Feeling the pressure [Photo]

Missouri forward Laurence Bowers (21) is pressured by Colorado guard Javon Coney (14) during the second half of the Missouri-Colorado basketball game.

Denmon and Lyons rebound [Photo]

Missouri guard Marcus Denmon (12) and forward Leo Lyons (5) go up for a rebound as Colorado forward Austin Dufault (33) looks on during the second half of the Missouri-Colorado basketball game in Boulder, Colo., on Saturday. Missouri beat Colorado 66-53.

Forsee: Employee assurances [Audio]

Question 6:

What assurance do we have that the money being taken out of our salaries won't go to things like operating costs and building funds? And what assurance do we have that this new plan to have us pay 1 or 2 percent of our pay into our retirement plans doesn't put us on a slippery slope to having to pay 2 or 3 percent?

Forsee: Fairness in furloughs [Audio]

Question 5:

You've said that furloughs, if instituted, would be instituted fairly. But what does that mean? It seems that fairness in furloughs would be hard to determine, since a given number of furlough days would affect some people much more negatively than it would others.

Forsee: Giving surplusses back to employees [Audio]

Question 4:

There has been discussion about the possibility that, given the deductions from salaries, if there are surpluses in retirement funds, building funds, etc., some of that money would be given back to the employees. On the other hand, I'm hearing you say that the money would simply stay in those funds. Is the option of giving it back to employees on the table?

Forsee: Workers' compensation for furloughed employees [Audio]

Question 3:

Suppose a furlough is instituted and a furloughed employee gets hurt while responding to an emergency situation on campus (like an equipment malfunction only he or she can fix). Would that employee still get help, like workers' compensation, from the university?

Forsee: Administration budget reductions [Audio]

Question 2:

One of the comments that I've never heard is that one of the things that would make Mizzou a greater university than it is today is to have more administration. One of the comments that I've never heard is that we need more people who make over $100,000 a year who don't even teach a class. What will it take for you to make serious reductions in the budget money going to administration at this university?

Forsee: Applying cuts to Extension [Audio]

Question 1:

I think we're all glad over $9 million was put back into the university budget (for Extension programs). That doesn't hide the fact that we're still missing $5 million from the university budget. What is your obligation to follow the governor's and the legislature's directives on where particular cuts are taken, and if this $5 million cut is put in place, would you feel obligated to apply that only to Extension?

Leo Lyons at Colorado [Photo]

Missouri's Leo Lyons drives against Colorado's Austin Dufault on Feb. 21 in the Tigers' road victory.

Balloon sinuplasty [Graphic]

the beat 2/16 [Audio]

Vince Pescalgia attempting a takedown [Photo]

Hickman senior Vince Pescaglia attempts to knock Seckman sophomore Denny Kleinschrodtover during the semifinals of the MSHAA state wrestling meet on Friday at Mizzou Arena. Pescaglia defeated Kleinschrodt to advance to the final round, putting one match between him and the title he's tried to capture unsuccessfully twice before.

Vince Pescalgia holding his position [Photo]

Hickman senior Vince Pescaglia tries to maintain the lock he has on Seckman sophomore Denny Kleinschrodt during the semifinals of the MSHAA state wrestling meet on Friday at Mizzou Arena as match official Lenny Gino makes the count.

Belcher's press conference [Photo]

New Superintendent Chris Belcher said he hopes to stay with the school district for more than the three years his contract requires.

Answering questions [Photo]

Newly hired superintendent Chris Belcher answers questions next to school board President Michelle Gadbois, during a press conference at the school district administration building Friday. Belcher expressed his excitement to join the district and said he looks forward to starting on July 1.

The Tiger Hotel on Eighth [Photo]

The owners of The Tiger Hotel on Eighth Street hopes to receive tax relief so they can begin construction to renovate the hotel's rooms. The hotel previously operated as senior living center. With the renovations, owners hope to reopen once more as a hotel.

The Tiger's applies for tax break [Photo]

Previously, the rooms of The Tiger Hotel were used as a senior living center. If the recently submitted tax relief application the owners have filed is approved, the rooms will be renovated so that the hotel can operate commercially again.

The Tiger's Decor [Photo]

If the Tiger Hotel on South Eighth Street receives the tax relief it recently applied for, it will renovate the rooms to match the lower levels and lobby that were renovated before the hotel became a senior living center. The hotel owners submitted for tax-increment financing on Tuesday, Feb. 10, and if approved the hotel would be able to operate commercially after the completion of renovations.

The Zumba workout [Photo]

Jensen Smith, a freshman majoring in biochemistry, follows along in a Zumba class at the MU Student Recreation Center on Thursday, Jan. 29. Zumba is an aerobic dance workout set to Latin music.

Zumba moves [Photo]

Jennifer Manian, who became a certified instructor in August, leads an exercise in Zumba class on Thursday.