PHOTO GALLERY: Park dedicated to Sterling Wyatt

Members of the public and the family of U.S. Army Spc. Sterling Wyatt attended an informal dedication ceremony to honor the fallen soldier, after whom a local park was named.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mississippi River flooding

Flooding from the Mississippi River retreated in most places Friday, but it was still 8 feet above flood stage in Grafton, Ill., a town without a levee about 40 miles north of St. Louis.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Community Band performance features trumpet, xylophone

The Columbia Community Band's performance at Stephens Lake Park Amphitheater on Thursday included trumpet and xylophone solos. The show is part of a free concert series being held through September at the amphitheater.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cleaning the Hinkson

Hinkson Creek has suffered as a result of stormwater runoff and has been placed on a watch list by the Environmental Protection Agency. A task force was created to figure out how to clean it up.

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers answer Second Chance's call for help

The storm Monday night knocked out power at Second Chance's warehouse, took off parts of the roof and ruined about 70 percent of the pet food there. But the 55 cats staying there were OK. Volunteers found out about Second Chance's need for help via Facebook and word of mouth.

PHOTO GALLERY: Residents dispose of storm debris

Columbia residents converge at the Capen Park Mulch Site on Wednesday after a storm with heavy winds damaged numerous trees throughout the region Monday night.

PHOTO GALLERY: Residents work, wait after the storm

In addition to the fallen trees and other debris that needed to be removed from yards and pavement after Monday's storm, residents of Marion Drive and the surrounding neighborhood might be without power through the weekend.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students rehearse during MU's Summer Repertory Theatre program

The MU Department of Theatre is putting on its annual summer repertory season, featuring two performances of David Crespy's "Comedies-in-Concert" series and two full-stage plays, "Is He Dead?" and "The Drowsy Chaperone."

PHOTO GALLERY: Tree service busy in wake of storm

Nelson's Tree Service's crews found themselves busy on Tuesday after late night thunderstorms Monday night left trees and limbs down across the city. The fallen debris caused damage to homes and cars, knocked down or snapped power lines and blocked many streets.

PHOTO GALLERY: Maple tree crushes home on Madison Street

A maple tree fell on Michael Stampley's home on Madison Street on Tuesday. The damage from the storm ruined his personal belongings, but he and his two dogs, Carville and Ding, were unharmed.

PHOTO GALLERY: Storm leaves damage across Columbia

A severe line of thunderstorms hit Columbia late Monday night, taking down trees and power lines across the area.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia parents raise foster children

Laura and Matt Pinkstaff have cared for two foster children — brothers, ages 3 and 4 — for nearly a year and a half. They also have three birth daughters, Sophia, 11, Hannah, 8, and Ivy, 5. They requested the names of their foster children be withheld to protect their privacy.

PHOTO GALLERY: Brand-new doctors learn skills at intern boot camp

Brand-new doctors often launch right into patient care within weeks of graduating from medical school. To make sure their skills are up to snuff, many medical schools and hospitals run crash courses in the basics for these new interns.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fireworks light up night sky, children explore music

This week Missourian photographers captured images of fireworks at night, soccer players at a unique camp, a wheelchair basketball scrimmage and children drumming to their own beat.

PHOTO GALLERY: First dog trained to detect gluten protects owner with Celiac disease

Elias, a Beauceron, is the world's first service dog successfully trained to detect gluten particles. His owner, Hollie Dennis, has severe Celiac disease and could get sick from even trace amounts of gluten. Elias is unique among other dogs trained to detect gluten because of his perfect record — the others were less accurate and couldn't be certified. Elias and Dennis have been together for five years.

PHOTO GALLERY: City of Hope soccer camp helps refugees

The City of Hope soccer camp has been held over the past four Saturdays on a field behind Broadway Christian Church. The camp brings together local refugees to learn new skills and form stronger ties with the community.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia celebrates the Fourth of July with Fire in the Sky

People gathered throughout downtown Friday to celebrate the Fourth of July. The Fire in the Sky celebration included concerts at Flat Branch and Peace parks as well as fireworks above the parking garage at the intersection of Sixth Street and Cherry Street.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ashland residents gather for July Fourth Parade

Ashland residents gathered Friday for town's annual July Fourth Parade.

PHOTO GALLERY: Delta Upsilon is torn down

A construction crew began removing the rubble of the old Delta Upsilon house on Thursday. After clearing the debris, a new house will be built for the fraternity and is expected to be finished by for the 2015-2016 school year.

PHOTO GALLERY: Angela Anderson uses advocacy to work through grief

Angela Anderson lost two of her children when they died in the Lake of the Ozarks on July 4, 2012. Brayden, 8, and Alexandra, 13, swam into an undetected electric current while swimming near the shore. The Fourth of July marks the second anniversary of their deaths.