Discussion begins on potential Garth Avenue trail site [Graphic]

A soprano's song [Photo]

Emily Bennett smiles with her co-stars during their practice for the opera "Elixir of Love" on April 15, 2008.

Photo [Photo]

Emily Bennett walks away from the rest of the cast of "Elixir of Love" during a practice session on April 15. She and her group, Show-Me Opera, were practicing the opera's opening scene before the shows debut several days later.

Young musical director's 'Schoolhouse Rock' premieres Thursday [Photo]

Izzie Baldwin directs a group dance audition for “Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr.” on Jan. 26 at Benton Elementary. Baldwin attends Stephens College and is the youngest director Performing Arts in Children's Education has used for one of its shows.

Hominy Branch dam break dries up Moon Valley Lake [Photo]

Moon Valley Lake in Columbia doesn’t quite live up to its name anymore, as evidenced by this photo taken Saturday morning. The lake has dried up because a dam on Hominy Branch broke in March, leaving a mud flat behind.

Changing directions: Developers call for streamlined planning process [Photo]

A model duplex stands near the golf course at Old Hawthorne on the eastern fringe of the city. It took months for the developer, Billy Sapp, and his attorney, Bruce Beckett, to push the proposal through the Columbia City Council, primarily because of Harg residents’ efforts to block annexation of the land.

Photo [Photo]

Construction of ABC Labs is progressing at Discovery Ridge, a research park that’s been jointly advocated by MU, the City Council and the Boone County Commission. The development is one reason the state is building a new interchange at U.S. 63 and Gans Road.

Photo [Photo]

Tracks from heavy machinery remain in the exposed earth at what eventually will become the Crosscreek Center along U.S. 63 at the eastern end of Stadium Boulevard. Stadium 63 Properties failed to win approval for a car lot on the land after residents protested during public hearings that lasted seven hours.

Photo [Photo]

The Vanderveen Crossing subdivision on the city’s north side includes hundreds of homes but generated little dissent during public hearings before the City Council. Don Stamper of the Central Missouri Development Council said projects south of Interstate 70 take longer to gain approval because they get more attention.

Stephens riding club revamps horse show [Photo]

Stephens College freshman Shannon Stein washes her horse, Teddy, in the Stephens Equestrian Center. Stein is an equine business management major and will show Teddy on Thursday night at the 81st Prince of Wales Horse Show. All horses shown are owned by Stephens College, its students and its alumni.

Photo [Photo]

Krista McCullough, left, a graduate student at Stephens College, and Jen Stem, wife of the director of Stephens Equestrian Center, shovel cedar mulch into the main arena.

Photo [Photo]

Ribbons awarded as prizes to horses and riders line the stalls at Stephens Equestrian Center.

“The Perry” to be showcased at nationals [Photo]

Missouri junior gymnast Adrianne Perry will compete in the NCAA Gymnastics National Championships starting Thursday in Athens, Ga.

Drum major candidates practice their strut [Video]

Drum major candidates practice "the strut" at auditions held last week. This type of run opens every Marching Mizzou pre-game show during MU home football games.

Council approves annexation of ABC Labs property [Graphic]

Council tables hospital rezoning request [Graphic]

Council recommends Mesaba Aviation [Graphic]

Photo [Photo]

Edmund Sykes pulls cable for telephone and computer connections in the basement of the Reynolds Journalism Institute on Thursday.

Columbia copper thefts increase [Photo]

Copper cables hang exposed in the basement of the Reynolds Journalism Institute, under construction at MU.

Drum major auditions test leadership, musical ability, flexibility [Photo]

From left, Zach Kohl, Nate Edwards, and Joe Schreimann were recently selected to be the MU marching band's drum majors for the coming school year. All three have been in the marching band since coming to MU. The three drum majors posed for a photograph outside Farout Field on Tuesday morning, where they will be leading the marching band this fall.