Co-directors of "The Front Page" [Photo]

Co-directors Charlie Wilkerson, left, and Byron Scott discuss the progress of the first scene of a rehearsal of "The Front Page" at the Missouri Theatre on Monday night. The play is being performed Thursday through Saturday night at the theater in conjunction with the Missouri School of Journalism's centennial celebration.

Rehearsing a scene from "The Front Page" [Photo]

Weldon Durham, right, answers a telephone call during a rehearsal of the first scene of the play "The Front Page" at the Missouri Theatre on Monday night. Durham plays one of the leading roles as the managing editor of a 1920's newspaper.

Biden answers a question from the audience [Photo]

Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware addresses the issue of rising college tuition costs brought up by Sharon Giles, during the town hall meeting at the Activity and Recreation Center in Columbia on Tuesday. Sen. Biden spoke to a standing-room-only crowd.

Rep. Baker introduces Sen. Joe Biden [Photo]

Judy Baker, Democratic candidate for Missouri's 9th Congressional District, is thanked by Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden after she introduced him at the town hall meeting in the Activity Recreation Center on Tuesday.

Welcome to Columbia [Photo]

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden paces along the crowd barriers during his town hall meeting at the Activity Recreation Center on Tuesday. Audience members in the front rows waited for two hours before Biden took the stage before the standing-room-only crowd and spoke about his own political career, the economy, the war in Iraq, education, John McCain and Barack Obama's Campaign for Change.

Interfaith group discusses environmental concerns [Video]

On Sunday representatives from the interfaith community met at Rock Bridge Christian Church to brainstorm ways their congregation can care for creation and to eat ice cream made by solar power.

Joe Biden prepares to speak at the ARC [Photo]

Vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden waits to address the crowd at the Activities and Recreation Center on Tuesday. "There's too much anxiety, there's too much lack of sense of what is going to happen," Biden told the crowd. "I understand, Barack understands, but unfortunately, John McCain doesn't understand."

Joe Biden speaks at the ARC [Photo]

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden speaks to the audience during a campaign stop at the Activities and Recreation Center on Tuesday.

Boaters on the Missouri River [Photo]

Participants warm up before the start of the Missouri River 340 race at Kaw Point in Kansas City, Kan., in July 2007.

Missouri River at Eagle Bluffs [Photo]

The Missouri River weaves through Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area in Boone County, in this 2007 file photograph. Management of the Missouri River water levels, which are controlled under the 1944 Flood Control Act, has again become a point of contention between the upper and lower basin states because of a recent proposal to reassess the Act. Northern states, such as South Dakota, are more concerned about the fish population, while states along the lower basin, such as Missouri, prioritize flood prevention and barge navigation.

Dogs rescued from Mo. puppy mill [Photo]

Braxton Perez, 11, holds Lindie, a beagle rescued by Arizona Beagle Rescue on Sunday. Lindie was one of 28 beagles rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. Members of Arizona Beagle Rescue said the dogs were kept in wire cages and were barely alive.

New lot adds to park's appeal [Photo]

From left, Kevin Black, Caleb Kirkendoll and Chris Barnes walk around a platform and examine a map above The Devil's Icebox before heading down toward the cave Monday evening at Rock Bridge Memorial State Park.

Pervious parking lot more environmentally friendly [Photo]

The lot was recently refurbished with a more eco-friendly pervious design that is more absorbent and less harmful to the area wildlife than gravel.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park unveils new pervious parking lot [Photo]

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park's new pervious parking lot allows precipitation to be absorbed into the soil through the small filler rocks. Unlike asphalt, pervious parking lots protect the environment from pollution and substance run-off.

Missourian partners with to offer better coverage of MU Tigers [Video]

The Columbia Missourian is partnering with to offer "second screen" companion content for every Missouri Tigers football games this season. This interactive, widget-based program launches 30 minutes before the start of every game and features live blogging from Missourian reporters in addition to other features. Click the following link for a 40-second tutorial.

The price of steel [Graphic]

Visitors Guide to the Journalism Centennial and Dedication [Graphic]

MU safety William Moore [Photo]

Tigers safety William Moore, tackles Illini quarterback Juice Williams. After injuring his right foot in the game, Moore missed the SEMO game then re-injured the foot against Nevada. He is expected to play Saturday against the Cornhuskers.

EcoArtFest [Audio]

Listen as Steve Jacobs of Columbia discusses local music and the EcoArtFest. Jacobs played Sunday with Jim Borwick and Brenda Hansen.

Solar-powered sweets [Photo]

Uel and Vernie Blank enjoy some solar-powered homemade ice cream during a Care for Creation event and discussion on Sunday morning at Rock Bridge Christian Church.