River road scenic and unsafe [Photo]

Easley River Road is dangerous for cars because of its single lane for traffic and its proximity to the unstable river bank.

How traditional and nontraditional math solve the same problem [Graphic]

For simple math problems, traditional and nontraditional math take different approaches.

One man, one church, 22 years [Photo]

Frost takes fishing trips almost every week with fellow churchgoers from Broadway Christian Church.

One man, one church, 22 years [Photo]

Rick Frost, a recently retired pastor of the Broadway Christian Church, reads over his sermon before officiating the wedding of a friend in September. Frost says he officially retired Sept. 1, but had made special arrangements to perform the ceremony. He has known the bride since she was an infant. In retirement, he plans to pursue photography, fishing and travel to national parks.

Scenic views of state foliage [Graphic]

As autumn advances, Missouri's forests will provide new sights for scenic routes.

Neal Boyd the winner of "America's Got Talent" [Photo]

Neal Boyd, center, is congratulated by judges Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, host Jerry Springer and judge David Hasselhoff after winning the NBC talent competition, "America's Got Talent," in Studio City, Calif., on Wednesday.

Neil Boyd on 'America's Got Talent' [Photo]

Neal Boyd performs on an episode of "America's Got Talent" in Studio City, Calif. Boyd won the competition Wednesday.

Hanging on to Hurricane Allie [Photo]

Margaret Hultsch holds on tight to her dog Hurricane Allie during a blessing. Hultsch said her wild nature was the reason for Hurricane Allie's name.

Seeing how it's done [Photo]

Sassy watches the Rev. Paula Robinson give blessings.

Back for another [Photo]

Bill Berry carries the family dog, Lillie, into the courtyard of the Calvary Episcopal Church to be blessed. "She's just so friendly and likes to be in my lap and cuddle up," said Mrs. Berry of Lillie. "We like her 'cause she's just so little!" This is Lillie's second blessing.

It's Sassy's turn [Photo]

Arnold McNeary holds his dog Sassy, 7 years old going on 8, while she is blessed by the Rev. Paula Robinson.

Waiting for her moment with the minister [Photo]

Emma stands between her owners, waiting with the other dogs, a cat and a snail to be blessed.

A blessing for Gertie [Photo]

The Rev. Paula Robinson blesses Gertie Littleton during St. Francis of Assisi Day at Calvary Episcopal Church, where members of the congregation brought their pets to receive blessings. Gertie was brought to the blessing by her owner's aunt, Connie Schenk.

Already a winner [Photo]

Nancy Moen is propelled from her chair in excitement for Neal Boyd's win in "America's Got Talent" during a watch party at the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday night. When the final two were announced in the competition, Moen called Boyd to congratulate him and say that he was already a winner.

'We think he's got it' [Photo]

Nancy Moen walks around the Clinton Club of the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday night saying repeatedly, "We think he's got it!" to cheer on Neal Boyd in the finals of "America's Got Talent." Boyd, who graduated from MU in 2001, is a friend of Moen, the director of communication of arts and sciences.

Neal Boyd [Photo]

NEAL BOYD, winner of "America's Got Talent"

Honoring an MU graduate [Photo]

During Neal Boyd's final song as winner of this season's "America's Got Talent," Wally Pfeffer, left, and Jeneva Powella stand to honor the Missouri graduate's accomplishment at the Mizzou Arena on Wednesday.

Tigers struggle at Nebraska in 2006 [Photo]

Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel fumbles after being hit by Nebraska defensive end Barry Turner in the Tigers' 2006 loss in Lincoln. It was the sixth or seventh game I had started,” Daniel said.

Rooting for Boyd [Photo]

Chris Stevens, left, and Betsey Shay abandon their seats in the Clinton Club at the Mizzou Arena to cheer for Neal Boyd, who won "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday. Stevens organized the event as President of the Arts and Science Alumni Organization to root for Boyd, a 2001 MU graduate.

MU volleyball's Priscilla Armendariz [Photo]

Missouri freshman Priscilla Armendariz dives for a ball in the TIgers' victory over Iowa State on Oct. 1 at Hearnes Center. Armendariz had eight digs for MU.