PHOTO GALLERY: MU students attend menorah lighting event

Students ate latkes, listened to Hanukkah music and watched a 9-foot tall menorah be lit at an event organized by the Chabad Jewish Student Organization in the MU Student Center on Monday evening.

PHOTO GALLERY: Sorella Natural Foods chef prepares vegan meals

Shelly La Fata, owner of Sorella Natural Foods, prepares healthy snacks and meals in her home. La Fata teaches in-home culinary classes and has a catering service.

PHOTO GALLERY: Millions of insects, specimens housed at Enns Entomology Museum

The Enns Entomology Museum, founded in 1874, holds more than 6 million insects, arachnids and fossils.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri women's basketball game against Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Missouri women's basketball team beat Arkansas-Pine Bluff 92-59 on Saturday night in Mizzou Arena.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kish and Noah train to become rescue dogs

Two dogs, Kish and Noah, are training to become rescue dogs. The dogs had to complete a Foundation Skills Assessment, which assesses a dog's obedience, control and agility. Neither of the dogs passed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri men's basketball team wins against Tennessee State

Missouri men's basketball team won over Tennessee State, 68-38, after a slow start in the first half.

PHOTO GALLERY: Calligraphy artist hones skills in home studio

Michele Keele, a professional calligraphy artist, owns The Artist’s Hand on West Broadway. Keele produces a variety of calligraphy work, including invitations, poetry, scrapbooking material, mailing addresses, wedding programs and reception items, certifications and more.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tolton girls basketball loses to the O'Hara Catholic

The Tolton Catholic's girls basketball lost to the O'Hare Catholic 45-39 Friday at Tolton Catholic High School despite an outstanding performance by Hope Wright.

PHOTO GALLERY: Living Windows Festival

Columbia businesses put up decorations as part of the Living Windows Festival. The festival also featured live performances of different holiday scenes.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hickman and Rock Bridge girls swimming teams practice together

The Hickman and Rock Bridge girls swimming teams practice together at Hickman High School. The swimmers consider themselves one big team instead of two teams that will eventually compete.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri women's basketball team beats Missouri State

The Missouri women's basketball team came out with a victory against Missouri State on Thursday at Mizzou Arena. The Tigers won 91-77.

PHOTO GALLERY: States face off over Missouri River water

Sen. John Hoeven, right, and Sen. Roy Blunt represent North Dakota and Missouri, two states entrenched in the water wars raging over downstream drought-stricken states competing for the increasingly scarce upstream water of the Missouri River.

PHOTO GALLERY: University considers renovating graduate student housing

MU Residential Life is considering renovating its graduate student apartments. The apartments, including some that were built in the 1950s, house 5 percent of MU's 6,481 graduate students.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU students prepare for final exams

MU students were caught studying the week before final exams. Finals week officially begins Monday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Alan Easley shows off his family-owned farmland south of Columbia

Alan Easley's family has owned a 105-acre farm south of Columbia since the Civil War. Easley, however, recently decided to sell a portion of his family's farm because he stopped growing crops and raising cattle on that land.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri men's basketball team defeats SEMO 81-65

Laurence Bowers' career-high 26 points fueled Missouri's comeback win over Southeastern Missouri State on Tuesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia College women's basketball team loses to MidAmerica Navarene

Columbia College's women's basketball team lost Tuesday to MidAmerica Nazarene.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri women's basketball beats Tennessee-Martin

Missouri faced Tennessee-Martin Monday night at Mizzou Arena. Missouri won 82-71.

PHOTO GALLERY: Stephens basketball falls to Missouri Valley

Stephens faced Missouri Valley at home Monday night. Missouri Valley won the game 64-50.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia experiences record temperature on Monday

Columbia experienced a record high of 75 degrees Monday, causing residents to come out in shorts and flip-flops.