Work study students at Jump Start [Photo]

Courtney Loganbill tutors Alandra Williams in the Jumpstart trailor at West Boulevard School. Work Study is designed for students who need help paying educational expenses.

Unfriendly Competition [Photo]

Favis Alhavbi, left, battles for the ball against Thiti Vanitbuncha at the MU World Cup soccer tournament on April 25 at Stankowski Field at MU. The Arabian Student Association won 3-0 against the Taiwanese Student Association. As part of International Week, the Mizzou International Coalition hosted the first ever World Cup soccer tournament where student associations competed for the title.

Grandma earns her GED [Slideshow]

It’s not too often you hear of a great-grandmother earning her GED, but Nina Drew did just that. Though challenging, Drew surprised doubters and now plans on taking college courses.

College Town: Hair [Photo]

Using a comb, and special razor, Felicity Perkins shortens Missourian reporter Jackie Borchardt's hair after dying, washing and drying it at Sam Brown's Cosmetology.

Demolition derby at the Boone County Fair [Video]

Participants and fans gathered at the Boone County Fair grandstand for the demolition derby. Approximately 30 drivers took part in three heats of metal bending, tire popping and pedal mashing demolition.

College Town: Shearlocks [Photo]

Ihsan Yasar and Gulden Yasar have been working together at Shear Locks for 26 years. "I apprenticed for five years in Istanbul when I was a teenager. That's how I learned t he tips and tricks from professionals," Yasar said.

Welcome to College [Photo]

The women of Alpha Chi Omega hit the pavement outside their house during a walk-out practice.

Mud-pit repairs [Photo]

Jacob Reed torches metal on the wheel well of a derby car to make clearance for the tires after it was damaged in the previous round at the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby on Sunday.

Prepping for the race [Photo]

Jason Brown bangs a car frame with a sledge hammer to re-inforce the metal behind the bumper and keep it in place for the next round of the Boone County Fair Demolition Derby on Sunday.

Final event of the fair [Photo]

A Demolition Derby judge signals to derby drivers at Sunday's Boone County Fair. The event signaled the end of the week-long fair and drew a crowd large enough to fill the bleachers.

Good but dirty fun [Photo]

Demolition Derby drivers at the closing event of the Boone County Fair ram into each other in hopes that their car will be the last one still running. Waving the checkered flag signals to the judges and other drivers that their car is no longer operational.

Ready, set, spike [Photo]

Alyssa Spear of Dexter serves to The Raiders during the Show Me State Games on Saturday. Dexter beat The Raiders 25 to 16.

Crew members set up Boone County Fair [Photo]

Lowery Carnival Co. crew members set up the Sea Dragon ride at the Boone County Fair on Monday. The workers began setting up all the fair's rides at 5 a.m. to prepare for the evening visitors on the first day of the fair.

Planning eases adjustment to dorm life [Photo]

MU's residence halls frequently undergo renovations to keep them in good condition for the incoming students each year.

Planning can ease adjustment to MU dorm life [Photo]

Johnston Hall is one of the residential halls on the MU campus. The halls frequently undergo renovations to keep them in good condition for the incoming students each year.

Racewalkers step it up at Show-Me State Games [Photo]

Runners of all ages get a good start on Sunday at Show-Me State Games Race Walk. The runners and walkers ran a 5k around downtown and ended at Faurot Field.

Racewalkers step it up [Photo]

A participant in the Show-Me State Games race walk clutches his winning medal on Sunday at Faurot Field.

Nine down, one to go [Photo]

Gail Menke celebrates a good bowl at the Show-Me State Games doubles bowling event on Sunday.

Avid bowler rolls into town [Photo]

Gail Menke, left, and Kathy Goeggel, team members for Show-Me State Games doubles bowling, give each other encouragement between frames. The two have been bowling together for more than five years as part of the City Diners team in St. Louis.

Iveson on her political icons [Audio]

Cande Iveson, a candidate running for state representative, discusses those she considers political icons.