PHOTO GALLERY: Allison Frappier to compete in the Boone County Fair with her dogs

Allison Frappier, 15, will compete with two of her dogs, Kasey and Chip, at the Boone County Fair. The fair will be held July 24–28 at the Central Missouri Event Center.

PHOTO GALLERY: Brianne Abramovitz to show cattle at Boone County Fair

FFA Organization and 4-H member Brianne Abramovitz shows her cattle all over Missouri, including at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Noppadol Paothong photographs wildlife, nature

Noppadol Paothong has spent 11 years photographing North American grassland grouse. His work has recently been turned into a photo book.

PHOTO GALLERY: Youth softball players practice for upcoming World Series game

The Missouri Stealth 10U softball team will compete in the Central World Series tournament in Branson this week.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lawncare companies change strategy during drought

With the drought this summer, lawncare companies have seen the need for mowing decrease but are getting more requests to replace dead trees and shrubs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Residents of Louisiana, Mo., still debate the existence of 'Momo the Missouri Monster'

Louisiana, Mo., a town of 3,300 residents, is the place where a Sasquatch-like creature was spotted by several people in 1972. Forty years later, people in this historic old town on the banks of the Mississippi River are still debating whether the creature dubbed "Momo the Missouri Monster" really existed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Katie Smith, family and friends enjoy cowboy mounted shooting

Katie Smith and her family enjoy cowboy mounted shooting. Smith and her friends practice runs at her house in Harrisburg. The Smiths freeze brand their horses with a 45 and wings — symbols of the gun they shoot with and the speed they must have during runs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Water skiers relax, joke and ski during Lake Sundance tournament

A slalom and trick water skiing tournament was held at Lake Sundance on Saturday. People of all ages participated in both the slalom and the trick events. Skiers relaxed and joked around before the tournament began.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cyclists stop at Pi Kappa Phi house during bike tour around the U.S.

During a bike tour across the country, cyclists stop at MU's Pi Kappa Phi house. The bikers are Pi Kappa Phi brothers from various universities around the country. The bike tour raises funds to benefit people with disabilities, and the riders raised a minimum of $5,500 each before the cross-country trip began in May. The bike tour has been going on every summer for 25 years. Cyclists have built relationships with local sponsors in every city they stop in.

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers pick up trash as part of Columbia Crawdads Stream Team Cleanup

Volunteers helped clean up streams near Battle Garden on Saturday as part of a Columbia Crawdads Stream Team Cleanup event. The events are held once a month to remove garbage from the city's waterways. According to volunteer leaders, Columbia sits on top of a watershed, and waste from residential and business properties end up in the city's waterways.

PHOTO GALLERY: High-speed chase in north Columbia ends in crash

A high-speed chase involving two motorcycles ended when one of the motorcycles crashed into a parked pickup truck. The motorcyclist fled on foot after the crash, and the second motorcycle eluded Boone County Sheriff's deputies after the bikers split up in a north Columbia neighborhood. The Boone County Sheriff's Department later arrested David Noble Jr. in connection with the chase that ended in a crash.

PHOTO GALLERY: Heat, drought hurt Missouri corn crops

Extreme heat and drought have taken a toll on Missouri corn crops. Farmers expect low yields, which may affect food prices.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Dart Association

The Columbia Dart Association meets Wednesday nights alternating between three locations.

Columbia community honors Sterling Wyatt

Community members honored Army Spc. Sterling Wyatt on Friday afternoon by placing American flags around his home and childhood school.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri Department of Conservation dedicates new building

The Missouri Department of Conservation dedicated its new building Friday afternoon. The construction took about 18 months and the building was finished in March 2012.

PHOTO GALLERY: Photos from then and now show how Columbia's black community has changed over time

Growing up together in Columbia's tight-knit black community of the 1950s and '60s, some of the first students to integrate Columbia Public Schools continue to nurture their deep-rooted connection to each other. Their experiences tell a story of how race and community in Columbia have — and haven't — changed over time.

PHOTO GALLERY: Amish families produce and sell goods near Clark

Customers travel to Clark, a small town in Randolph County, to purchase produce, baked goods and handmade items from the Amish community along Highway Y.

National League dominates All-Star game

The National League scored five runs in the first inning and beat the American League 8-0 at the 2012 Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Kansas City, Mo.

PHOTO GALLERY: Firefighters respond to fire on U.S. 63

A fire Tuesday between southbound U.S. 63 and Bluff Creek Drive required attention from both Boone County and Columbia fire crews.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Fire Department responds to house fire

A passerby noticed smoke Tuesday at 711 W. Worley St. and alerted the Columbia Fire Department.