Record-setting race at Grand Prix [Video]

Kirsty Coventry, who broke the world record for the women’s 200 meter backstroke Saturday, talks about her feelings about finals races occurring in the morning instead of the evening—what she is accustomed to.

Jimmy Carter tries to bring Baptists together [Photo]

Jimmy Carter teaches Sunday school Jan. 20 at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Ga. The former president says it has pained him to see the Southern Baptist Convention "being ripped apart." "And I have felt ... a personal obligation to try to do something about it."

Living outside the anthill [Photo]

Blackwell's work often features depictions of ants, which the artist admires for their social characteristics.

Photo [Photo]

When it's not cold, Blackwell prefers to work outside, where people can watch his artistic process.

Photo [Photo]

Grant Blackwell relaxes with his dog under a plywood piece he designed.

Exchange students find families in Columbia [Photo]

Danilo Leon, an international student from Ecuador, poses with his host parents, Judy and Jim Elliot, in their Columbia home on Feb. 5. The Elliots are active participants in the American LIFE program through the MU International Center.

Vintage values: Great deals await at neighborhood shops [Photo]

MU sophomore Paige Hansen wears an outfit collected from different vintage shops around
Columbia. Her boots are from New Beginning's Consignment Clothing, the shirt from Blackberry Exchange and the belt from Upscale Resale.

Suspect in 2003 shooting arrested [Photo]

Lylbrum Jessie French

Sue Johanson [Video]

Sex expert Sue Johanson hosted a talk show at MU on Thursday night. The event attracted a large number of students and fans of the 77-year-old Canadian television host.

State money should be the great educational equalizer [Photo]

David Rosman

Making waves [Photo]

Jordan Powell participates in swim practice on Feb. 7 at Hickman High School. Powell qualified for the state championships in the 500-meter freestyle and 200-meter individual medley at the last chance meet last weekend.

Doing art for pets' sake [Photo]

Askren travels to Russia with USA wrestling team [Photo]

Former MU wrestler Ben Askren

Two MU swimmers hopeful for a chance for U.S. Olympic trials [Photo]

Coach Brian Hoffer, left, preps the MU women's swim team at practice on Thursday at the MU Rec Center. Junior Lori Halvorson, right, is looking to qualify for the Olympic Trials.

Photo [Photo]

Colleen Gordon, a sophomore nursing major, is also looking to qualify for the Olympic Trials. She is competing in the 400 freestyle event and the 100 butterfly event at this weekend's Missouri Grand Prix in hopes of qualifying.

Tigers look to slow Beasley in rematch with Kansas State [Photo]

Kansas State's Michael Beasley has been a dominant player for the Wildcats this season in averaging 25 points a game. The Tigers will try to slow him down in their second game against the Wildcats this season.

Woes aside, Missouri women's basketball adept at 3-point shooting [Photo]

Junior guard Alyssa Hollins is closing in on a couple of 3-point shooting records for Missouri.

Photo [Photo]

Jessica Cooper
MU Communications major
"I have an extensive collection of TV on DVD. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it. I've been revisiting old shows from the '90s: 'My So Called Life,' 'Freaks and Geeks.'"

Photo [Photo]

Bill Bellinghausen
Employee, 9th Street Video
"There are certain people who don't watch TV on TV anyway. They'd rather watch the DVD set and get 5 episodes without commercials."

Photo [Photo]

Leeann Gipple
MU Marketing major
"No one wants to watch these other (new) shows. Also, you can lose your fan base. They may move on to other shows. I'm so excited it's over now. I can get my shows back."