Columbia/Boone County Health Department information on whooping cough

This information from the Columbia/Boone County Health Department explains symptoms of pertussis, commonly called whooping cough.

Ped Net Obesity News Release

Ped Net Obesity News Release

News release from Interim Chief of Police Tom Dresner's e-mail address

Gary Pinkel's contract extension

Click here to download a PDF version of MU football coach Gary Pinkel's new contract extension.

Agreement between Paulsell and fire district

This document, provided by the Boone County Fire Protection District, is the Mutual Release, Settlement Agreement and Covenant Not To Sue between Steve Paulsell and the fire district.

MU Hiring Freeze Guidelines

MU Hiring Freeze Guidelines

Columbia Police Chief Tom Dresner's explanation of Brotemarkle's reinstatement

Streets with shared lane marketings for fall 2008

GetAbout Columbia is preparing to expand the use of shared lane markings on 30 miles of Columbia streets. The symbols are meant to be used as a guide to cyclists that rather than keeping to the far right, they should ride through the center of the symbol.

Estimated timeline for shared lane markings for bike routes in 2009

GetAbout Columbia provides a timeline for when shared lane markings will be in place around the city in 2009.