Allyson Metz cheers with teammates [Photo]

Columbia College Cougars infielder Allyson Metz, left, cheers with teammates during the sixth inning against the Park University Pirates at Antimi Softball Complex at Cosmopolitan Park, located at 1615 Business Loop 70 W, on Friday, May 1, 2015. The Cougars won 2-0 to clinch the 2015 American Midwest Conference Tournament.

PHOTO GALLERY: Nikolas Kelly competes against musicians in statewide contest [Gallery]

Nikolas Kelly, a cellist from Blue Springs South High School, was in Columbia to compete in the Missouri State High School Activities Association State Music Festival at MU.

Nikolas Kelly practices cello solo [Photo]

Nikolas Kelly practices his cello solo as his interpreter, Pat Gainey-Blechle, holds his sheet music Friday outside MU's Townsend Hall. Kelly was born deaf and uses a cochlear implant and an interpreter to communicate.

Nikolas Kelly tunes cello [Photo]

Nikolas Kelly tunes his cello Friday outside MU's Townsend Hall. Kelly said he uses his iPhone to tune his instrument because he can't hear his pitch pipe's frequency.

Nikolas Kelly practices cello solo [Photo]

Nikolas Kelly practices a cello solo Friday outside MU's Townsend Hall. He plans to graduate from Blue Springs South High School in 2016.

Nikolas Kelly puts on his vest [Photo]

Nikolas Kelly, 16, puts on his vest before competing in the MSHSAA State Music Festival Friday in MU's Townsend Hall. Kelly played a cello solo for the competition.

Nikolas Kelly, Donna Kelly and Pat Gainey-Blechle chat [Photo]

Nikolas Kelly, center, his mother, Donna Kelly, left, and interpreter Pat Gainey-Blechle chat before eating lunch at Shakespeare's Pizza on Friday. Kelly, a cellist, was in Columbia to compete in the Missouri State High School Activities Association State Music Festival held at MU.

Jeffery Bedey talks next to the Mississippi River Gulf outlet [Photo]

Col. Jeffery Bedey talks at the Bayou Bienvenue control structure with the Mississippi River Gulf outlet behind him, during a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tour of some of the area hurricane and storm damage risk reduction systems in New Orleans in June 2008. A federal judge has ruled that the U.S. government is liable for some of the damage following Hurricane Katrina.

Hospital executive removes building's plaque [Photo]

Chris Smiley, the hospital's last chief executive, checks on how to remove a plaque from the wall of Sac-Osage Hospital in Osceola, Missouri, on April 1. After 45 years of providing health care in rural western Missouri, Sac-Osage Hospital is being sold piece by piece.

Freshmen gather to paint the 'M' [Photo]

It's a tradition for freshman to gather at Faurot Field to repaint the M, before the start of classes each August. Missouri Athletics is selling season tickets on the Memorial Stadium hill for the 2015 football season.

SpeakUpCoMo launches Friday [Photo]

SpeakUpCoMo, a citizen engagement website, launched Friday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Access Television hosts 24-hour Film Competition [Gallery]

Columbia Access Television held a 24-hour film competition April 24-25.

Mossine films Pliske [Photo]

Paul Mossine films a close up of Lyndsey Pliske as his father, Val, pours liquid nitrogen into a beaker to create a mist inside the walk-in fridge in the Agriculture building on April 25 on MU's campus.

Pliske smiles as blood is applied to her face [Photo]

Lyndsey Pliske smiles as Chandra Heartland applies fake blood to her face before filming a scene where her dead body is discovered by her lover, played by Chandra in Columbia Access Television's 24-Hour Film Competition on April 25 in Columbia. The competition required participants to complete a three minute short film with specific criteria in under 24 hours.

Sheareer holds microphone [Photo]

Chandra Heartland lies in bed as Cassidy Sheareer holds a boom microphone over her as they wait to film a scene in Heartland's home for their film in the Columbia Access Television's 24-Hour Film Competition on April 24 in Columbia.

Brown reads phrase [Photo]

Sean Brown, programming director at Columbia Access Television, reads a phrase that all teams will be required to use during the criteria meeting before the 24-hour film competition on April 24. Teams found out the required genre, props and phrase during the meeting and then set off to create their films in the following 24 hours.

Brown presents competition criteria [Photo]

Participants of the 24-hour film competition take in criteria for their cinematic creations from Columbia Access Television programming director Sean Brown at the organization's downtown office on April 24. Brown picked from a hat to decide genre, props and a required phrase that the participants had to incorporate in their films.

Heartland and Mossine brainstorm [Photo]

Chandra Heartland, left, and partner Paul Mossine brainstorm horror movie ideas for their cinematic creation during the 24-hour film competition hosted by Columbia Access Television on April 24. They had hoped to find friends on short notice who would act in their flick to fill out the cast.

Rainbow House gets new interim executive director [Photo]

From left to right: Board member Allison Kleiber, Vice President of Board Drew Smith, Interim Executive Director Janie Bakutes, President of Board Melissa A. Faurot, Treasurer of Board Tom Schwartz.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU participates in international Take Back the Night event [Gallery]

MU students, faculty and staff participate in the international Take Back the Night on Thursday. The event promotes putting an end to sexual violence and lends support to victims of sexual assault. The rally moved from Traditions Plaza at MU through Greek Town and around Francis Quadrangle.