AUDIO: Haunted history [Audio]

Families were welcome Saturday at the MU Museum of Art and Archeology as student docents and costumed faculty tried to add a dash of history to Halloween. Museum educator Cathy Callaway and visitors share their impressions of this year’s event, which included owls, a haunted museum tour and exhibits that came alive.

St. Clair Marching Band [Photo]

The St. Clair Marching Band marches down Hitt Street near the end of the Homecoming Parade Saturday, Oct. 25. Nearly 10 high school and junior high school marching bands, as well as Marching Mizzou, took part in the parade.

Mule Team [Photo]

The Missouri Mule Team rides through the Homecoming Parade. The team is cared for by the Mule Club at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Hitt Street Spectators [Photo]

Spectators on Hitt Street watch as the Oakland Junior High Marching Band approaches during the Homecoming Parade. The band and other groups and organizations marched down Sixth Street, Broadway, Ninth Street, and University Avenue before finishing up on Hitt Street.

Parade observers [Photo]

Spectators bundled up to keep warm during the Homecoming Parade.

Snare drums [Photo]

Snare drummers of the West Junior High School Marching Band keep the beat as they play a cadence.

Marching Mizzou [Photo]

Marching Mizzou was the first of the many bands to walk in the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, Oct. 25. Also included in the musical entertainment were Jefferson Junior High School, West Junior High School and La Plata High School marching bands.

Blue Springs South's Blaine Dalton [Photo]

Blaine Dalton, quarterback for Blue Springs South and a Missouri recruit, is tackled by Jason Carmichael, left, and Trey Millard, top right on Friday. The Bruins lost 37-9.

Callery pear trees [Photo]

Callery pears, originally sterile ornamental trees, have hybridized and are spreading throughout Columbia's open grasslands. Bad branch angles and heavy branches make the species susceptible to splitting, which is dangerous around roads and power lines.

ON THE ISSUES: Chris Koster [Slideshow]

Missouri attorney general candidate Chris Koster responds to the following topics:

What makes you qualified to be Missouri's next attorney general?

How do you balance being a Senator and campaigning?

Move your mouse over the time line to access a specific topic.

Food distribution [Photo]

Gertie Combs talks to another Angel Food Ministries volunteer as she waits for customers looking for senior boxes. Senior boxes include 10 frozen meals tailored to seniors' dietary needs and sold at a discount. Combs has been a volunteer for several months along with her daughter and granddaughter.

Shared stories become art [Photo]

Nan Larsen, center left, Karen Wingert, center right, and 15 other women decorated slabs of clay during a session of "Women with Wings." It was the first time the nonprofit art project took place outside Colorado, where it was started.

Stories set in clay [Photo]

After the seven sessions at Orr Street Studios, in which participants stamped meaningful objects into clay, the slabs were taken to Colorado to be transformed into bronze-glazed towers.

A woman with wings [Photo]

One of Lorri Acott-Fowler's winged sculptures sits on a stand at Orr Street Studios. Each tower made from the clay slabs is topped with a long-legged figure to represent women rising above life's difficulties.

Women gather to share stories [Photo]

A group of women gathered at Orr Street Studios to share stories and memories during a session of "Women with Wings." The nonprofit art project, started by artist Lorri Acott-Fowler in Colorado, is meant to empower women by integrating their experiences into creative expression.

"Women with Wings" creator listens to story [Photo]

"Women with Wings" creator, Lorri Acott-Fowler, center, listens as Amelia Gandara, right, shares memories of the birth of her children. After each participant shared a memory, the women impressed slabs of clay with meaningful objects that they brought with them.

Transforming stories into art [Photo]

Heather Klemp, left, and Amelia Gandara, right, decorate slabs of clay at Orr Street Studios during a session of "Women with Wings."

Alternate routes to avoid heavy homecoming traffic [Graphic]

Homecoming brings in fans, which can mean more foot and street traffic. Avoid road congestion with suggested alternate routes from Columbia Police Department.

MU football player Brock Christopher [Photo]

MU football player Brock Christopher

MU football player Castine Bridges [Photo]

MU football player Castine Bridges