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Environmental Health Specialist Dave Crooks records the condition of an overgrown tree on Sexton Road. Crooks is a member of the Neighborhood Response Team that sends letters to residents requesting changes be made to the exterior of their homes.

McBaine bur oak tree’s DNA to be preserved [Photo]

Mark Peper, 21, cuts a qing chestnut while preparing to graft another chestnut plant to the top at MU's Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center on May 30. The process is similar to grafting bur oak trees.

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Chestnut saplings sit on the ground after being grafted. Aluminum foil is wrapped around the graft to regulate the temperature around the cut.

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Mark Coggeshall, a research analyst at MU's Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center, demonstrates grafting part of a bur oak onto another bur oak on May 30. Although Coggeshall is not grafting wood from McBaine's champion bur oak, the process is the same.

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The champion bur oak tree in McBaine, just south of Columbia, in the spring of 2007.

A record number of MU freshmen push limits of campus housing [Graphic]

New Neighborhood Response Team boundaries [Graphic]

Thoughts on Primary [Video]

Columbia residents speak about the 2008 Democratic Primary.

Columbia voters share views on primary season [Video]

Residents talk about their reactions to the lengthy Democratic primary, as the country heads into the general election season.

Young girl killed in car accident [Photo]

Rare bear cub snarls traffic [Photo]

How window air-conditioners work [Graphic]

Mother embraces challenges and joys of daughter with disability [Photo]

Alex Basi, 3, and his sister Julianna, 15 months, play together on the couch. “She’s got every bit as much personality as Alex did at her age. She’s feisty, opinionated, vocal,” her mother said.

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Kate Basi brushes the hair out of Julianna’s face before she eats lunch. Julianna’s disability slows her learning, but right now she is experiencing a developmental spurt.

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Air conditioner exchange helps low-income Columbians [Photo]

Nick Meyer, right, carries a new air conditioner to Benita Nichols' car while Alex Koenig, center, carries away her old unit during the Window Air Conditioner Exchange Program at the Boone County Family Resource Center on Monday. The program allows low-income individuals and families to exchange old window air conditioner units for more efficient models.

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Alex Koenig carries a used air conditioner unit to the back of a truck at the Boone County Family Resource Center on Wilkes Boulevard. The Window Air Conditioner Exchange Program allows low-income individuals and families to exchange old units for more energy-efficient models.

Rain causes delay in corn planting [Photo]

JIM BUELL/Missourian
From left, Brian Flatt, 36, Jadon Flatt, 9, and Ron Flatt, 60, stand in a corn field on their farm in Audrain County on May 30. Because of an unusually wet season, only 70 percent of their corn crop has been planted. Ideally, all of the corn would have been planted by late April and the stalks would be about waist-high by now.

Photo [Photo]

A corn plant about 1 inch tall grows on the Flatts' farm in Audrain County on May 30.

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The corn in this Audrain County field is unusually small for this time of year. The plants visible are weeds, which tower over the inch-tall corn plants.