Driver treated for minor injuries [Photo]

The driver of the Silver Pontiac Grand Prix GT, Susanne Bylund, received minor head injuries when her car was hit from behind by a Dodge Ram 1500.

Four vehicles collide on W. Stadium Boulevard [Photo]

Four vehicles got in an accident at W. Stadium Boulevard around 5 p.m. on Friday. The driver of the silver Pontiac Grand Prix GT received minor head injuries.

Bea Arthur [Photo]

In this 1988 file photo, Beatrice Arthur accepts an Emmy at the 40th annual awards ceremony in Pasadena, Calif. Family spokesman Dan Watt says the 86-year-old Arthur died at home early Saturday.

PTA fundraiser boasts world flavor [Slideshow]

The Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School PTA hosted its third annual Taste of the World fundraiser at the Missouri Theater on Friday, April, 24. Students, parents, teachers and other supporters came to taste exotic cuisine donated by local restaurants and shops.

After eating, the guests watched a performance by seven international acts from around town, including the Missouri Contemporary Ballet, the Friends of China dance ensemble and Poetry in Motion. Some of the students also showcased their own African drumming.

Austin Holt avoids being picked off [Photo]

Missouri's Austin Holt dives back into first while Texas Tech first basemen Chris Richburg waits for the ball.

Michael Liberto throws to first base [Photo]

Shortstop Michael Liberto attempts to throw a runner after fielding a ground ball during Missouri's game versus Texas Tech on Friday.

Aaron Senne celebrates [Photo]

Left Fielder Aaron Senne celebrates with teammates after hitting a home run against Texas Tech on Friday. Missouri trounced the Red Raiders 18-7 in the first game of the teams' weekend series.

Capital expenditures comparison [Document]

Data from the UM system shows Missouri ranks 45th among the states in terms of spending per capita on higher education.

Stimulus projects' priority [Document]

UM System’s compilation of its capital improvement needs for federal stimulus money.

ARRA Missouri [Document]

Missouri’s breakdown of how it receives and distributes money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Notes taken with chalk and slate [Photo]

To make their experience of the life of pioneer-age school children as authentic as possible, fifth graders of the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia used slates and chalk during a day of class at the one room school house at the Shelter Gardens. The field trip was meant to supplement the students' history class about life in the times of the pioneers.

Listening to a lecture [Photo]

From left, Amanda McDowell, 11, Hannah Tipton, 11, Asa Linneman, 11, and Christina Banton, 11, all fifth graders at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia, listen to their teacher Becky Mott during a day of class at the one room school house at Shelter Gardens, Friday. The field trip was meant to give the students an impression of how life was for the early settlers. To make the experience as authentic as possible, the children wore historic clothes. "I like how I get to dress up like a pioneer person and to be in the school house," Asa Linneman said, and her classmate Autumn Garvey, 11, added: "I think it's really special how we get to travel back in time and to act what Laura Ingalls would actually do."

Going barefoot at a one-room schoolhouse [Photo]

Fifth graders from the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia sit barefoot during a day of class in the one-room schoolhouse at the Shelter Gardens on Friday. After studying the diary of a Missouri family who traveled to California during the Gold Rush for their history class, the students got to spend a day of school just like their historic counterparts, who usually did not wear shoes in school. The students liked the experience. "We get to going barefoot," Amanda McDowell, 11, answered when asked what she thought was most special about the field trip.

Askren trains for MMA fight [Slideshow]

Ben Askren continues his quest to dominate a second sport, mixed martial arts, Saturday night in the feature match at the Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia.

Askren, a two-time NCAA national champion in wrestling at Missouri, will fight Mitchell Harris of Kansas City in the second match of his MMA career. Askren hasn’t ruled out competing in wrestling at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, but for now, he wants to concentrate on MMA.

Askren speaks about his training, how his wrestling background gives him an advantage over most MMA fighters and about his upcoming fight. Workout partners Jake Thornton and Jake Hecht weigh in on how Askren has developed and how he needs to improve to take the next step in MMA.

Memorizing words for a spelling bee [Photo]

From left, Joshua Whittom, 10, and Jesse Nilges, 11, both fifth graders at the Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Columbia, write down words on their slates to memorize them for a spelling bee on Friday. During a day of class at the one-room schoolhouse at Shelter Gardens, the children got to live the the life of students in pioneer times. "It's really cool to spend a day like someone would have ... a hundred or so years ago," Joshua Whittom said about his experience.

Business Incubator [Photo]

The Life Science Business Incubator at Monsanto Place opened in January. Its role is to boost economic development in mid-Missouri and thereby contribute to the economy of the state of Missouri.

Columbia's promise of progress [Graphic]

Douglass from March 8, 2009 [Document]

Douglass from March 20, 2009 [Document]

Douglass from Feb. 25, 2009 [Document]