Former Missouri pitchers Aaron Crow [Photo]

Aaron Crow throws for Missouri in Big 12 Conference competition in 2008. Crow was selected by the Washington Nationals with the ninth pick in the 2008 draft but contract negotiations stalled and he pitched in the independent American Association, with the Fort Worth Cats.

Pitching coach Tony Vitello [Photo]

Tony Vitello [Photo]

Tony Vitello at the May 5 MU men's baseball game against the University of Kansas.

Art you can wear [Photo]

Columbia teacher Brian Stuhlman demonstrates how to make wearable art.

From magazines to beads [Photo]

Michael Castle and Aubreyanna Wenzl make beads out of magazines. The Missouri Scholars Academy is a three-week camp for 330 students across Missouri.

Do it this way [Photo]

Ed Grooms leads Missouri Scholars Academy students through warm-up exercises during an Acting for Non-Actors class on Tuesday. The Academy is held at MU and is in its 25th year.

Getting warmed up [Photo]

Heather Adair, center, who will enter her junior year of high school in the fall, goes through warm-up exercises with her fellow members of Acting for Non-Actors, one of many courses offered by the Missouri Scholars Academy.

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Discussing new challenges in education [Photo]

MU professor Michael Podgursky speaks with a participant of the P-20 Conference in Columbia on Tuesday. Podgursky and other Missouri educators gathered to discuss the newest challenges in education, including pay increases based on teacher performance.

Flip-flops [Photo]

Rock Bridge High School student Erin Greer said she wears flip-flops daily when the weather is warm despite warnings from doctors that the footwear poses health risks because of its lack of support.

Scott Foster briefs Barry Hibdon after his foot surgery [Photo]

Scott Foster, a podiatrist, briefs patient Barry Hibdon on what to expect during his recovery from foot surgery at his office in Columbia on Wednesday. Hibdon frequently wears flip-flops, though his foot condition is unrelated to his footwear choices.

Erin Greer tests flip-flops and sneakers [Photo]

Rock Bridge High School student Erin Greer performs an experiment Thursday in which she walks in flip-flops and sneakers to see which requires more steps to cover the same amount of ground.

Early morning fire in northern Boone County [Photo]

A fire broke out early Tuesday morning in northern Boone County, claiming one person's life and injuring another person. More than 38 firefighters responded to the blaze this morning.