Up in the treetops [Photo]

Ann Koenig checks her footing while practicing limb walking in a white oak tree Wednesday afternoon near the Department of Conservation offices in Columbia.

Smokestack climber [Graphic]

First 4-H dairy judging camp hosted by MU [Photo]

Barry Steevens, an MU Extension state dairy specialist, explains how cows get milked to a group of campers at the MU dairy farm. Iodine solution, used to sanitize the teet, drips onto his hand.

Photo [Photo]

Aubrey Ellison takes notes during camp at the MU farm on Tuesday.

Lenoir Woods residents form neighborhood association [Photo]

Herold Wilson poses in front of his home in Lenior Woods. Wilson has been living here with his wife, Donna, since 2001. "It's a good little place to live," he says of the senior living community.

Photo [Photo]

Lenoir Woods is a senior living community.

Parents struggle with kids leaving for camp [Photo]

Eve Pidgeon hugs her daughter Zoe in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., on July 1, 2008. Pidgeon said it was difficult for her when she let Zoe go to summer camp last year. These days, camp leaders and family counselors say it's an increasingly common dynamic. It used to be the homesick kid begging to come home from camp. While that still happens, they've noticed that it's often parents who have more trouble letting go.

Photo [Photo]

Letters from 8-year-old Zoe Pidgeon to her dad are shown in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., on July 1, 2008. Zoe had decided to use bee stickers that came with a letter-writing kit she'd received for camp. She thought they were the same as the "normal stamps" her mom had given her.

The Gathering Place to reopen its doors with the help of students [Photo]

Debbie Strid is the Innkeeper of the The Gathering Place. Strid will move into a room in the house on College Avenue and supervise students as they learn how to operate a successful bed and breakfast.

Photo [Photo]

Visitors to the university will be the primary guests in the bed and breakfast.

Receding floodwaters leave odd items behind [Photo]

Geoff Manis and Mike Coyne-Logan, from left, with volunteers Linda and Dan Powell, from Davenport, Iowa, foreground, work to clean up the debris found along the banks of the Cedar River downriver from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. From riot gear to refrigerators, receding waters from the Midwest flooding are giving up trove of strange debris.

Photo [Photo]

The Cedar Rapids Police Department found this riot gear along the banks of the Cedar River downriver from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is among the thousands of items discovered as floodwaters make their retreat across the Midwest, remnants of the lives and livelihoods touched by raging rivers and swollen lakes are popping up miles from those who lost them.

History of Missouri’s newspapers coming to Thespian Hall in Boonville [Photo]

The Missouri Gazette, the state's first newspaper, was first published on July 12, 1808. This edition was published on July 26, 1908.

MU medical students develop free clinic for the uninsured [Photo]

From left, Vincent Horne, 26, Emily Doucette, 23, and Kayla Schleicher, 23, are three of the MU medical students who are starting a free clinic called MedZou. The clinic will help ease backups at the Boone County Family Health Center.

Chris Koster’s campaign staff may have violated fundraising law [Photo]

Campaign staff for Chris Koster, shown here speaking in the state Senate chambers on March 12, may have violated state fundraising laws by coordinating the transfer of large donations through local political organizations. Koster, who faces two opponents in the Aug. 5 Democratic primary, says his campaign's fundraising tactics are legal and similar to those used by other statewide candidates.

Mudd Puppies [Photo]

Tenley, a Labrador/basset mix, gets a wash from owner Kimberly Tarango at Mudd Puppies on Sunday. "I love this place!" said Tarango after finding out that she didn't have to clean hair out of the tub — clean up is part of the price.

Photo [Photo]

Mudd Puppies, located on Chapel Hill Road in Columbia, is a self-serve dog wash. Steven Bishop, owner, says he supplies “everything but the dog.”
For a small fee, dog owners are provided with shampoo, conditioner, towels, brushes and groomer’s dryers in a safe, dog-friendly environment. The best part is that there’s no cleanup; it’s included in the price.

Photo [Photo]

Tenley gets a wash from owner Kimberly Tarango and her son, Caden, at Mudd Puppies on Sunday.

CEDAR RAPIDS MISSION: Students spend 3 days assisting with Iowa flood relief [Photo]

Andy Patton, 23, and his mother, Karen Mickey, carry a bucket of debris and sludge from the basement of Ellis Community Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday. Water filled the basement and first floor of the church when the Cedar River flooded.

Photo [Photo]

Students from The Crossing present a shirt with all their signatures on it to John Berge, who will hang it in his store when renovations are complete.
Front row (from left): Taylor Pancoast, Kara Reserm Haley Grayless, Alex Roark, Candace Lawthlon, Katie Smith and Cassie Shields.
Center row (from left): Marty Swant, Kelly Brdicka, Bethany Jones, Alicia Eubanks, Kevin Sorgent, Ryan Krull, Kyle Richter, Jared Faurot and Joy Olson.
Back row (from left): John Berge, Robert Monroe, Rachel Shomaker, Austin Conner, Scott Belden, Nathan Casey, Dustin Jeffries and Rado Marinov.