Mice for sale [Photo]

Joel Putnam displays a Nutcracker Suite-themed church mouse at Calvary Episcopal Church's annual St. Nicholas Advent Bazaar on Saturday.

Stephens College's Cara Leis [Photo]

Stephens forward Cara Leis, right, dribbles the ball closer to the basket before passing to a teammate as Manhattan Christian College players Whitney Stotts and Kristy Reigle fail to stop her during the first half on Friday at Stephens College. The Stars won 77-54.

Stoops, Pinkel talk about Big 12 title tilt [Photo]

Missouri head football coach Gary Pinkel, left, and Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops pose for a photo during The Big 12 press conference on Friday in Kansas City.

Columbia College student takes online courses [Photo]

Jutsin Lawzano, a Columbia resident and Columbia College student, takes online courses because he is stationed at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo as a military police officer in traffic accident investigations.

2008 compliance check locations [Document]

Here is the list of the 143 establishments that were visited since May when the Columbia Police Department began its alcohol compliance check program. Those businesses who received a failing grade were caught selling alcohol to a minor working in conjunction with police efforts.

Daniel Sanders indicted for second-degree murder [Photo]

Daniel Sanders, 19, was indicted Friday for second-degree murder in the death of his mother, Helen Sanders, who was found dead in the trunk of a car he was driving.

Reading from Barakat's book [Photo]

Columbia author Ibtisam Barakat gave a lecture and read from her new book "Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood" at MU on Oct. 2. The book describes Barakat's childhood memories from Palestine and her family's struggles during the Six-Day War.

Barakat's lecture [Photo]

Ibtisam Barakat gave a lecture and book reading at MU Oct. 2. Her book "Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood" is about the Columbia author's childhood in Palestine and her family's struggles during the Six-Day War.

Tasting the Sky [Photo]

"Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood," a book by Ibtisam Barakat, was released last year.

Listening to Barakat [Photo]

Mohammed Khalilia rests his head on the shoulder of Keila E. Pena-Hernandez during a reading by Ibtisam Barakat. Barakat gave a lecture and read from her new book, "Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood" at MU on Oct. 2.

A neighborhood divided [Photo]

Houses on Kipling Way in Columbia stand on a dividing line between jurisdictions of the city fire department and the county fire district. Houses on the left of the photo are under the county's protection while houses on the right are under the city's protection.

fireterritorialagreement [Graphic]

Rios trial goes into jury deliberations [Photo]

Special prosecutor Morley Swingle demonstrates how he says Steven Rios grabbed Jesse Valencia, which left Rios' arm hairs on Valencia's chest when he was murdered.

Mamaroots sells homemade toys [Slideshow]

The company sells toys using natural materials.

Kisses for mom [Photo]

Chris Willow-Schomaker plays with her youngest son, Silas, 3.

"Nessie Von Kelpie" [Photo]

"Nessie Von Kelpie" is photographed at Chris Willow-Schomaker's home. According to Willow-Schomaker's Web site, she was inspired to make the toy because her son was fascinated by the "Nessie and the Water Horse" story.

"Three blind mice" [Photo]

Chris Willow-Schomaker shows her "Three Blind Mice" at her Columbia home. Willow-Schomaker created mamaroots, a company she made that sells her homemade, all-natural toys.

Mom creates all-natural toys [Photo]

Chris Willow-Schomaker watches her sons play at her Columbia home.

Helping the hellbender [Photo]

The Ozark Hellbender, pictured here, is a fully aquatic animal, meaning they cannot live on land. Hellbenders mainly eat crayfish, and unlike most salamanders, perform external fertilization.

Hellbender close up [Photo]

Rich Collister, curator of life sciences at the Wonders of Wildlife Museum in Springfield, said hellbenders have high sensitivity to changes in their habitat. Their declining numbers serves as an environmental indicator, telling us what is happening in the environment.