Teens of expression: Aurielle Sisson-White [Photo]

Aurielle Sisson-White writes poetry and acts in a group that educates teens about issues such as safe sex.

Photo [Photo]

Participants look over material passed out at a Teen Speak event held at the Columbia Public Library on June 27,2007.

Teens of expression: Tim Douglas [Photo]

Tim Douglas writes about issues such as race and identity.

Photo [Photo]

Tim Douglas sits for a portrait in Peace park on July 23, 2007. Peace park is a place where Douglas hangs out with friends and plays frisbee.

Teens of expression: Jade Li [Photo]

Jade Li blogs and and plays the pipa, a Chinese instrument.

Reconstructing Confucius [Photo]

Children at a Young Pioneers school in Zhengzhou practice kung fu. The school is one of a growing number teaching Confucianism, a philosophy the Communist Party once sought to destroy.

Eating disorders have no age limit [Photo]

Kelli Smith, 39, sits near the Atlantic Ocean on Long Beach Island, N.J. She went into a residential treatment center for anorexia at age 31. Now, she is doing better and trying to keep healthy. Health professionals and psychiatrists say there is a growing number of older women seeking treatment for eating disorders.

Photo [Photo]

A girl studies classical writings at the Young Pioneers Confucian school in Zhengzhou.

Everybody gets to participate in gathering the news [Photo]

Tom Warhover is the Columbia Missourian's executive editor for innovation.

Tim's band performs [Audio]

Listen to Thunderclap Douglas and the 8-Track Groove perform at the Blue Note.

Another sample of Tim's band [Audio]

Listen to more beats from Thunderclap Douglas and the 8-Track Groove performing at the Blue Note.

Marcus on self expression [Audio]

Listen to Marcus Miller talk about the right to express yourself.

Marcus' music sample 1 [Audio]

Listen to Marcus Miller's an original song mix. Marcus's music is a mix of original beats and samples of other artists.

Marcus music sample 2 [Audio]

Listen to Marcus Miller's an original song mix. Marcus's music is a mix of original beats and samples of other artists.

Aurielle reads her poetry [Audio]

Listen to Aurielle read an original poem.

Jade Li [Video]

Jade Li has been playing the Pipa, a Chinese lute, since she was a child. Jade says, “playing Pipa expresses my own nationality and tells people who I really am.” Watch Jade play an old Chinese song about a man forced into an arranged marriage on the Pipa at Teen Speak and explain what this song means to her.

Tim Douglas sings [Video]

Tim Douglas can’t remember a time when he wasn’t singing. He is the lead singer and bass player for Thunderclap Douglas and the 8-Track Groove. Watch Tim sing a song by his band a capella and explain what music means to him.

Nick Rodriguez dances [Video]

Nick Rodriguez is a performer at heart; he writes rap lyrics, plays the guitar and sprays graffiti art. Watch Nick use his body to express himself in the form of break dancing.

Divided over Broadway [Photo]

Traffic engineers consulting for the City Council have suggested a roundabout to help traffic flow smoothly at this intersection of West Broadway and Clinkscales Road. Neighbors are concerned about what the plan’s proposals would do to traffic on the side streets. City Manager Bill Watkins says the city plans to hold public forums on the proposal in September.

Photo [Photo]

Rush hour traffic backs up at the West Boulevard and West Broadway intersection. A St. Louis traffic engineering firm has proposed changes to handle traffic through the year 2030.