PHOTO GALLERY: Show-Me State Games softball teammates change sports

Mark Felton, Jon Harrison, John Fitzgibbons and Mike Zimmerman compete in the Show-Me State Games miniature golf tournament Sunday at Perche Creek Golf Club. The four men also played softball together in the games.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mid-Missouri residents celebrate Yoruba culture, traditions

People from around Missouri of Nigerian descent and people who just wanted to experience African culture came to celebrate Egbe Omo Oduduwa's 14th year in Columbia on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Swimmers compete in Show-Me State Games

Children compete in the swimming event of the Show-Me State Games on Sunday. Many were supported by their families with last-minute practices and back massages.

PHOTO GALLERY: Highlights from Flood of '93

Floodwaters from the Missouri River washed away parts of U.S. 54 and U.S. 63 in Jefferson City in 1993. Workers repaired rail and gas lines.

PHOTO GALLERY: Gymnasts compete at Show-Me State Games

Several young gymnasts were surprised by their scores during competitions at the Show-Me State Games on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Families remain divided 60 years after Korean War

Families remain divided between North and South Korea 60 years after the war ended. Many still hold out hope of reunions, although the idea has fizzled recently despite a short period of detente in the early 2000s.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ham auction draws crowds to fairgrounds

Brooke Schnarre scored the prize-winning ham at the 69th annual Boone County Fair ham breakfast and auction.

PHOTO GALLERY: Basketball teams take to the court for the Show-Me State Games

The Show-Me State Games hosted the first day of basketball competition today. Teams Faced off at four different locations around the area to determine seeding for this weekend’s tournament play.
At the Southwell Complex at Columbia College, the Hoplites from Columbia faced the Wildcats out of Springfield in the eight grade boys competitive division during the initial round of games. The Hoplites won the day’s contest by a score of 47-38.

PHOTO GALLERY: Campers learn about alpacas

Campers learn about how to harness and walk alpacas as well how to do many different fiber arts Thursday at Sycamore Creek Farm.

PHOTO GALLERY: Twins show pigs at Boone County Fair

Olivia and A.J. Hombs prepare and show their pigs at the Boone County Fair swine show Wednesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers work to renovate Almeta Crayton's home

Fairview Road Church of Christ members repay contributions of community advocate Almeta Crayton with the renovation of her home. Crayton formerly served as the First Ward's representative on the Columbia City Council.

PHOTO GALLERY: Competitors display rabbits at Boone County Fair

Participants between the ages of 8 and 22 were able to bring their rabbits and have them assessed by judges Thursday at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fun City Youth Academy hosts talent, fashion shows

Fun City Summer Youth Academy hosted a talent show and fashion show Thursday at Ridgeway Elementary School.

PHOTO GALLERY: Drivers compete in Boone County Fair demolition derby

Drivers competed Wednesday evening in the demolition derby at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: President Obama speaks about economy in Warrensburg

President Barack Obama spoke about his plan for the economy Wednesday at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Obama praised Missouri's fast-track college program during his speech. Some people arrived as early as 6 a.m. to have the chance to hear the president's comments.

PHOTO GALLERY: Boone County Fair competitors show sheep

Competitors showed sheep Wednesday at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: MR340 racers seek reprieve at Katfish Katy's Campgrounds checkpoint

The Missouri American Water MR340 began its eighth annual race Tuesday morning. In this year's competition, 526 paddlers in 348 boats are racing from Kansas City to St. Charles. Racers took a break from paddling Wednesday at the Katfish Katy's Campgrounds checkpoint.

PHOTO GALLERY: Racers fly at Boone County Fair motocross competition

Motocross competitors raced in 16 different categories based on vehicle type and size Tuesday, which was opening day at the Boone County Fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Goats prepped for competition

Children work to make goats ready for the Market Wether class showing Tuesday at the Boone County fairgrounds.

PHOTO GALLERY: Children compete in Pee Wee Showmanship event

Children showed goats in the Pee Wee Showmanship event Monday at the Boone County Fair. A parade also was held Monday evening.