4-H’ers celebrate their annual Missouri State Congress [Photo]

Chip Kemp, MU's collegiate livestock judging coach, gives students a lecture on proper judging technique at MU's Trowbridge Livestock Center. A pair of chester whites is used for example. "Industries swing the same way that fashion swings. Livestock trends change like with cars and clothes," he explained.

Photo [Photo]

Eman Abdelhadi

Photo [Photo]

Clay Minchew

Photo [Photo]

Nuzhat Chowdhury

Honoring a Hero [Photo]

Mindi Mills-Scielso, 31, congratulates her father, retired Marine Corps Sgt. Dennis R. Mills, on receiving his Purple Heart on Wednesday.

Photo [Photo]

Centralia resident Don Bagley, left, shakes the hand of retired Marine Corps Sgt. Dennis R. Mills. Although Mills was wounded in 1970 while serving in the Vietnam War, he did not receive his Purple Heart until Wednesday.

Training gives look into other cultures [Photo]

Cody Abram, of the Department of Justice in Kansas City, has a Sikh turban wrapped around his head. He attended a cultural training session for public safety officers at MU on Thursday.

Rocheport hopes to raise money to house replica of keelboat [Photo]

The Missouri Department of Conservation chose Rocheport as the new home of a replica keelboat. The keelboat commemorates the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Rocheport, which sits on the banks of the Missouri River, was a natural fit for the boat. The town was a stopover for Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on their journey up the Missouri River and was the subject of a journal entry by the explorers. The Friends of Rocheport Society will hold a fundraiser on June 16 to raise money for a shelter to house the boat.

Colossal catch [Photo]

Fishing on Monday at Mark Twain Lake, Michael and Melissa Barnhart, of Harrisburg, hooked this flathead catfish. On Thursday, they cleaned the 4-foot-3 long fish and froze its meat for fish fries.

Coed classrooms to end for Field’s fourth-graders [Photo]

Fifth-graders Erika Gomez, left, and Emma Wyble read along with an audio tape in Erica Borcherding’s class at Field Elementary.

City to help farmers market [Photo]

Visitors to the Columbia Farmers’ Market pass by cactuses at Ron Bonar’s stand Saturday. Operators are hoping for a permanent building.

Photo [Photo]

Dan Kuebler, chairman of the nonprofit Sustainable Farms and Communities, selects bundles of bok choy for Jean Sax on Saturday at the Columbia Farmers’ Market.

Photo [Photo]

Missourian cyclist Dale Brigham and his wife, Jo Turner, take a break during a Memorial Day picnic. Brigham hopes to be racing in Paris in August. Turner drives the support vehicle during the race, meeting up with Brigham every 50 miles.

Cyclist spinning way into French bike race [Photo]

Dale Brigham greets fellow bike enthusiast Dan Clinkinbeard at the Memorial Day reunion picnic. The two will ride in a 600-km brevet this weekend.

Air show [Photo]

Summerfest starts with move indoors [Photo]

The Fried Crawdaddies’ John D'Agostino performs Wednesday night at Ninth Street Summerfest.

Ballpark nip/tuck [Photo]

The Missouri baseball team practices at Simmons Field on Tuesday. Maintenance workers have upgraded the field and Taylor Stadium in preparation for this weekend’s NCAA regional baseball tournament.

Hoofing with hounds [Photo]

Megan Hinerman, center, walks DaVinci near Jamie Bindseil, left, on Saturday morning as part of the Central Missouri Humane Society’s Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound program. DaVinci is a 10-month-old basset mix and was still awaiting adoption.

Photo [Photo]

Curly waits for the next shift of dog walkers to arrive Saturday during the Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound program.

Streets to be closed for festival [Photo]

Alice Jones and her daughter, Halley, enjoy last year’s Twilight Festival in June as Amy Prater makes a teddy balloon.