PHOTO GALLERY: Teams compete in Boone County Fair demolition derby

Father and son team "Solo Boyz" competed in Wednesday's demolition derby at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Boone County Fair highlights

Dog jumping events, the demolition derby and cooling off the livestock were among the activities Wednesday at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Dark Knight visits Columbia

Barnes & Noble at the Columbia Mall, and other businesses, held a special daylong event in honor of Batman Day. DC Comics declared Wednesday "Batman Day" in honor of the caped crusader's 75th anniversary.

PHOTO GALLERY: Musicians, composers prepare for the Mizzou International Composers Festival

The Mizzou International Composers Festival is starting in Columbia this week. The festival brings in eight resident composers who write music the ensemble Alarm Will Sound performs. The musicians and composers spent last week rehearsing and preparing at the country home of Jeanne Sinquefield, patron of the Mizzou New Music Initiative.

PHOTO GALLERY: Youths show off canines in Boone County 4-H/FFA Dog Show

Eleven area youths and their dogs competed Tuesday in the Boone County 4-H/FFA Dog Show. The competition featured events in showmanship, an obstacle course, costumes and tricks. There were also demonstrations of jumpers, tunnels and nose work.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kaitlyn Bullard prepares for Missouri bar exam

Kaitlyn Bullard is a 25-year-old lawyer who has also passed through Missouri's juvenile justice system. She was preparing to take the Missouri bar exam this month and hopes to represent people who do not have easy access to the justice system.

PHOTO GALLERY: Children walk with animals at showmanship competition

Children displayed the fruits of their labor for the Pee Wee Showmanship competition at the Boone County Fair on Monday. Children raise a baby animal, teaching it how to walk on a lead or stand before a judge. The competition gives children an opportunity to practice for bigger livestock shows.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kids continue ham curing tradition at county fair

On Sunday afternoon, both rookie and veteran ham curers brought their hams to check in for the 2014 Boone County Fair ham show. It was even a family event for some participants.

PHOTO GALLERY: Archery is family pastime for Actons

The Acton family participated for a second time in the Show-Me State Games 3-D archery competition Sunday morning.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pets celebrated at church's animal blessing service

Columbia residents gathered at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia on Sunday morning for the 16th annual animal blessing service. Attendees shared stories of their pets, either present at the service or in memorial, and there was a tribute to former Central Missouri Humane Society director Mary Pat Boatfield, who died in June.

PHOTO GALLERY: Steve Schmidt captures third Guiness World Record

Steve Schmidt began pulling nails out of boards with his teeth last Thanksgiving. He secured his third Guinness World Record on Saturday during an intermission at the Show-Me State Games powerlifting event at Lange Middle School.

PHOTO GALLERY: Playing Ultimate Frisbee at the Show-Me State Games

Athletes played Ultimate Frisbee at Battle High School as part of the Show-Me State Games on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: An SUV crashed into a gas station

An SUV crashed into the Phillips 66 gas station on Paris Road on Saturday afternoon.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Show-Me State Games begin

The Show-Me State Games started the competition with a bang Friday night with its opening ceremony at Mizzou Arena.

PHOTO GALLERY: University Village demolition slated

The demolition of University Village will begin Monday, five months after the walkway collapse that killed firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt.

PHOTO GALLERY: Terry McBride's fence with found objects a local landmark

Terry McBride's fence in Harrisburg has become a landmark because of the unique items he has added to it. He says people stop to take pictures and ask questions about it.

PHOTO GALLERY: Young musicians participate in Compass Music Camp

Compass Music Camp, a program that occurs over six days, teaches young musicians how to play instruments and perform in a band. Participants also learn about music theory.

PHOTO GALLERY: Malaysian jet downed in Ukraine

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER was carrying 295 people when it was shot down, Ukrainian officials said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Marsha Knudsen pieced together her parents' love story during World War II based on letters and diaries

Marsha Knudsen used letters and diaries from a trunk she inherited from her parents to piece together their love story when her father was in the Navy during World War II.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kids play at Family Fun Fest

Children and families gathered at Flat Branch Park on Wednesday for the Family Fun Fest.