California activist on the review board

Ed Rosenthal, the California marijuana law reform activist, discusses the review board's handling of his appeal of a complaint regarding the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

CoMoCitizens founders on the review board

Donald Warren and Erica Warren, co-founders of the public safety activist group CoMoCitizens, discuss the board's handling of an appeal of a complaint filed against the Columbia Police Department regarding the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre performs 'Othello'

"Iago starts out like a kid in a candy shop doing evil things, but through the course of the show he progressively becomes evil,” said Jason Cascio, who plays Iago, the bad guy in Shakespeare’s "Othello." The final three performances of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre’s production of "Othello" are Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. in Nifong Park. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students and $1 for children under 10.

Moving Ahead field trip

Kyle Hayes, a participant in the program, points out the bat’s fingers to a friend.

Hospice Compassus provides end-of-life care

Glen Sapp, a volunteer with Hospice Compassus in Columbia, visits Harry Simons about once a week at his home. Because Simons suffers from Alzheimer's, he doesn't remember Sapp, but Simons' daughter says he enjoys Sapp's visits.

Fans discuss the World Cup

Ragtag Cinema, located on Hitt Street, is broadcasting every match of the FIFA World Cup live. These showings are free and are almost always packed. The U.S. vs. Algeria game took place Wednesday and marked the first win for the U.S. in the tournament.

A final song

Forty-five seniors in the Hickman High School choir sing their last song "That Lonesome Road" during the graduation at Mizzou Arena on Saturday.

Police Chief Ken Burton holds news conference about new SWAT team policies

AUDIO: Columbia Police Department Chief Ken Burton announced that the department has made more adjustments in its SWAT team policies at a news conference Monday afternoon. Listen to the audio from the news conference here.

Calling it quits

KBIA’s Lee Zucker catches up with one former MU wide receiver who is experiencing being pulled away from the game for the second time in his life.

Burton, McDavid speak to press about SWAT raid

AUDIO: Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton and Mayor Bob McDavid fielded questions from reporters at a press conference Thursday about a February police raid in which a suspect's pit bull was killed by SWAT team members. Burton said an internal investigation is underway.

The voices of "Cleanup Columbia" volunteers

Members of Delta Upsilon talk about their reasons for participating in "Cleanup Columbia" on Saturday.

Original Saturday Night Live writer speaks to MU students

On Tuesday, MU hosted a presentation by original Saturday Night Live writer Tom Davis about the use of political satire on the show.

The story behind the bench

One of the benches along the MKT Trail is dedicated to Al and Marjo Price. Passersby can use their cell phones to call and hear the story of whom the benches are dedicated to. Listen to the audio clip as an example of the story behind bench.

AUDIO: Pingeton announcement

Listen to the University of Missouri's announcement that Illinois State coach Robin Pingeton will become the new coach of the Tigers women's basketball team.

Columbia School Board forum

Linda Bennett, the associate dean of educator preparation, and Eryca Neville, the assistant director of the teacher development program, both at the MU College of Education, talk about the Columbia School Board election forum held Tuesday. Both agree that the forum allowed MU students to interact with school board candidates and learn more about the public education system in Columbia.

Rosa Hoyle recites 'Sonnet 116'

Rosa Hoyle, 15, recites “Sonnet 116” by William Shakespeare at her house in Jefferson City. She recited these poems at the local and state Poetry Out Loud competition.

Rosa Hoyle recites 'Jabberwocky'

Rosa Hoyle, 15, recites “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll at her house in Jefferson City. She recited these poems at the local and state Poetry Out Loud competition.

Paul Love on Columbia's youth

Paul Love, 2010 mayoral candidate, fears more of Columbia’s youth will be taken into gangs if there are not changes in the way Columbia handles crime.

Sean O'Day on providing incentives in Columbia

Sean O’Day, 2010 mayoral candidate, said the city needs to make incentives for companies to come to and stay in Columbia.

Jerry Wade on local construction companies

Jerry Wade, 2010 mayoral candidate, explains his view on preferential treatment for local construction companies.