East Pointe neighborhood recognized [Graphic]

Schurz hall coordinator develops relationship with new Seeing Eye dog [Photo]

"I love his personality," says MU Residential Life Hall Coordinator Jim Pelfrey of his new Seeing Eye dog, Xilo. "He's all man! We might as well call him 'Frat Boy!'"

Comic legend dedicated his life to pushing the envelope [Photo]

Comedian George Carlin entertains the crowd on May 1, 2003 at Veterans Memorial Civic Center in Lima, Ohio. Carlin, 71, whose staunch defense of free speech in his most famous routine "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television" led to a key Supreme Court ruling on obscenity, died Sunday. He went into St. John's Health Center in Santa Monica on Sunday complaining of chest pain and died later that evening, said his publicist, Jeff Abraham.

Tour of Missouri to add new stage when race returns in September [Photo]

Brazilian Luciano Pagliarini celebrates his Stage 4 win of the Tour of Missouri on Sept. 14 in Columbia. The Tour of Missouri will add an extra day of competition this year, but the race will not go through Columbia this year.

Summer Welcome teaches wellness through skits [Photo]

From left, Ben Dillon and Jenna Jordan fake a discussion as Sarah Scroggs, Amy Williams and Lindsey Nelson act out a skit about alcohol consumption during Summer Welcome for MU.

Photo [Photo]

Clockwise from left, Kourtney Mitchell, Katie Eggerman, Amy Williams, Lindsey Nelson, Jenna Jordan and Sarah Scroggs act out a game of truth or dare and take on questions about sex education and safe sexual practices during a skit for Summer Welcome.

Photo [Photo]

From left, Jonathan Page, Kurtis Davis, Will Guldin and Riley O'Neill chuckle as the summer welcome team acts out a skit informing the incoming students on safe sexual practices. When an oral dam was stretched out and snapped back into place the crowd responded with laughter.

ACT Works gets new grinder [Photo]

Robert Barnes tosses compact discs into the basin of the new grinder Wednesday afternoon at Alternative Community Training in Columbia. The company's program, ACT Recycling, now has the capability to grind up various smaller plastic items such as CDs, VHS tapes and jewel cases for resale to manufacturers who use recycled plastic.

Photo [Photo]

Floppy discs wait to be recycled at Alternative Community Training on Wednesday afternoon where the ACT Recycling program chops up plastic-based media such as CDs and video tapes to resell to manufacturers. A new granulator, which grinds up plastic products into tiny pieces, is helping the program increase production and, hopefully, create more jobs for workers.

Photo [Photo]

Robert Barnes gradually loads a large box of Beach Boys and Sara Evans compact discs into the new granulator Wednesday afternoon at Alternative Community Training's recycling program. The discs were donated by the to the program to be chopped up by ACT Recycling and resold to manufacturers.

Blunt allocates $2.3 million to higher education [Graphic]

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Striving for unity in Crosscreek Center [Graphic]

Local elementary schools plant seeds of learning in students minds [Photo]

Ronald Franklin, 7, shows off a marigold flower growing at Lee Elementary School on June 2, 2008. Lee Elementary is one of several Columbia schools experimenting with the use of outdoor learning areas.

Photo [Photo]

Lilly Dailey, 7, points to a flower she planted at Lee Elementary School. The first-grade students at Lee Elementary placed wooden sticks by their plants to track individual growth.

Photo [Photo]

First-graders, left to right, Ronald Franklin, Nicole Tinsley, Symphony Young, and Lilly Dailey, care for a garden plot on the playground at Lee Elementary School on Monday June 2, 2008. The garden plots at Lee Elementary sit on an asphalt portion of the playground.

Photo [Photo]

Michael McGimsey tends the garden on Monday June 2, 2008 in front of Ridgeway Elementary School. Michael’s father, Mark McGimsey, coordinates the garden with staff members from the school’s Adventure Club.

Photo [Photo]

Drew Wilson, 9, receives a plant from garden co-developer Mark McGimsey on Monday June 2, 2008 at Ridgeway Elementary School. The Missouri Department of Conservation recently awarded the school a $1,000 grant to encourage the students’ interest in the environment.

City unites to clear walls of graffiti [Photo]

Graffiti lines an alley off Walnut street, in downtown Columbia.

Photo [Photo]

Louisiana Fire Chief Mike Lesley gives an update on the flooding situation on Sunday in Louisiana, Mo.

Photo [Photo]

Irrigation equipment sits in a flooded Iowa cornfield in Oakville, Iowa, on Monday, June 16. Corn prices have shot up 11 percent in the last week as floodwaters continue to ravage the Midwest, swallowing corn fields just before the crucial growing season.