J-School kicks off centennial celebration [Photo]

USA Today editor Ken Paulson holds up "Freedom Sings" T-shirt with the First Amendment rights printed on the back during the centennial opening barbecue on Wednesday night at the Mizzou Arena. Paulson introduced the members of the band and entertained the crowd as he hosted the performance.

Farm Auction [Photo]

"Farm Auction" by Jackson Lee Nesbitt, contributed by MU's Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, is from about 1946 and is egg tempera on composition board.

MU Volleyball player Lauren Nuckolls [Photo]

Outside Hitter Lauren Nuckolls prepares to serve during practice.

Proposed recycling ordinance [Photo]

Civic Recycling welcomed a steady flow of aluminum cans on Monday morning, with a majority coming as a result of the first Tigers football home game over the weekend.

Proposed recycling ordinanceII [Photo]

After weighing out one Columbia resident's 188 pounds of aluminum cans, Derrick Ivy issues the receipt that will pay the person for their contribution on Monday morning at Civic Recycling. Ivy said that the price of aluminum per pound fluctuates but is usually around $0.70-0.80.

Walter Williams travels [Photo]

Michael Hollander of Los Angeles, examines a portrait of Morris Harris in the World's Journalism Exhibit in Walter Williams Hall on Wednesday. Hollander graduated from the journalism school in 1979 and currently is the Los Angeles bureau manager for CNBC.

Russ Mitchell mug [Photo]

Russ Mitchell

Mark Hoffman mug [Photo]

Mark Hoffman

MU punter ready for play [Photo]

Missouri punter Jake Harry chooses a ball to use during practice. Harry initially began his college career at Oregon State but left after his first season there. He attended community college for a year and then came to Mizzou.

Harry readies for starting position as punter [Photo]

Jake Harry stretches out with the team after practicing punting for a half hour. Although he saw no action during the 2007 football season, Harry, now a junior, will be MU's main punter this year.

New Hy-Vee locations [Graphic]

Sen. Joe Biden on job creation [Audio]

AUDIO: Sen. Joe Biden discusses job creation and plans regarding employment.

Sen. Joe Biden on the presidential candidates' tax plans [Audio]

AUDIO: Sen. Joe Biden says that Sen. Barack Obama's plan would cut taxes for 95 percent of American households and he compares it to what Sen. John McCain would do.

Sen. Joe Biden on the Iraq war [Audio]

AUDIO: Sen. Joe Biden questions President Bush's strategy in Iraq and stresses the need to set a timetable for the next American president. He also says that Iraqis gets oil income and that they could rebuild their country themselves.

Sen. Joe Biden on anxiety about the economy [Audio]

AUDIO: Sen. Joe Biden discusses how unemployment affects people and creates anxiety about the future. He discusses Sen. John McCain’s point of view on economy.

Rock Bridge TDD adds half-cent to sales tax [Graphic]

100 years of the Missourian [Video]

VIDEO: The Missourian celebrates its 100th anniversary with a look back at some of its famous alumni and an eye forward on how we're training journalists today. (Please note: This video is about 9:35 in length and will take a little while to load).

Biden prepares to take stage [Photo]

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden waits to speak during a campaign stop at the Activities and Recreation Center in Columbia on Tuesday.

Biden addresses 'middle class' [Photo]

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden paces along the crowd barriers during his speech at the Activity and Recreation Center on Tuesday. Audience members in the front rows waited for two hours before Sen. Biden took the stage before the standing-room-only crowd and spoke about his own political career, the economy, the war in Iraq, education, John McCain and Barack Obama's "Campaign for Change."

Joe Biden and Judy Baker [Photo]

Judy Baker, Democratic candidate for Missouri's 9th Congressional District, is thanked by Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden after leading the opening prayer in the Activity Recreation Center on Tuesday.