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Local View: New high school requirements [Photo]

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Cubbies that were filled with Gold Rush T-shirts at Tiger Spirit on Saturday were empty Monday. Tiger Spirit sold out of the shirts within two hours of opening.

Retailers score with Mizzou apparel [Photo]

Cubbies that were filled with Gold Rush T-shirts at Tiger Spirit on Saturday were empty Monday. Tiger Spirit sold out of Gold Rush shirts within two hours of opening.

In their own words: Jack Schultz [Slideshow]

A researcher and administrator by day as the director of the Bond Life Sciences Center, Jack Schultz is also a music enthusiast who has been known to carry a guitar into the wild.

Missouri beats Nebraska, 41-6 [Slideshow]

Highlights from Saturday's 41-6 win over Nebraska.

In their own words: Into the wild with Jack Schultz [Photo]

Jack Schultz, director of the Bond Life Sciences Center, has been around the world as a researcher, but he’s also passionate about music.

Quinlan Keep comic book store to close at end of October [Photo]

Boen Quinlan, owner of the comic book store Quinlan Keep, will be closing at the end of October after almost two years in business.

The looking glass [Photo]

Glass artist Santo Noce holds a glowing hot goblet-in-progress. Noce works with color borosilicate, a glass material made of silica and boric oxide, in his Columbia art studio.

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Santo Noce holds one of his pieces — a glass paperweight with a trapped air anemone design.

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John DeClue works on a pendant in Santo Noce’s glass studio, which is run out of a converted barn behind his northwest Columbia home on Barberry Avenue. The two men are among a handful of local artists who use borosilicate, or “hard glass.”

Antique mall moves to new address [Photo]

Ice Chalet Antique Mall owner Jim LaRue, left, and his son, Scott LaRue, wheel a glass display case Saturday in preparation for the move to the antique mall’s new location.

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Dolls are just one of the thousands of collectibles found at Ice Chalet. Vendors are offering discounts on most items before the mall’s relocation, which takes place later this month. Ninety of Ice Chalet’s 200 vendors will relocate with the store.

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Lee Griggs, left, and Gage Mccoy, both 9, search for sports memorabilia at the Ice Chalet on Saturday. The friends have been collecting sports cards for the last two years and were excited to find a few bargains at the store’s moving sale.

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Wanda and Pat Simonson of Seneca, Neb., take advantage of their visit to Columbia to shop for bargains at the Ice Chalet Antique Mall's moving sale on Saturday.

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Tamon Sawayanagi, 66, the director of the Imada Puppet Troupe from Iida City, Japan, shows off the puppet’s armor.

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An intricately carved puppet head and a samisen wait to be used in the traditional Japanese puppetry demonstration in Jesse Wrench Auditorium on Friday.

Vintage Vroom [Photo]

Dan East calls for his border collie, Maggie, to jump on the car seat before he heads down to the judging station at the 33rd Annual Olde Wheels Collector Car Club Show at the Flatbranch area Sunday. East bought this Model A Ford in Lawerence, Kan., in May.

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People walking around the Flatbranch area reflect in the headlight of a vintage automobile at the car club show Sunday.

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Plastic replicas of drive-in diner food rest on the car window of a 1957 Chevrolet at the car show Sunday. The two-door Chevy, owned by Larry and Michelle Ishamael, features a custom interior.