MU men's basketball team expected to improve [Photo]

Missouri is expecting to good things from Marshall Brown, who scored 10.1 points per game last season, including a career-high 28 at Kansas State.

Photo [Photo]

A makeshift tombstone marks the site of the tree felled by gusts of wind.

Photo [Photo]

The splintered remains of the tree lie strewn about outside Kilk's.

Storms don't leave Columbia unscathed [Photo]

A tree fell on Klik's bar at about 11 p.m. Wednesday as severe weather rolled through Columbia.

Positive faith keeps musician rocking [Photo]

Caleb Rowden picks at his guitar at Christian Chapel on October 7. Caleb has been playing guitar since high school but only recently began writing his own music.

Photo [Photo]

Caleb Rowden performs with his band at Christian Chapel on October 7. Caleb and his band have recently been signed to a record label and are planning a tour.

Photo [Photo]

Caleb Rowden and his wife, Aubrey, take a break in his office between services at Christian Chapel on October 7. Caleb has been the worship and creative arts director at the church since the beginning of the year.

Firsthand experience provides breast center nurse with link to patients [Photo]

Janice Templemire, right, a nurse in the breast health center at the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, and Jeanne Shellabarger, nurse clinician, go over some forms at the hospital. Templemire not only treats cancer patients but she is also breast cancer survivor.

Graphic [Graphic]

Sculptor creates masterpieces of local legends [Photo]

Sabra Meyer works on the face of a sculpture of Sainte Rose Philippine Duchesne in her basement studio in Columbia on Sept. 14.

Photo [Photo]

Meyer pats down a recently added piece of clay on the face of Sainte Rose Philippine Duchesne. Meyer has to pay close attention to everything down to the last detail.

Photo [Photo]

An assortment of the tools Meyer uses for sculpting lie around in her basement studio. Over the years Tullmeyer has found that the most useful of her tools is her number 2 pencil.

Spill it: Lisa K. Suits [Photo]

Lisa K. Suits is the owner of The Arsenic Leopard boutique.

Photo [Photo]

Nikki Reynolds, holding her baby, Brody Reynolds, and Jared Reynolds, left, own a preschool and have converted on of their buses into an official tailgating mobile. Jared Reynolds socializes with Matt Lieberman, while Jamie Scholten gesticulates as he tells a story before the MU-Nebraska football game on October 6 near the Reactor parking lot.

Photo [Photo]

Murphy Tetley, left, talks to a fellow tailgater, Mike Hackman, about the turkey in the deep fryer next to the pickup near the Reactor parking lot on Oct. 6.

Photo [Photo]

Creighton Cox and Murphy Teetley collaberated to make home made biscuits in a dutch oven during an afternoon of tailgating near the Reactor Field parking lot on Oct. 6.

Photo [Photo]

Lamont Turner emerges from an inflatable castle victorious after a wrestling match against a friend. The castle was just one of the tailgating activities that dotted the sprawling parking lots near Reactor Field during MU's football game against Nebraska on Oct. 6.

Nixon raises more in Columbia, but Blunt outpaces challenger statewide [Graphic]

Photo [Photo]

Stephens College juniors Stephanie Dippold and Gretchen Thurmer look for costumes at Spirit Halloween on Thursday. Dippold said many of the costumes were too revealing. "It's Halloween in a college town," Thurmer said. The two didn't buy any costumes.

MU golfer making best of chance to play [Photo]

Julia Potter's 66 won the Johnie Imes Invitational and matched the MU women’s school record for the lowest round.