Meal time can be a real zoo — at the zoo [Photo]

An armadillo eats a meal at the St. Louis Zoo Thursday, June 28, 2007, in St. Louis. The food was prepared in the zoo's new $5.3 million state-of-the-art Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center where as much as 3,000 pounds of food is prepared each day for animals in the zoo.

Photo [Photo]

MU journalism student Lucinda Housley

Up close in London, with a car bomb down the street [Photo]

A police officer cordons off the Piccadilly Circus area of central London, Friday, June 29, 2007. British police defused a bomb found in a car in central London on Friday, and the new government called an emergency meeting of senior security chiefs to investigate situation.

Overseeing the neighborhood [Photo]

Michael Marcum’s sculpture “Wildflowers” is on display in the front yard of a house at Eighth and Rogers streets.

Photo [Photo]

Greg Ahrens, an oil painter of Columbia, admires the intricate doors created by Chris Teeter and the paintings by various artists around Orr Street on Tuesday night, June 26, 2007.

Photo [Photo]

Lokke Heiss asks Gretchen Henderson a question after she read her work during a bi-weekly reading Salon at Orr Street Studios, "Hearing Voices." Artists and art-lovers alike come often come to Orr Street for alternating weeks of films and readings.

Educators make time for physics workshop [Photo]

Stephanie Harman, a physics and chemistry teacher from Salisbury High School, and Pam Didur, a physics teacher from Oakland Junior High School, discuss their results in a mock high school lab at the A TiME for Physics lab.

Rainbow’s end has toys and smiles [Photo]

Jan Stock, executive director of the Rainbow House, left, visits with Scott Robinson of Robinson Orthodontics on Tuesday. Robinson donated the transportation fees to have toys delivered from a Florida charity to Columbia’s Rainbow House.

Photo [Photo]

Toys were bundled into gender- and age-appropriate bags.

City wants opinions about its conservation policies [Photo]

This image of Faurot Field and Stadium Boulevard is among photographs Surdex Corp. took of Columbia this month.

Americans aren’t just Republicans [Photo]

John Merrill is a professor emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Askren counting on ESPY votes [Photo]

Former MU wrestler Ben Askren’s 42-0 senior season made him a finalist for an ESPY award.

Graphic [Graphic]

Ferguson conviction upheld [Photo]

RYAN FERGUSON was convicted of killing Kent Heitholt in 2001.

Court firm on the Rios overturn [Photo]

STEVEN RIOS was convicted of murdering an MU student.

Photo [Photo]

Participants of Major League Baseball’s Pitch, Hit and Run appear on the JumboTron at Busch Stadium on June 10. Mason Murray appears at center, smiling.

Next stop: San Francisco [Photo]

Mason Murray plays first base for the Red Sox in the Daniel Boone Little League Majors American Division.

Photo [Photo]

Mason Murray practices before a game against the Yankees on June 14 at Daniel Boone Field.

With every fiber of creativity [Photo]

Nicole Ottwell, left, Bob Hartzell and Hannah Reeves will show their texture-based art during the citywide Fiber Art Tour and Exhibition, which runs through July 8.

Ryan’s rope wins it [Photo]

Brendan Ryan’s 11th-inning solo homer sparked the Cardinals to a 5-3 win at Shea Stadium.