City Clerk certifies petition for downtown cameras

This is the letter to the Columbia City Council from City Clerk Sheila Amin certifying the petition calling for the use of surveillance cameras in the downtown area.

Potential Cap and Trade Legislation Impact

A letter about the potential impact of cap and trade legislation on MU

Karen's Farewell

A poem, "Karen's Farewell," was read at the vigil at the ARC on Thursday.

City Manager's Statement on Kraig Kahler

The city of Columbia released this statement following the arraignment of James Kraig Kahler, who was charged Monday with the murder of his wife and two teenage daughters.

YouZeum 990 form

Health care timeline

Health care legislation has taken many twists and turns since President Barack Obama first made it a central part of his campaign platform. Click here to download a PDF that summarizes the health care debate to this point.

House Bill No. 150 (2009)

Rep. Mary Still, D-Columbia, sponsored a bill during the 2009 legislative session that, if approved, would have changed state law regarding payday loans. The bill would have required lenders that provide unsecured loans of $500 or less to obtain a license from the state's director of the division of finance; to post certain information in the lobby of the office about the loans and to charge no more than 75 percent of the initial loan amount in accumulated interest and fees. The bill was referred to the state's House Financial Institutions Committee but never reached the House floor for a final vote.

SCORE report

Click here to download a PDF report from the Service Corps of Retired Executives on how the Central Missouri Humane Society can improve its finances.

Humane Society Report

Click here to download a PDF report from the Central Missouri Humane Society regarding suggestions from the Service Corps of Retired Executives.

H1N1 Consent Form - Spanish

Click here to download an H1N1 consent form in Spanish.

H1N1 Consent Form - English

Click here to download an H1N1 consent form in English.

Pay now or pay later PDFs

Click here to download Kate Schuman's award-winning story on sewer issues from 2008, "Pay Now or Pay Later."

Special Business Disctrict report on proposed noise ordinance

This is the report submitted to the city manager from the Special Business District board recommending that the proposed noise ordinance be revised to be more specific and more directly address the noise problem between Shiloh Bar and Grill and its residential neighbor.

Stimulus funds for Paquin Tower heating

This is the news release from the Columbia Housing Authority detailing specifics of the heating system upgrade for Paquin Tower funded by stimulus money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Proposed noise ordinance change

A draft of a proposed amended ordinance that would loosen the restrictions on loud music and yelling downtown.

Albert documents

Click here to download a PDF of documents compiled by Kurt and Patrice Albert that make the case for their proposed ordinance that would make it illegal for a city employee to knowingly lie to the City Council.

PDF download of the Hyde Amendment

Click here to download a copy of the Hyde Amendment.

Columbia schools' enrollment

Download this file to see a summary of enrollments for the new school year.

Transcript of Taser incident with Carl Giles

Editor's note: The transcript contains crude language. Reader discretion is advised.

Mike Alden contract 2009

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