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Spectators at the Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Weekend Celebration eagerly await the next group of planes to take to the sky Sunday. Throughout the day people would see an F-18 and even several smaller planes from the World War II era.

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Sam Kesel, top, slides down an inflatable play set sponsored by the National Guard at the Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Weekend Celebration. At first, Sam was hesitant to slide down, so his brother, Noah, left, and Hannah Rackers, right, helped ease him down the ride.

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After being publicly honored earlier in the day, Buzz Aldrin met with the press to answer questions about his historic career at the Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Weekend Celebration.

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Buzz Aldrin, famous for his historic Apollo 11 spaceflight, addressed the press during the Salute to Veterans Memorial Day Weekend Celebration. Aldrin explained that his ring, a crescent moon and star design, symbolizes mankind's future exploration of space.

Native American dancing brings people to fairgrounds [Video]

Native Americans gathered at the Boone County Fairgrounds the weekend of May 24, to join together in traditional dancing and drumming at the First Annual For the People Pow Wow. Dona McKinney, event coordinator, and John Bechtold, dancer, explain how powwows, such as the one held at the fairgrounds, are important to Native Americans.

30th Annual Bianchi Cup rounds up [Photo]

Thomas Glas fires at a target during the Barricade Event of the NRA-sponsored Bianchi Cup on Friday. The competition has taken place since 1979 and includes events like the Barricade Event, Falling Plate Event, and the Moving Target Event.

Historic shotgun house to be relocated [Photo]

A controversy has begun over whether to move the historic shotgun house from the corner of Garth and Worley to Boone Junction or Douglass Park.

Proposed shotgun house relocation [Graphic]

Rain delays air show but doesn’t dampen spirits [Photo]

Buzz Aldrin spoke with the press while waiting for the rain to pass during the Salute to Veterans 2008 Memorial Day Celebration at the Columbia Regional Airport on Saturday. Aldrin discussed topics like his Apollo 11 trip to moon and what he sees for the future of aerospace travel.

American Indians' dancing brings people to fairgrounds [Photo]

Men join together at the First Annual For the People Pow Wow, held at the Boone County Fairgrounds, to perform the Gourd Dance celebrating veterans on Saturday.

The work of Keith Crown [Video]

Jennifer Perlow, an owner of the Perlow-Stevens art gallery, speaks about the works of Columbia artist Keith Crown.

Accused of 'acting white' [Photo]

Brandon Stewart poses with other graduate students at the GPC Happy Hour at Bengal's on Sixth Street on May 2.

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Jordan Carter laughs at a joke told by one of her classmates during their journalism class on May 1. After a brief lecture by the teacher, the class breaks up into smaller groups and works with each other on their upcoming assignments.

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Smith-Cotton High School senior Cecilia Sotelo, left, and junior Ceci Perez

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Brandon Stewart poses in Bengal's Bar and Grill during the GPC Happy Hour on May 2. Stewart has been criticized for acting white throughout his education.

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Jordan Carter waits to hear back from a source during her journalism class at Hickman High School on May 1. While she waits, Jordan chats with her classmates about how they will be spending their afternoon.

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Dolores Obregon

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Josh Copeland waits for his turn during a game of Uno on May 9 at the Stop Day Carnival in the MU Activity and Recreation Center.

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Samuel Martin, one of the junior guidance counselors at Rock Bridge High School, monitors the halls after school on May 12.

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Samuel Martin monitors the halls after school on May 12.