Pastor's journey to fight racism [Photo]

John Yonker, senior pastor of First Christian Church, is biking 380 miles to raise money to fight racism. Yonker has been training a few mornings a week to prepare for his four-day journey.

Goats, floats and cars featured in parade [Photo]

The Boone County Fair begins with a parade every year. Spectators saw race cars, the royal court, goats and floats pass them by Saturday in Columbia.

Parade rhythm [Photo]

Members of the City-Wide Drumline and Rhythm Band of Columbia wave vibrant flags as they march in the Boone County Fair parade Saturday.

Gettin' pretty for the parade [Photo]

Sheila Durnil, left, makes final adjustments to her daughter Lorelai's outfit before the start of the Boone County Fair parade Saturday in Columbia. Lorelai Durnil was part of the Rock Bridge 4-H Club float.

Walter Cronkite dies at 92 [Photo]

Walter Cronkite reports the evening news on July 1, 1952 at CBS-TV. Cronkite died Friday of cerebral vascular disease. He was 92.

Larry Young carries the torch [Photo]

Olympic medal winner Larry Young carries the torch at the Show-Me State Games opening ceremony on Friday. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the games.

Carrying the torch [Photo]

Named the 2008 Show-Me State Games male athlete of the year, Rudy Oates helps carry the torch at the games' opening ceremony held at the Hearnes Center on Friday.

Show-Me Olympians [Photo]

Olympic medal winners Christian Cantwell, left, and Larry Young, right, are cheered by the crowd as Jim Riek, center, mentions that both Olympians are native Missourians. Young carried the torch later in the evening at the Show-Me State Games opening ceremony.

Singing of the national anthem [Photo]

The crowd stands silent as Jenna Ash sings the national anthem at the Show-Me State Games opening ceremony held at the Hearnes Center on Friday. This year's emcee was Jim Riek, left, of KOMU.

A parade of athletes [Photo]

A parade of athletes walks through the main floor at the Show-Me State Games opening ceremony held at the Hearnes Center on Friday. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the games, which has more than 40 sports categories.

2009 MWGA Amateur Championship winner Chelsea Schriewer [Photo]

Chelsea Schriewer enjoys the moment after shooting her first career hole-in-one Thursday on the 16th hole at The Club at Old Hawthorne en route to tying the overall course record with a 66.

MU graduate Matt Korklan is an WWE star with the stage name Evan Bourne [Photo]

Evan Bourne staggers WWE wrestler Jamie Noble with a jump spin kick at a WWE show in March in San Antonio.

Mathenys practice golf swings [Photo]

Rick Matheny, left, and his son Mike Matheny practice their swings at the A.L. Gustin Golf Course on Monday. The Mathenys plan to compete in four events at the Show-Me State Games, including the father-son golf tournament.

Brown School Road construction completed [Photo]

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of Brown School Road happened Thursday morning. Construction on the project lasted nine months. Some residents in the nearby Clearview subdivision said they are worried about the long-term effects of the construction on their neighborhood.

Helping out with the hams [Photo]

Matthew Hensley, 12, helps organize hams on Thursday for the youth and open ham shows to take place at the Boone Country Fairgrounds on Friday. Hensley has worked with the competition for 3 years and always enters in a ham of his own.

Kissing a ham good luck [Photo]

Mikaela Adams, 13, picks up her ham to kiss it good luck ahead of the 2009 ham competition on Thursday. Her mother, Jessica, said Mikaela is a member of 4-H. She said it is a great organization because "parents get involved, and it makes the kids get involved, and they get hooked on it. Now, it's like a competition for her. She tries to outdo herself every year."

A ham awaits judgment [Photo]

Hundreds of hams, such as this one from Uless Reeder, are tagged and sorted for the ham competition. The hams are to be judged in eight categories: Eye appeal, color, smoothness, fitting, trim, firmness, meatiness and aroma. The top 20 hams are expected to go up for auction next weekend.

Show-Me State Games Participation [Graphic]

The Show-Me State Games have grown to become the largest state games in the nation and have enjoyed a rich history of promoting fitness for Missourians.

Communications allocations [Graphic]

The Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee has proposed project funding for 11 applicants. Columbia Access Television (CAT TV) has since withdrawn its application, leaving $1,150 to be redistributed among remaining applicants.

Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee funding proposals [Document]

This PDF document includes funding requests submitted to the Public Communications Resource Advisory Committee, and funding recommendations by the committee.