Fishing in a storm [Photo]

Matthew Robertson, a senior at MU, fishes at Stephens Lake on Friday afternoon after a brief thunderstorm. Robertson fishes at Stephens Lake about one to two times a week.

Photo [Photo]

Live bait sits on the shore of Stephens Lake waiting to be used for fishing.

Photo [Photo]

Kyle McAllister, a senior at MU, fishes at Stephens Lake on Friday after a brief thunderstorm. McAllister said that the parks department keeps the lake well stocked and that the best time to fish is after it rains.

Bike shop owner can’t stop collecting [Photo]

Karl Kimbel, owner of Klunk Bicycles and Repair, repairs brakes on a used bike Thursday. Incoming students keep Kimbel busy with 12-hour workdays.

Graphic [Graphic]

Advocacy groups accuse state of violating federal voter law [Graphic]

District’s after school program closes because of heat [Photo]

Hickman High School students wait for the Columbia city bus after being released from school early because of the heat during their first week back to school Wednesday.

Photo [Photo]

Kay Buck, a literary support teacher at Lee Elementary School, escorts students to the bus. Like many other schools in the area, Lee Elementary let students out at noon Wednesday because of the heat and humidity.

Tommy Chavis set for bigger role on MU defense [Photo]

MU junior Tommy Chavis takes a break during drills at the Tigers' practice Tuesday.

Flattened Boone County corn field shows wind’s might [Photo]

Raymond Wood estimates that more than 50 percent of his cornfield off Route J in north Columbia was damaged by an Aug. 12 storm.

Folk group and fundraiser rally sustainable farmers [Photo]

Casi Lock, 26, of Columbia, finishes dinner as folk group The Ditty Bops take the stage at the Missouri Rural Crisis Center’s fundraiser for mid-Missouri farmers Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2007.

Photo [Photo]

Walker Claridge, who leases a couple of acres on Tera Bella Farm, shows his 2-year-old son, Lushen, some dance moves.

Photo [Photo]

Leftover corn ears will become compost on Terra Bella Farms, a small, sustainable farm in Hatton.

Shoe drive a success for local teens [Photo]

Amanda Perry, 18, left, and Sarah Ginsberg, 19, box shoes to ship to Africa as part of the "Shoe Away Poverty" shoe drive Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007 in Columbia. Ginsberg and others created the drive and started collecting shoes in July.

Photo [Photo]

More than 2,800 shoes have been donated and will be sent to needy families in Kenya.

Amateur actors perform 'Oklahoma' in Nifong Park [Photo]

Sonya Stark practices her violin backstage during a dress rehearsal for “Oklahoma!” at the Maplewood Barn Community Theater. The musical begins Friday and ends Sept. 9.

Photo [Photo]

Sarah Perez-Swofford and other members of the musical cast strike a final pose at the end of a song.

Thespian Hall unveils new Steinway [Photo]

Graphic [Graphic]

Graphic [Graphic]