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Tom Clark prepares to feed his sheep on Saturday afternoon, March 1, at his family's farm in Wiliamsburg, Mo.

Farm to city: The Renwick family [Photo]

Austin Renwick punts a soccer ball in his front yard while playing outside with his family. The family moved from a 16 acre farm in Hillsboro, which is about 45 miles south of St. Louis.

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Tim Renwick, right, sits with his son, Austin, 12, in their living room in Columbia while watching tv after dinner.

Farm to city; City to farm [Photo]

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A commercial boat dock floats lodged against the Ark. State Highway 5 bridge in Calico Rock, Ark., Wednesday, March 19, 2008 on the White River. Heavy rains since Monday caused widespread flooding in northern Arkansas. The National Weather Service has warned that regions including the Midwest and New England are at risk for further flooding as rain and snow totals rise. (AP Photo, The Baxter Bulletin, Kevin Peiper)

Flooding risks loom across U.S. [Photo]

Volunteers sandbag the perimeter of the Old Towne Fenton Veterinary Clinic in Fenton, Mo., on Thursday, March 20, 2008. The rivers are expected to crest tomorrow night following a period of heavy rainfall earlier in the week. High rain and snow levels in several parts of the country are expected to put them at risk for flooding, the National Weather Service said.

Photos of the Week [Photo]

Skender Canhasi, 74, sips on some Turkish coffee prepared by his grandson Arian on Thursday. Drinking coffee and tea is a time the family can get together and socialize.

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Missouri pitcher Stacy Delaney delivers during the Tigers' game against the Braves on Wednesday afternoon. The Tigers lost to the Braves, 5-4, ending a 19-game winning streak.

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MU pitcher Ian Berger delivers a pitch during the second inning of MU's game against Toledo on March 15.

Former Kosovo resident talks about his native country's new independence [Photo]

Shpend Ibraimi, 21, prepares an afternoon tea for him and his brother, Arian, 19, Thursday. Their family drinks Russian tea several times because "you can sit around drink it and socialize," said Shpend.

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Skender Canhasi, 74, sips on some Turkish coffee prepared by his grandson Arian on Thursday. Drinking coffee and tea is a time when the family can get together to socialize.

Photo [Photo]

Shpend Ibraimi sets out the china brought from Kosovo for Turkish Coffee on Thursday.

Tough love bonds Hansbrough brothers [Photo]

Doctors told the Hansbroughs their son Greg might never walk again. Now he runs marathons and is studying at Columbia College to teach P.E.

Photo [Photo]

The Hansbrough brothers, from left: Greg, Tyler and Ben. Tyler wears No. 50 in honor of Greg, who wore it at Poplar Bluff High School.

Missourian reporter Sean Sposito is tasered by Columbia Police Department [Video]

On Wednesday, March 5, the Columbia Police Department tasered Missourian reporter Sean Sposito. SWAT Commander Tom Dresner filmed the controlled experiment. Instead of shooting him with barbs, officers attached the taser probes directly to Sposito's shirt. The barbs can penetrate through up to two inches of clothing, and the probes deliver 50,000 volts in five-second bursts. Sposito received the full voltage.

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Children's tricycles lay in the front yard of a home across the street from Unitee Market on W. Sexton Road on March 12. Billy Coats opened the market in December to provide a convenient grocery store and barber shop for area residents.

Photo [Photo]

Mike Hill, left, trims Lewis Cross's hair at Unitee Action Barber Shop, 301 W. Sexton Road, on March 12. Hill, who used to work at Master Cuts in Columbia Mall, said he hopes for the shop to serve as a symbol of unity within the neighborhood.

Minority business provides stability to community [Photo]

Delbert Harris and his son Delbert Harris, Jr., speak with Curtis McClinton, far left, and Dennis Coats, far right, while eating a snack at Unitee Market, March 12. Harris, who grew up in the neighborhood around the market and currently resides outside Columbia city limits, helps at the market by making deli sandwiches for sale.

Photo [Photo]

A house sits in receding flood waters Wednesday in Piedmont. This area of southeast Missouri has received heavy rains for two days resulting in severe flooding with numerous evacuations and power outages.

Photo [Photo]

Drivers go slowly by cascading water next to the road Wednesday in Piedmont.