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PHOTO GALLERY: University Village demolition slated [Gallery]

The demolition of University Village will begin Monday, five months after the walkway collapse that killed firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt.

Signs of winter remain on building where Britt was killed [Photo]

A snowflake hangs on one of the apartments in University Village Building 707, where Lt. Bruce Britt, a 23-year veteran of the Columbia Fire Department, was killed during a walkway collapse in the winter.

Shattered windowpane remains at University Village [Photo]

A shattered windowpane remains on the northeast side of the Student Parent Center at MU's University Village on Friday. Marschel Wrecking is scheduled to begin demolishing 11 of the 14 buildings in the 57-year-old complex on Monday.

Appliances salvaged from University Village [Photo]

MU Housing Operations workers salvage appliances from vacated University Village apartments on Friday. The complex's demolition is slated to begin next week.

Terry McBride's farmhouse and fence have become a landmark in Harrisburg [Photo]

Terry McBride's 170-year-old farmhouse has become a landmark to Harrisburg locals. McBride has been renovating both the house and its eccentric fence for 14 years.

Terry McBride sits on his back porch with his dog [Photo]

Terry McBride, 62, sits on the back porch of his farmhouse while his terrier, Rosie, takes her usual place at his feet. McBride bought his Harrisburg home in 1999 and has been renovating it.

Terry McBride hangs found objects on his fence [Photo]

Tea cups, kitchenware and old glass bottles are some of the items that make up Terry McBride's 200-foot fence.

Terry McBride showcases his license plate collection on his shed [Photo]

Terry McBride's collection of license plates is showcased on the exterior of his shed. More can be found on the walls of his screened-in porch and hanging on the posts of his fence.

Objects hang on Terry McBride fence [Photo]

Terry McBride began putting found objects on his 200-foot fence in 2003. It has become a landmark on Highway J in Harrisburg

Terry McBride displays license plate collection [Photo]

Terry McBride collects license plates and hangs them in various places around his house.

PHOTO GALLERY: Terry McBride's fence with found objects a local landmark [Gallery]

Terry McBride's fence in Harrisburg has become a landmark because of the unique items he has added to it. He says people stop to take pictures and ask questions about it.

Jake Arrieta proves key for Cubs pitching staff [Photo]

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jake Arrieta tips his cap as he gets a standing ovation from Red Sox fans after carrying a no-hitter to the eighth inning of a baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston on June 30. Arrieta will be the ace for the Cubs after the team traded Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the Oakland Athletics just before the All-Star break.

PHOTO GALLERY: Young musicians participate in Compass Music Camp [Gallery]

Compass Music Camp, a program that occurs over six days, teaches young musicians how to play instruments and perform in a band. Participants also learn about music theory.

Local band Dubb Nubb performs during lunchtime [Photo]

Local band Dubb Nubb performed for Compass Music Camp during lunchtime Monday at Roxys.

Hannah Rainey laughs during a warm-up at music camp [Photo]

Hannah Rainey laughs with her sister Delia during a warm up at the Compass Music Camp on Monday at Roxys.

Violet Vonder Haar rehearses with singers [Photo]

From left, Compass Music Camp participants Marley Wurzer, Lucy Golberg, Morgan Naeger and Sydney Hemwall rehearse Thursday with vocal instructor Violet Vonder Haar, right, in preparation for a performance. The voice lessons are one part of the six-day camp that give kids the chance to perform, learn about music theory and improve their instrumental skills with the help of instructors.

Elena Seville practices the saxophone [Photo]

Elena Seville practices the saxophone on Thursday at the Bridge in preparation for the concert of Compass Music Camp. Seville, the only saxophone player enrolled in the camp, was working on a solo she will perform at the final concert.

Matt Epstein leads a group guitar lesson [Photo]

Instructor Matt Epstein leads a group guitar lesson for Lauren VerBrugge, center, Jacob Shabaka and Marissa Edmiston during Compass Music Camp on Thursday. Epstein worked with them on scales and solo improvisation skills to get ready for their Saturday performance.

Ronald Franklin presents business pitch [Photo]

Ronald Franklin, 14, presents his business pitch to a panel of judges on the last day of the Build-a-Business Camp in Columbia on Thursday. Franklin, who hopes to be a motivational speaker when he gets older, proposed an after-school program for children.