator.

Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard [Photo]

This undated photo provided Sept. 1 by the US Marine Corps shows Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard.

Afghanistan Marines patrol [Photo]

Marine Cpl. Braxton Russell, left, tells one of his Marines to "light it up" if he sees any movement from a pomegranate grove where Taliban are believed to be lying in wait less than 100 yards away while on patrol through the village of Dahaneh, Aug. 14, in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Shortly after, Taliban fighters opened fire with an rocket propelled grenade which killed Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard who was on point.

Marines tend to injured Bernard [Photo]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This image contains graphic content.
Lance Cpl. Joshua Bernard is helped by fellow Marines after being wounded by a rocket propelled grenade during a firefight against the Taliban in the village of Dahaneh on Aug. 14, in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Bernard was evacuated out by helicopter to Camp Leatherneck where he later died of his wounds.

Tomato festival [Slideshow]

Columbia residents gathered to taste more than 50 kinds of tomatoes and dozens of different peppers at the remote Bradford Research and Extension Center in Columbia on Thursday.

Lumpkins found guilty [Photo]

Keyonda Lumpkins, sitting between defense attorney Kevin O'Brien and his assistant Heidi Terryberry, reacts to being found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old son, Cortez Johnson. Lumpkins faces 10 years to life in prison.

Cool Summer in Columbia [Photo]

Senior Daniel Maxwell, 17, plays the saxophone wearing skeleton gloves during the Hickman High School marching band practice on the football field Wednesday morning. "It keeps my fingers warm in order to play," said Maxwell. The temperature was 51 degrees Fahrenheit Wednesday morning, warmer than previous mornings but still unseasonably chilly.

Tour of Missouri Maps and Profiles [Graphic]

Starting Monday some of the top cycling teams in the world and the famous athletes who ride for them will spend seven days racing a 612-mile course across the state. The Tour of Missouri is one of only three multiday stage races in the U.S. given the highest rating for a race outside of Europe, 2.HC, by the International Cycling Union. The 2 stands for multiday and the HC stands for “beyond category.” Only the Tour of Missouri, the Tour of Georgia and the Tour of California share this distinction in the U.S.; the Tour of Georgia will not take place this year.

Health Care Rally in Jefferson Ctiy [Photo]

Melanie Edwards of Keytesville speaks to a pro-health care reform group on the steps of the Capitol building in Jefferson City on Wednesday. "At first, I was fearful to speak out in front of people," said Edwards, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. "Now, I'm more fearful not speak up and demand change." The rally brought supporters from all over Missouri to help demand Missouri legislators make a move on the health care reform. Many speakers remarked that the next two weeks were crucial to getting something passed. Speakers included state Rep. James Morris, minority house leader Paul LeVota, members of the Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence and individuals who have been negatively affected by the current health care system. The rally lasted from 10:30 to noon.

Health care rally at Jefferson City [Photo]

Richard Green of Ozark tells his story at a health care rally on the Capitol steps in Jefferson City on Wednesday. Green, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, said he wants to educate people on the loopholes and shortfalls of the current health care system, a system he said failed him when he needed it most.

Cool Summer Temps [Graphic]

Cooler temperatures in June, July and August caused this summer to rank as Columbia's ninth coolest summer.

Health care sign at Jefferson City rally [Photo]

A sign rests at the feet of a health care supporter during a rally at the Capitol building in Jefferson City on Wednesday. Speaker and organizer Robin Acree led the rally with songs and chants, welcoming speakers of all backgrounds to share their negative experiences with the current health care system.

Capitol health care rally [Video]

VIDEO: Hundreds of people from every district around Missouri gathered at the steps of the Capitol in Jefferson City on Wednesday. Numerous speakers talked to the crowd such as State Rep. Rebecca McClanahan from Kirksville, and Melanie Edwards, who had a personal experience with illness and the health care system. The rally began with singing and ended with prayer before everybody boarded buses to go back to homes around the state.

Average Weather Temps [Graphic]

Lower temperatures in July and August cause Columbia to experience below average temperatures.

Gettis gets loud [Photo]

Missouri's Carl Gettis is one of two projected starters at cornerback. He said the secondary has improved communication to avoid little mistakes.

Lumpkins trial testimony continues [Photo]

Keyonda Lumpkins testifies during her trial Wednesday afternoon at the Boone County Courthouse. The state rested its case Wednesday afternoon regarding the June 2008 death of her 2-year-old son.

Voluntary Action Center gives prescription help [Photo]

Edward Willis, left, 57, looks over information on obtaining diabetic testing strips while Christina Montgomery of the Voluntary Action Center contacts Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy regarding his prescriptions. Willis was referred to the VAC by his doctor. "It's a good place to come to," he said, "People who need help need a place to come to."

Columbia Public Library offers class for parents and babies [Photo]

Two-year-old Kevin Han claps along with his mother Jing Han and other participants at Rhymes and Rhythms for Pre-Walkers on Tuesday at Columbia Public Library. Part of the library's extensive children's program, Rhymes and Rhythms is a 30-minute offering that features songs and games and is designed for parents and their babies.

Rhymes and Rhythms offers games, stories for toddlers [Photo]

Two-year-old Kevin Han chooses stickers for his book near the end of the Rhymes and Rhythms for Pre-Walkers program on Tuesday at the Columbia Public Library. The program attracted about a dozen babies and their parents, all of whom came to enjoy music, dancing and stories at the library.

Missouri Contemporary Ballet dancers practice after summer hiatus [Photo]

Missouri Contemporary Ballet dancers Claire Magee, Melanie Auinbauh and Noelle Lelakus practice at the Dance Studio of Columbia on Tuesday. The Columbia-based dance company returns for the fall season after a three-month hiatus and will be performing "Falling ... Apart" at the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts on November 13 and 14.