Voters guide [Photo]

Tim Kaine mug [Photo]

Tim Kaine

Ryan Asbridge mug [Photo]

Ryan Asbridge

Mary Still mug [Photo]

Mary Still

Sean Spence mug [Photo]

Sean Spence

Bob Pund mug [Photo]

Bob Pund

Byron Scott mug [Photo]

Byron Scott, a veteran newspaper and magazine journalist and professor emeritus of journalism, moderated this discussion in place of Stuart Loory, who holds the Lee Hills Chair in Free-Press Studies at the MU School of Journalism. The weekly radio program “Global Journalist” airs at 6:30 p.m. Thursdays on KBIA/91.3 FM or at

Scooters in Columbia [Photo]

Scooters sit on the showroom floor at Columbia Powersports on Monday. Because the scooters have small engines, they are technically considered bicycles, and only a normal driver's license is needed — not a motorcycle license. The scooters can reach speeds of 35 mph and get around 100 miles per gallon.

2008 MAP results [Graphic]

Moving out of an apartment, photo 2 [Photo]

Matthew Lunders helps move a couch out of his sister's apartment on Rosemary St. on July 30.

Moving out of an apartment [Photo]

Terry Mitchell, Matthew Lunders and Broc Barton move a freezer out of an apartment on Rosemary St. on July 30.

David Lipman [Photo]

David Lipman covered Missouri Tiger athletics before being promoted to assistant sports editor at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1966. He graduated from MU in 1953, and won the Missouri Honor Medal in 1989.

Campaign finance [Graphic]

John D. Sullivan [Photo]

John D. Sullivan

Dan Dunham [Photo]

Dan Dunham

Cathy Richards [Photo]

Cathy Richards

East downtown survey [Graphic]

At a public meeting on Wednesday night, a consulting team presented plans for an architectural and historical survey of east downtown to determine if any structures are eligible for the National Register of Historical Places.

For His Glory [Video]

Watch a performance of the For His Glory dance ministry. The group uses its dance ministry to help raise money for additional training and camp events for members.

Final Dance [Photo]

Breaunna Bragg, 16, center, practices the final number of the For His Glory dance team routine during a practice at the "Blind" Boone Center.

Dance Twirl [Photo]

Carleena Jones, 13, runs through a flag routine during the For His Glory dance team practice at the "Blind" Boone Center.