Advertising with Neighborhood Newsletters

The PDF includes information about advertising options for the Missourian's neighborhood newsletters.

Mike Anderson's contract

Click here to download a PDF copy of Mike Anderson's contract with MU.

Racial profiling disparity data and analysis

This analysis, by MU economics professor Jeff Milyo, details concepts like "hit rates," which measure the accuracy of police traffic stops based on the race of those stopped in several Missouri communities. It includes information on frequency of traffic stops by race.

Columbia police's annual report to attorney general

This report provides the number of total traffic stops made in Columbia. It then categorizes them by race of stopped drivers and further by details of the stops such as locations and results.

Columbia's racial profiling statistics for 2008

This report breaks down arrests made in 2008 by charge, race, and gender. It includes explanation and analysis from the Columbia Police Department.

Sample declaration of domestic partnership

Click here for an example of the document to be filled out declaring a domestic partnership.

City Council ordinance establishing domestic registry

Click here for the official Columbia City Council ordinance.

Press release from the Columbia Police Department

Read the Columbia Police Department's press release stating the intent to adopt PERF Taser guidelines.

PERF Conducted Energy Device Policy and Training Guidelines for Consideration

Read the 52 guidelines outlining the national Taser policy.

Oversight ordinance

The full document of an ordinance that amends Chapter 21 of the City Code to establish the Citizens Police Review Board and fixes the time when this ordinance becomes effective.

Oral Health White Paper

Click here to download a copy of the white paper from Missouri Coalition for Oral Health

House bill 931

Click here to download a copy of House Bill 931, which would authorize a task force to take an in-depth look at the effects of Tasers.

2009 NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket

Printable bracket for 2009 NCAA men's basketball tournament

NCAA men's hoops bracket

NCAA men's basketball bracket

MU-Baylor box score

Missouri-Baylor box score

O'Neal attorney's letter

LETTER: Read the document sent by attorney Michael Rader, who is representing is representing Aaron O'Neal's mother, Deborah, in the case.

Study: Red light states

Click here to download a copy of the study "Red Light States: Who Buys Online
Adult Entertainment?"

Columbia Car Classics settlement document

PDF: Read the Columbia Car Classics settlement

Assurance of voluntary compliance

City Council's Taser report

Click to read the City Council's Taser report.