Christian secession plans seem disjointed [Photo]

Photo [Photo]

Resident Representative Jeffrey Johnson tours a recently opened mini-mart in the Bear Creek Public housing community. This facility was created in order to give residents access to basic necessities, such as food and cleaning products, and to provide job experience for workers.

Games enter final weekend [Photo]

Steve MacIntyre of Columbia won the Show-Me State Games cross country race at Cosmo Park Saturday morning with a time of 15:28.45, a course record.

Photo [Photo]

Nigel Lopez, 10, practices tricks for the Show-Me State Games’ skateboarding event Saturday at Cosmo Park. The start was delayed for nearly two hours in the 90-degree heat.

Photo [Photo]

Mike Mudd, of Jefferson City, counts his darts during a game of men’s doubles, Chicago-style play at the Show-Me State Games Saturday. Mudd played with partney Craig Ponder.

Rodriguez celebrates 500th [Photo]

Alex Rodriguez watches his home run off Royals pitcher Kyle Davies along with Royals catcher Jason LaRue and umpire Jerry Meals.

Cardinals can’t contain Nationals [Photo]

Cardinals pitcher Joel Pineiro walks off the field after giving up four runs in the fourth inning.

Photo [Photo]

Austin Thompson, 13, practices tricks and works on his line during the extended pre-contest warm-up. The Show Me State Skateboarding Contest began nearly two hours late due to electrical problems and missing registration documents.

Photo [Photo]

Craig Ponder of Jefferson City, takes aim during the Show Me State Games dart competition on Saturday afternoon at the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Ponder was playing doubles with partner Mike Mudd of Jefferson City.

Photo [Photo]

Nigel Lopez, 10, practices tricks for the Show Me State Skateboarding contest at Cosmo park on Saturday morning. The start of the contest was delayed for nearly two hours in the ninety degree heat.

Photo [Photo]

Loretta Schulte, of Jefferson City, collects her darts during a game of women's doubles Chicago-style play at the Show Me State Games Darts competition. Schulte and doubles partner Lori Hanley won the round, scored by Tim Cline of Kansas City.

Photo [Photo]

TJ Reiter, 15, gets some air during his first run in the begginer division of the Show Me State Games Skateboarding Contest at Cosmo Park on Saturday.

Photo [Photo]

Michael Breshears outpaces the pack during the first loop of the Show Me State Cross Country race at Cosmo Bethel Park on Saturday morning. Breshears finished second with at time of 15:37.25.

Tigers are riding high expectations [Photo]

Quarterback Chase Daniel (10) and teammates go through running drills Saturday during their first football practice.

Photo [Photo]

Chase Daniel watches practice from the sidelines saturday August 4,2007.

Teens of expression: Nick Rodriquez [Photo]

Nick Rodriguez dances, raps and plays guitar for the garage band Disruptive Perceptionz.

Photo [Photo]

Rodriguez break-danced at the Twilight Festival in June with the group Poetry in Motion.

Photo [Photo]

Nick Rodriguez (left) and Marcus Miller (center)and Alex Ross (right) prepare to perform for other teens at a Teen Speak event held at the Columbia Public Library on June 27,2007. Miller produces and mixes "beats" and Rodriguez raps and sings. Rodriguez and Ross also breakdanced for the audience.

Teens of expression [Photo]

Taylor Zakrewski (left) and Alex Ross (center) and Nick Rodriguez (right) perform for other teens at a Teen Speak event held at the Columbia Public Library on June 27,2007.

Teens of expression: Marcus Miller [Photo]

Marcus Miller mixes beats and writes raps in his home studio.