How different churches break bread [Photo]

Photo illustration showing some of the elements of the Eucharist.

MU baseball team wins regional opener [Photo]

Missouri pitcher Aaron Crow gave up just three hits to the Rebels in nine innings.

Kind caregivers: How one family cared for grandma with dementia [Photo]

Anne takes a break from folding laundry to watch her granddaughter, Susan and great-granddaughter, Elisabeth, in the kitchen. Anne suffered from dementia and was no longer able to care for herself. Susan helped pick out Anne’s clothes, tie her shoes and feed her. In return, Anne helped with laundry, dishes and some cooking. “A lot of people said to put her in a nursing home, but she did not want to do that. And we didn’t either,” Susan’s husband John said about the decision to have Anne move in with the family. “She would be dead right now if we had not done something.”

Man accused of passing counterfeit money at garage sales [Photo]

John Patrick Mooney, 39, was arrested on four counts of forgery, according to the Columbia Police Department.

Officials celebrate road extension [Graphic]

Warm weather perfect opportunity to garden [Photo]

Eileen Beiger and her “gardening cat,” Olive, take advantage of the warm weather Thursday to manage one of Beiger’s many home gardens. “She’s not much help,” Beiger said about her gardening companion.

Springtime fishing [Photo]

Kayla Gunderson, 13, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, casts her line into Stephens Lake on Thursday afternoon while fishing with her grandfather Jim Gunderson of Columbia, and her brother Alex Napier, 10. Though she enjoys fishing, Kayla was not optimistic about catching any fish. “I don’t expect to catch anything,” she said. “I think it’s too sunny and hot; they’re all on the bottom.”

Photo [Photo]

Jim Gunderson, right, of Columbia, shows his grandson Alex Napier, 10, how to properly hook a lure Thursday afternoon at Stephens Lake. Alex and his sister Kayla (not pictured) are visiting their grandparents for two weeks to start off their summer vacations. Gunderson said much of Thursday’s fishing trip involved “working on the mechanics.”

Photo [Photo]

Boonville High School baseball coach Tim Edwards addresses his team before practice Wednesday morning at Harley Park in Boonville. This is Edwards' first year coaching for Boonville, and in his first season the Boonville Pirates made it to the state baseball championships for the first time since the program began in the 1995.

Edwards makes his mark on baseball team in return to Boonville [Photo]

Boonville High School coach Tim Edwards catches a ball from Kyle VanderLinden while working with his team on Wednesday morning at Harley Park in Boonville. Boonville takes on Webb City in the Class 3 state finals at 1 p.m. Friday in Springfield.

Photo [Photo]

Tim Edwards huddles with his team before practice on Wednesday at Harley Park in Boonville.

Historic Preservation Commission honors a Columbia couple [Photo]

Stephen Bourgeois, left, the architect for John and Vicki Ott's latest renovation project, presented the couple with the Columbia Historic Preservation Commission's first Outstanding Local Historic Preservationist award on Thursday. The Otts are also restoring The Tiger Hotel and several buildings in the art village district on Walnut Street.

Photo [Photo]

Heather Bethel

Photo [Photo]

The Columbia Historic Preservation Commission held an awards ceremony and reception for John, center, and Vicki Ott on Thursday for their downtown revitalization efforts. The ceremony took place in a building the Otts recently refurbished and hope will become a restaurant.

Photo [Photo]

Tracy Fetterly

Photo [Photo]

Allison Jamison-Lucy

Photo [Photo]

Jun Liang

Photo [Photo]

Alexandra Litofsky

Downtown Columbia businesses in the works [Graphic]

Photo [Photo]

Joseph Neal