Supporting the radio station [Photo]

Jordan Stockdale, hip-hop/R&B coordinator for KCOU, shows his support for the station at Speaker's Circle on Wednesday. KCOU disc jockeys and staff gathered to support the station. KCOU has been trying to get funds from MSA and needs $30,000 for a new radio tower.

Carolina Escalera mug [Photo]

Carolina Escalera is the host for Radio Adelante, which airs every Saturday at 10 a.m. on KOPN/89.5.

Bruins softball player Carly Levy [Photo]

Rock Bridge infielder Carly Levy, center, receives congratulations from her teammates after she scored in the bottom of the fifth inning Wednesday.

"ESPN the Magazine" Oct. 30 cover [Photo]

Castine Bridges said secondary could be improved [Photo]

After a 5-0 start, MU starting cornerback Castine Bridges said the team has been doing well, but he thinks the secondary still needs improvement. "(We need) to stay on top of our deep balls and make the quarterback force throws," Bridges said. "Every game since the first game, we've been getting better and better."

Thomas R. Shrout analyzes economic crises [Photo]

Thomas R. Shrout, 89, recalls memories of the Great Depression at his home on Sunday. Shrout, who earned his Doctorate of Theology at Harvard shortly after the Depression ended, commented on the current economic crisis. “My feeling is that we will have a period of decline and then it will raise back up. Congress has taken action and in the Great Depression there was a lot of hesitation,” he said

Thomas R. Shrout as he was in the Great Depression [Photo]

Thomas R. Shrout is pictured here in a high school yearbook photograph. Shrout’s childhood was affected by the Great Depression from elementary school through college.

Bob Kvam as he was during the Great Depression [Photo]

Bob Kvam is shown here as an aviation cadet at age 22. By 1943, the year this yearbook photograph was taken, the US government had begun to enlist many unemployed citizens still struggling from the Great Depression.

Bob Kvam compares economic crises [Photo]

Bob Kvam, 87, originally from Sioux City, Iowa, poses for a portrait in his home. Kvam was an accounting professor at MU for 27 years. Kvam explained his views on the current economic situation, saying, “I’m glad this $700 billion deal passed. I think right now, at this moment, we need it.” Kvam said he thinks the current crisis will subside before it gets as bad as it did earlier in his life during the Great Depression.

Jim Craigmile survives the Great Depression in Missouri [Photo]

Jim Craigmile poses for a picture outside his home Sunday. Craigmile, originally from Tarkio, Mo., moved to Columbia in 1959.

Betty Cameron recalls Depression [Photo]

Betty Cameron survived the Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929 while growing up in Richmond, Mo. At left, Cameron poses with her friend Permelia McNeish and her father's cow, Boffie, when she was in second grade. The picture was taken about a block away from where she lived in Richmond. At left, Cameron presents a collection of photos from her childhood.

Glenn Geiger remembers Depression [Photo]

Glenn Geiger, 84, lived through the Depression that followed the stock market crash of 1929 and recently shared his thoughts about the current economic crisis. At left, Geiger stands with his brother, Gilbert, and sister, Nancy, at their 1930s home. At right, Geiger listens to a speaker during the morning breakfast that kicked off Broadway Christian Church's 50th anniversary celebration Sunday.

Memories of the Depression [Slideshow]

Columbia residents share their stories of memories from the Great Depression.

Glenn Geiger lived through Depression [Photo]

Glenn Geiger, a charter member of Broadway Christian Church, listens to a speaker during the morning breakfast that kicked off the church's 50th anniversary celebration Sunday. Geiger experienced another time when the state of the economy caused much concern — the Great Depression.

Students paint pumpkins for senior citizens [Photo]

Dante Churchill and Austin Nelson, both 12, paint pumpkins at the Holiday Inn Select in Columbia on Tuesday. Churchill and Nelson are part of a family and consumer science club at Lange Middle School.

Kids paint pumpkins for senior citizens [Photo]

Middle-school students painted pumpkins, such as the one shown here, for senior citizens on Tuesday. They then helped to deliver them to nursing homes.

OSU's Zach Robinson [Photo]

Oklahoma State quarterback Zach Robinson scores against Texas A&M on Saturday. Robinson, a first-year starter, has led the Cowboys to the third-best scoring offense in the country, averaging 52.6 points.

Pet blessing slideshow [Slideshow]

Members of Missouri United Methodist Church celebrated the lives of their pets Monday, Oct. 7 with their annual “Blessing of the Animals” ceremony. Held in the courtyard facing Ninth Street, people brought their pets to be blessed by the Rev. Jim Bryan as they paraded them through the area. Hymns, prayers, and scripture readings themed in animal companionship were shared as participants enjoyed the diverse set of animals and the pleasant fall weather.

Gallery Crawl sparks conversation [Photo]

Artist Ming Zhou and graduate student Molly Frankel talk about Zhou's collection entitled "Glorious Life." The collection was displayed in the craft studio's gallery at MU as part of the Gallery Crawl on Tuesday.

Gallery crawl [Photo]

Samantha Genochio expresses her feelings about a painting to her friend Rebecca Prinster. The painting by Ming Zhou was displayed in the craft studio's gallery at MU as part of the Gallery Crawl on Tuesday.