PHOTO GALLERY: Marijuana legalization could be addressed by Missouri legislature

State Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, has filed legislation to legalize medical and recreational use of marijuana in Missouri. This issue has been addressed by many states in recent years, but legalization has only happened in Colorado and Washington state. Kelly's legislation borrows language from an initiative by Show-Me Cannabis Regulation and would enforce many of the same restrictions on marijuana as alcohol.

PHOTO GALLERY: Olympic athletes get airborne

A collection of images featuring athletes airborne during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Whether a part of their sport or they just happen to lift up, these athletes will not let gravity keep them down.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri basketball beats Tennessee 75-70 Saturday

Missouri beat Tennessee 75-70 Saturday afternoon with a late-game defensive stop for the second consecutive game.

PHOTO GALLERY: Battle High School holds first Courtwarming Dance

Battle High School held its first Courtwarming Dance on Friday. Eli White, a Battle student, was crowned Courtwarming king that night.

PHOTO GALLERY: Supporters of Michael Sam rally in response to Westboro Baptist Church

Attendees of One Wall, One Mizzou rallied to show support for Michael Sam, forming a line in response to Westboro Baptist Church. The event was organized on Facebook, and has more than 5,000 users confirmed as "Going."

PHOTO GALLERY: Friends and family attend Wynna Faye Elbert's funeral

Wynna Faye Elbert, who was well known in the Columbia community for her involvement in advancing civil rights, died Sunday. Her funeral was held Saturday at the Missouri United Methodist Church.

PHOTO GALLERY: Faces of Olympic Competition

The faces of athletes in the 2014 Winter Olympics before, during and after competition.

PHOTO GALLERY: Female athletes yell to sweepers during curling

Women call to sweepers during curling on Friday at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Boonslick Chordbusters serenade valentines

The Boonslick Chordbusters, a barbershop quartet, offer two songs and as many as a dozen roses.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri men's basketball beats Arkansas

Missouri shot one more free throw (38) than Arkansas (37), but capitalizing on those attempts from the line helped give Missouri a 86-85 victory and keep its chances of securing an at-large NCAA Tournament bid alive.

PHOTO GALLERY: Olympic athletes and their tongues

A humourous look at Olympic athletes and their conscious or unconscious use of their tongues. Some are moments of celebration while others show intense concentration.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri baseball gears up for season

Missouri baseball players practiced in Devine Athletic Pavilion on Wednesday. They practiced their speed, form and pitching techniques. The team's season opener in Jacksonville, Fla., might be in jeopardy with the snowstorm that has hit the southeast.

PHOTO GALLERY: Warm weather, pauses in action and victory celebrations part of Olympics

In Sochi, Russia, there are plenty of athletes in action, but there are also moments of celebration, relaxation and reflection for athletes and fan. This collection of photos captures some of those moments on Wednesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Diver Greg DeStephen was first openly gay MU athlete

Former All-American diver Greg DeStephen, who graduated from MU in May 2011, was elected captain of the swim and diving team his senior year. DeStephen said his toughest challenge came when a teammate told the rest of the team that he was gay without his permission.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU celebrates 175th birthday

MU turned 175 years old Tuesday. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin was one of the university officials who helped celebrate the occasion.

PHOTO GALLERY: Big news from Sochi

Erin Hamlin of the United States set a team record, while India was reinstated as a fully Olympic participant on Tuesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: A look at the early buildings at MU

MU will celebrate its 175th anniversary Tuesday. The campus consisted of just a few buildings in the late 1800s, and Academic Hall burned down in 1892 leaving the columns that are the feature of the Francis Quadrangle today.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fr. Tolton team scrimmages to prepare for Battle

Fr. Tolton's girls basketball team prepares for upcoming opponent Battle High School during a scrimmage Monday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pinkel, Alden, others speak at news conference

Speakers at Monday's news conference about former Missouri football player Michael Sam's coming out included representatives from Missouri football and athletics department and the LGBTQ Resource Center.

PHOTO GALLERY: Speedskaters crash in Sochi

Olympic speedskaters crash while competing during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.