Radio Adelante Episode 4

AUDIO: Radio Adelante Episode No. 4
Aired: Oct. 18, 2008

Episode No. 4 Contents: Election Issue: education; H2B Visa Workers: Story about companies that hire H2B workers; national and international news; Cuban pianist plays in Columbia; community calendar

Host/Reporter: Carolina Escalera
Reporters: Sarah Horne, Wendy Narez, and Yuritza Oliver
Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari
Business Manager: Mark Stanley

Radio Adelante Episode 3

AUDIO: Radio Adelante Episode No. 3
Aired: Oct. 11, 2008

Episode No. 3 Contents: Election Issue: health care; Separated Family: a husband and father leaves his family as part of the National Guard; national and international news; Economic Crisis Series Part 1, how the economy is affecting Latino community; community calendar.

Host/Reporter: Carolina Escalera
Reporters: Jordan Hickey, Jessica Nuñez and Nicolas Jimenez
Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari
Business Manager: Mark Stanley

Radio Adelante Episode 2

AUDIO: Radio Adelante Episode No. 2
Aired: Oct. 4, 2008

Episode No. 2 Contents: Election coverage, issues that are important for Latino community; profile on Al Rojas, a Farm Workers Union organizer who worked with Cesar Chavez that came to speak at MU; conversation with film director, Daniel Flores y Ascensio from El Salvador who came to Columbia to showcase his documentary on indigenous rights in El Salvador.

Host/Reporter: Carolina Escalera
Reporters: Jessica Nuñez
Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari
Business Manager: Mark Stanley

Radio Adelante Episode 1

AUDIO: Radio Adelante Episode No. 1
Aired: Sept. 27, 2008

Episode No. 1 Contents: Son Venezuela, salsa band of mid-Missouri profile; national and international news; coverage of Los Zaptistas, a play that came to MU for Hispanic Heritage Month; community calendar.

Host/Reporter: Carolina Escalera
Producers: Sarah Horne and Sara Shahriari
Business Manager: Mark Stanley

Steve Paulsell announces his retirement

AUDIO: Listen as Steve Paulsell announces his "forced" retirement as chief of the Boone County Fire Protection District.

Sample of KCOU: Tak in the Morning

Ryan Morimura hosts Tak in the Morning on KCOU/88.1 FM Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Morimura has hosted the talk show since September.

Bluebird Music Festival

An intimate crowd came out Saturday to see Casey Reeves perform at Top Ten Wines on Ninth Street as part of the Bluebird Music and Arts Festival.

AUDIO: Deaton's For All We Call Mizzou campaign announcement

AUDIO: MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announces that the For All We Call Mizzou fundraising campaign has surpassed $1 billion.

Students rally for Obama

Students from Rock Bridge High School and Columbia College rallied on the busy corner of College and University avenues Tuesday night in support of Sen. Barack Obama. They devoted the day to rallying voters in Columbia and getting drivers to honk their support in the last few hours of Missouri polling. They held signs made from bedsheets and handed publicity for the candidate to drivers who opened their windows at the red light.

Last-minute voters talk at the Family Health Center

Last-minute voters at the Family Health Center say the news media did not influence how they voted. 

Sweet rewards for voters

Four college students pick up their free coffee from Starbucks on Tuesday night as part of the cafe’s reward for voters.

Voters not all discouraged by lines

Long lines at the Memorial Union universal polling place did not stop many first time voters from casting their ballot.

Issues bring out Columbia voters

Residents discuss what local issues brought them to the polls early on Election Day. Between 7 and 8 a.m., voters were able to amble quickly up the stairs at Boone County Public Library. The governor's race and Proposition A were mentioned most frequently as being important to local voters.

Columbia voters discuss issues

Voters discuss what the most important issues on the ballot are to them. Between 7 and 9 a.m. at Grace Bible Church, most citizens said the presidential election was most important, but others were concerned with the propositions.

Election monitors travel from overseas

This is the first year David Heath has traveled to the U.S. to participate in election monitoring. Heath, a member of the Parliament from Great Britain, is leading a team of international experts to check that people get a free and fair chance to vote without any irregularities. The process of election monitoring has occurred since 1990 and it recently began in the U.S., Heath said. Heath also discusses what issues in the U.S. presidential election interest the people of Great Britain.

Reporter Regan McTarsney contributed to this report.

Issues at the polls

Citizens discuss what issues brought them to the polls early on Election Day. At 6 a.m., when the polls opened, voters were able to quickly get through the line at Ashland American Legion #152 in Ashland. At 7:30 a.m. voters at Rock Bridge High School were concerned about the governor’s election and presidential election.

Reporter Regan McTarsney contributed to this report.

Families for candidates

This presidential election has brought families together in support of a candidate. The Hardin family attended Sen. Barack Obama’s rally on the MU campus in hopes of setting an example on Thursday. The Ellis family attended Gov. Sarah Palin’s rally in Jefferson City as an educational experience for their home-schooled children on Monday.

Oakland Junior High political convention

The media center at Oakland Junior High School was a wash of red, white and blue on Wednesday for the political convention hosted by the ninth-grade honors block. Booths for each campaign were set up, and students took turns at the podium speaking about what they learned. Candidates from national, state and local campaigns were represented, and politicians, parents, community members and fellow students were invited to attend. Event organizer Josh Johnson describes the convention, along with parent Julia Young. Students Ian McCann, JT Smith, Paige McCumber and Katy Ledbetter talk about their time campaigning and learning about candidates.

AUDIO: Haunted history

Families were welcome Saturday at the MU Museum of Art and Archeology as student docents and costumed faculty tried to add a dash of history to Halloween. Museum educator Cathy Callaway and visitors share their impressions of this year’s event, which included owls, a haunted museum tour and exhibits that came alive.

AUDIO: Listen to the Lynn Weber automated phone call

The Democrats' new automated phone call, featuring Republican-cum-Obama -supporter Lynn Weber, is intended to counteract four or five automated Republican phone calls circulating throughout Missouri.