Resumes for Water and Light director candidates

Click here to download the resumes of Tad A. Johnsen, Timothy G. Luchsinger and Mack Thompson, candidates to become the new director at Columbia Water and Light.

Proposed route changes

These maps show Columbia Transit's existing routes and the proposed changes to be enacted in the fall. These documents were pulled from a Columbia Public Works Department proposal presented to the Columbia City Council at their 2010 retreat.

Big Ten documents Sunshine request

Click here to download a PDF of the e-mails the Missourian asked for in a Sunshine request. The Missourian requested all e-mails from top Mu officials from Dec. 1 to the present that mention the Big Ten in any way.

CPD's summary of what is seen in SWAT video

Click here to download a minute-by-minute narrative of what is seen in the video of the Columbia SWAT team executing the warrant on Feb. 11. The narrative comes from the Columbia Police Department.

Burton's statement on SWAT investigation

Click here to download a PDF of Police Chief Ken Burton's statement regarding the internal investigation into the Feb. 11 SWAT raid.

Narcotics Search Warrant Service- Policy Change Updated

Click here to download a PDF of the Columbia Police Department's changes to how ti serves narcotics search warrants.

Results of internal SWAT investigation

Click here to download a PDF of the Columbia Police Department's results of the Internal Investigation.

Humane Society Tax Document

Click to download the Central Missouri Humane Society's 2008 990 form, a public document that outlines the shelter's expenses.

Officer reports from Feb. 11 SWAT raid

These documents, obtained by the Missourian through a Missouri Sunshine Law records request, contain the participating officers' individual reports of the Feb. 11 SWAT raid on 1501 Kinloch Court in which police officers shot and killed a pit bull.

Planning & Zoning Commissioner Applications

This document, provided by the Columbia City Clerk's office, includes the full applications for each of the 11 people applying for a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

May 11 news release on search of 1501 Kinloch Court

A May 10 news release from the Columbia Police Department on the status of an internal investigation into the Feb. 11 raid of 1501 Kinloch Court.

Affidavit for the search of 1501 Kinloch Court

An affidavit listing the reasons a Police Department detective, whose name was redacted, believed police should search 1501 Kinloch Court.

Changes to narcotics search warrant protocol

The Columbia Police Department has made immediate changes to its narcotic search warrant protocol, outlined in this document.

Salary Schedules

Three salary schedules for new hires in the 2010-2011 school year are being recommended by the Board of Education Finance Committee for action at the May Board of Education meeting. The committee believes these schedules will allow the district to continue to keep compensation relevant to responsibilities and to more effectively analyze payroll costs.The document proposes wages should be set according to job responsibilities and tied to educational credit advancement.

Student Relations

The staff/student relations policy exists so an atmosphere conducive to learning can be achieved in schools. Boundaries detailed are both emotional and physical. The document lists potential violations of the policy and how to report violations.

Salaries of MU faculty

A 2009 report of the salaries of all MU faculty members.

Scott Christianson's finance report

This is J. Scott Christianson's campaign finance report. Bondi Wood would have been his opponent in the race for Boone County presiding commissioner.

Bondi Wood's campaign finance report

This is a quarterly campaign finance report for Bondi Wood.

Boone County Clerk's statement on Bondi Wood

Boone County Clerk Wendy Noren released a statement Wednesday morning on Bondi Wood's disqualification from the county presiding commissioner race.

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