PHOTO GALLERY: Drought's effect on cattle farmer

The drought has had a detrimental effect on Brian Lease and other Missouri cattle farmers.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tiger Walk at MU Columns

Freshmen and transfer students walked through the MU Columns on Sunday evening in Francis Quadrangle toward Jesse Hall.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia College freshmen welcomed in at Storm the Gate

Columbia College freshmen were welcomed into the school during the Storm the Gate event Sunday evening.

PHOTO GALLERY: Interfaith worship service at Mid-Missouri Pride Fest

An interfaith worship service was one of the events at the Mid-Missouri Pride Fest on Sunday in Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia police officers develop positive relationship with Douglass Park neighborhood

Columbia police officers Jaime Dowler and James Meyer were assigned proactive patrols in the Douglass Park area.

PHOTO GALLERY: Rankin family makes Missouri State Fair a tradition

The Rankin family has been raising pigs, meat goats, sheep and steers to show at fairs for the past 13 years.

PHOTO GALLERY: Stephens College welcomes freshmen

Stephens College welcomed its incoming freshmen on Thursday with The Crossing of the Bridge Ceremony.

PHOTO GALLERY: Gainesville is mix of Gator football, Southern culture

Gainesville, Fla., is a mix of Bible Belt, alternative rock, visual artists and fraternity row. Weaving its way through each of those circles is Florida Gator football.

PHOTO GALLERY: Traditions run deep at Texas A&M

As Texas A&M transitions to the Southeastern Conference, Aggies are eager to share what makes College Station unique.

PHOTO GALLERY: Knoxville mixes old and new along Tennessee River

Knoxville, Tenn., has spent the past decade reshaping itself.

PHOTO GALLERY: Vanderbilt remains separate from Music City connections in Nashville

Vanderbilt University remains insulated from the allure of the country music industry in Nashville. Students call it the "Vander Bubble" because the campus is so connected to all the other things they need.

PHOTO GALLERY: A complicated, but changing identity in South Carolina

Columbia, S.C., where the former Sen. Strom Thurmond is legend, still has traces of the old South. But attitudes and legacies are changing.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tuscaloosa leans on football after storm

A year after a devastating tornado struck Tuscaloosa, residents rely on football traditions for hope.

PHOTO GALLERY: Athens mixes football and music

Athens, Ga., home to the University of Georgia, is the place where football and music harmonize.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lexington is basketball country

In Lexington, Ky., horses and basketball reign.

PHOTO GALLERY: University, town form tight community in Auburn

Auburn, Ala., known as the "Loveliest Village on the Plains," lives up to its nickname. The eight beliefs of the Auburn Creed help solidify a sense of community among residents, students and alumni.

PHOTO GALLERY: In Baton Rouge, everything is LSU purple

In Baton Rouge, home to Louisiana State University, the town is filled with purple. Of course, mudbugs and garden produce also abound.

PHOTO GALLERY: Starkville moves beyond boring

Mississippi State University in Starkville, Miss., is rumored to be the most boring of the cities with SEC schools. But a visit to this town, 563 miles from Columbia, shows something different.

PHOTO GALLERY: Stormwater drain murals across Columbia

Mike Sleadd and eight other Missouri artists, as part of a public art project sponsored by the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ art festival, decorated nine sewer covers downtown in an effort to raise awareness about litter that winds up in the city's creeks and streams.

PHOTO GALLERY: Weekends in Oxford mean football, Faulkner

On Saturdays in the fall, the quiet Southern city of Oxford, Miss., turns into at football frenzy as Ole Miss fans descend on the town.