Kids get bugged

MU graduate student Jennifer Hamel brought bug communication to life on Thursday, July 3 at the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia. She brought a group of thornbugs to the library so children could listen to how bugs "talk." In addition to live bugs, the children listened to recordings made by Reginald Cocroft, associate professor and head of the Cocroft Lab at MU. The event was part of the library's summer reading program, which is themed "Catch the reading bug."

Watching the Watchdogs

Listen to KBIA's report on the gathering Wednesday night at the Columbia Public Library for a discussion on the role of the news media. The citizen dialogue was sponsored by the City Human Rights Commission, the Columbia Missourian and the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Seeds, water, sun...FLOWERS!

Listen to Lee Elementary first-graders Ronald Franklin, Lilly Dailey, Symphony Young and Nicole Tinsley talk about their class garden.

Where are you from?

Rhonda Kaissi has been a permanent substitute teacher for Columbia Public Schools since the beginning of the program in 2004. Her Syrian accent gains students’ attention, but Kaissi feels content every time that they understand what she teaches.

Franzese on taking the oath

Franzese discusses his induction into la cosa nostra, or “this thing of ours.” There is no mafia in the United States, he said, just a series of crime families. During the height of his career with the Columbo crime family, Franzese made as much as $6 to $8 million a week. He has since renounced organized crime and speaks to students and sports teams about the dangers of gambling.

Franzese on his father

Michael Franzese’s father, John, served as underboss for the Columbo family in the 1960s — but to his seven children, he was just “dad.” He wanted his son to be a doctor, not a mob boss, but Michael Franzese joined the crime family when his father went to prison. Ninety-two-year-old John Franzese remains in prison on robbery charges after numerous parole violations. His son maintains his father was innocent, at least of that crime.

Faithful American

Ronald Smith Jr., the new imam at the Islamic Center of Central Missouri, speaks about Islamic values and American culture. To read about Smith click here.

Discussion from the Columbia School Board meeting

The busing priority for Ridgeway Elementary School was one of the most discussed topics at the Columbia School Board meeting Thursday evening. Parents Koren Gould, Maruf Hossain and board vice president Darin Preis shared their opinions.

Higher education money

UM System President Gary Forsee laid out for UM System alumni the four legislative priorities pertaining to higher education during a Capitol Rotunda rally last Wednesday.

Carroll ZuBolton's kids

Children in the Moving Ahead program, which is run by Carroll ZuBolton, celebrate Black History Month by performing and portraying Great African American Achievers.

Lessons for the Chinese New Year

Wei Du teaches a sixth grade Chinese language class about the traditions of Chinese New Year.

Super Tuesday voter reaction — Charlene Drury

Charlene Drury voted at Rock Bridge Elementary on Tuesday evening in the presidential primary.

Cardinal Foley discusses Pope John Paul II

Cardinal John Foley remarks on the character of Cardinal Wojtyla, who later became Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Folely remembers Benigni

Cardinal John Foley remembers a visit between Pope John Paul II and Roberto Benigni, who won an Oscar in 1998 for the film “Life is Beautiful,” a comedy set inside a concentration camp.

Cardinal Foley talks about the late Pope's legacy

Cardinal John Foley discusses the legacy of Pope John Paul II.

Cardinal Foley on visiting Auschwitz

Cardinal John Foley recounts an emotional experience when he and Pope John Paul II visited the Auschwitz concentration camp in the Pope’s native Poland.

Youth Speak event honors Martin Luther King Jr.

Local youth read essays and performed music with the theme of "The Garden of Humanity" for a Youth Speak event hosted at the Cherry Street Artisan. The event was held to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mexican Christmas traditions

Alejandro Tovar-Mendez tells stories of holidays spent in Mexico.

Handel's "Messiah"

Long-time MU Choral Union member Paul Graham speaks about his experience performing and rehearsing Handel’s "Messiah." Also, listen to a portion of the dress rehearsal — a preview of the performance at 7 p.m. Thursday in Jesse Auditorium.


Long-time MU Choral Union member Paul Graham speaks about his experience performing and rehearsing Handel’s Messiah. Also listen to a portion of the dress rehearsal—a preview of the performance on Thursday, Nov. 15, at 7 p.m., in Jesse Auditorium.