Petit pumps fist in National League Division Series [Photo]

San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Yusmeiro Petit pumps his fist as he walks off the field at the end of the 15th inning in Game 2 of baseball's National League Division Series on Oct. 4, 2014 against the Washington Nationals in Washington. Petit has blossomed into a key pitcher for the Giants in the World Series.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students put final touches on Homecoming decorations [Gallery]

Greek fraternities and sororities were paired up to participate in Homecoming activities. Members of the chapters have been busy creating Homecoming banners and decorations in preparation for Homecoming weekend.

Students view finished banner [Photo]

Bryan Hill, left, and Taylor Pfaff walk past a "Space Camp"-themed homecoming banner outside the Sigma Kappa sorority house on Tuesday.

Students prepare Homecoming decorations [Photo]

Brooke Schmidt, left, and Annie Lambesis paint a homecoming banner outside the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity house on Tuesday.

Homecoming banners celebrate MU pride [Photo]

Brooke Schmidt, left, and Annie Lambesis paint a Tiger-themed Homecoming banner outside the Alpha Gamma Sigma fraternity house on Tuesday. Greek chapters create banners to celebrate MU spirit and pride.

Homecoming banner features hippie Truman [Photo]

The Gamma Phi Beta Homecoming banner features daisies, sunflowers, carnations and a hippie version of Truman. From 6:30 to 9 p.m. Friday, the houses will put on skits for fellow students and the general public as part of Campus Decorations.

Students admire Homecoming banner [Photo]

Sarah Cafazza, left, and Jamie Lazaroff, members of Chi Omega, admire their house's finished homecoming banner on Tuesday. Various Greek houses and residence halls have put up homecoming banners with the theme "Oh, the places you'll go" in honor of MU's 103rd Homecoming.

Michael Scherer was an easygoing child [Photo]

Missouri middle linebacker Michael Scherer was an easygoing toddler that tolerated his older brothers' antics.

The Vanderbilt mascot performs at basketball game [Photo]

The Vanderbilt mascot performs in the first half of an NCAA college basketball game against Kentucky on Jan. 11 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville known for its hot chicken [Photo]

A diner reaches for a piece of hot chicken at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, Tennessee. Hot chicken — fried chicken with varied amounts of seasoning that make the heat level run from mild to extra hot — is a signature dish of Nashville.

Jay Cutler plays in preseason game [Photo]

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler rolls out for a pass against the San Diego Chargers during a preseason football game in 2010. Cutler is a graduate of Vanderbilt.

FROM READERS: Ian Ford stands next to a ducati motorcycle [Photo]

Ian Ford stands next to a Ducati in a museum. "Old school passion, new school performance," Ford said.

Printer thickens ink [Photo]

Printer Byron Smith prepares ink on a pallet by adding magnesium carbonate powder to thicken it for a smoother and more correct print in his studio on Orr Street.

Printer tests if ink spreads properly [Photo]

Jeffrey Moore cuts scrap paper for test proofing of a print to make sure the ink spreads correctly. His Grindstone Lithography Studio keeps the art of printmaking alive.

Printer signs and numbers prints of state capitol [Photo]

Jeffrey Moore prepares to sign and number 24 prints of the Missouri State Capitol building while in his Columbia studio on Orr Street.

PHOTO GALLERY: Jeffrey Moore works in his printing studio [Gallery]

Jeffrey Moore keeps the art of lithography alive in his studio on Orr Street.

Candidates attend forums [Photo]

Nine candidates met with constituents and expressed their political views during two forums on Wednesday.

Sarah Schwentker [File Image]

Morgan Eye looks for open teammate [Photo]

Missouri women's basketball guard Morgan Eye looks for an open teammate during a game against Alabama on Feb. 9.

Sigma Pi fraternity hosts candlelight vigil [Photo]

The Sigma Pi fraternity house hosts a candlelight vigil Tuesday following the death of MU sophomore Chris Nicklow. Nicklow was found unresponsive Sunday night at a friend's house.