PHOTO GALLERY: West Broadway Swim Club bring 'Arctic Friday' to the pool with ice chunks

The West Broadway Swim Club hosted "Arctic Friday" where they passed out 10-pound blocks of ice to swimmers and made snow cones to help Columbia beat the heat.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kenley Conyers, 2011 Little Miss Boone County, will ride in the Boone County Fair downtown parade

Kenley Conyers, 6, was named Little Miss Boone County Fair in the contest last year. This year she won't participate in the contest but will be involved in other activities, including the downtown parade.

Community pays respects during Sterling Wyatt motorcade

Several community members watched the Sterling Wyatt motorcade pass the First Baptist Church.

FROM READERS: Procession honoring Sterling Wyatt on Thursday morning

Readers shared photos taken during the procession honoring Spc. Sterling Wyatt, as his body returned to Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Summer engineering camp brings students from across the country to MU

High school students from all over North America came to MU to spend a week learning about different types of engineering. The students do hands-on activities to learn and apply the principles of engineering, including designing and launching rockets propelled by water pressure.

PHOTO GALLERY: Dancers, steampunk characters attend Family Fun Fest

The Family Fun Fest on Wednesday night at Flat Branch Park included music, dancing, bounce houses, face painting and more. This month's theme was "Around the World" and focused on teaching families what other children around the world do for fun.

PHOTO GALLERY: Teen shows boer bucks at the Boone County Fair

Tessa Chambers, 16, showed Earl and Hoss, two boer bucks, at the Howard County Fair on June 28. Earl, weighing in at 48 lbs, won first in his class. Tessa will be showing and selling both bucks at the Boone County Fair this month.

PHOTO GALLERY: The lifestyle of falconry

Dennis Samnee took up falconry about 26 years ago, inspired after catching and releasing a red-tailed hawk that terrorized his wife's chickens. These days, falconry is not just a hobby for Samnee, it's a lifestyle.

PHOTO GALLERY: Family cares for Far West Cemetery

The Far West Cemetery occupies an acre of land off the main road in Centralia. It was recently vandalized, with headstones being pushed over and broken.

PHOTO GALLERY: FROM READERS: Christmas in July Picnic

The Voluntary Action Center's 21st Annual Christmas in July Picnic was held July 12.

PHOTO GALLERY: Allison Frappier to compete in the Boone County Fair with her dogs

Allison Frappier, 15, will compete with two of her dogs, Kasey and Chip, at the Boone County Fair. The fair will be held July 24–28 at the Central Missouri Event Center.

PHOTO GALLERY: Brianne Abramovitz to show cattle at Boone County Fair

FFA Organization and 4-H member Brianne Abramovitz shows her cattle all over Missouri, including at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Noppadol Paothong photographs wildlife, nature

Noppadol Paothong has spent 11 years photographing North American grassland grouse. His work has recently been turned into a photo book.

PHOTO GALLERY: Youth softball players practice for upcoming World Series game

The Missouri Stealth 10U softball team will compete in the Central World Series tournament in Branson this week.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lawncare companies change strategy during drought

With the drought this summer, lawncare companies have seen the need for mowing decrease but are getting more requests to replace dead trees and shrubs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Residents of Louisiana, Mo., still debate the existence of 'Momo the Missouri Monster'

Louisiana, Mo., a town of 3,300 residents, is the place where a Sasquatch-like creature was spotted by several people in 1972. Forty years later, people in this historic old town on the banks of the Mississippi River are still debating whether the creature dubbed "Momo the Missouri Monster" really existed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Katie Smith, family and friends enjoy cowboy mounted shooting

Katie Smith and her family enjoy cowboy mounted shooting. Smith and her friends practice runs at her house in Harrisburg. The Smiths freeze brand their horses with a 45 and wings — symbols of the gun they shoot with and the speed they must have during runs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Water skiers relax, joke and ski during Lake Sundance tournament

A slalom and trick water skiing tournament was held at Lake Sundance on Saturday. People of all ages participated in both the slalom and the trick events. Skiers relaxed and joked around before the tournament began.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cyclists stop at Pi Kappa Phi house during bike tour around the U.S.

During a bike tour across the country, cyclists stop at MU's Pi Kappa Phi house. The bikers are Pi Kappa Phi brothers from various universities around the country. The bike tour raises funds to benefit people with disabilities, and the riders raised a minimum of $5,500 each before the cross-country trip began in May. The bike tour has been going on every summer for 25 years. Cyclists have built relationships with local sponsors in every city they stop in.

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers pick up trash as part of Columbia Crawdads Stream Team Cleanup

Volunteers helped clean up streams near Battle Garden on Saturday as part of a Columbia Crawdads Stream Team Cleanup event. The events are held once a month to remove garbage from the city's waterways. According to volunteer leaders, Columbia sits on top of a watershed, and waste from residential and business properties end up in the city's waterways.