PHOTO GALLERY: Stephen Webber wins fourth term in Missouri House

Stephen Webber won his 2014 re-election bid in an uncontested election for his fourth term in the Missouri House of Representatives, which will be his last because of term limits.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tolton boys basketball beats Sacred Heart 51-38

The Fr. Tolton Catholic High School boys basketball team faced off against the Sacred Heart Gremlins. The Tolton Trailblazers won 51-38 after a second-half surge.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students collaborate to share empathy

Douglass High School and MU students and teachers collaborated to create the 'Empathy Museum,' an interactive experience to help people better understand what empathy is and how it can be taught.

PHOTO GALLERY: Amy Robinson plays with her service dog, Beau

It's easy and inexpensive to register a dog online as a service or emotional support animal. Amy Robinson said she was able to sign up Beau, her 4-month-old Shih-Poo, in 15 minutes.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU women's basketball team wins

The Tigers won 74-55, with 31 points coming from the bench. The team faces Colorado at home on Friday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Voluntary Action Center collects gifts for families

The Voluntary Action Center volunteers collected and organized gifts Monday at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia. Local residents and businesses sponsor families during the Voluntary Action Center's gift collection every winter.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tolton boys basketball beats St. Joseph-Lafayette

The Tolton boys basketball team won 67-36 on Sunday at the Norm Stewart Classic. The Trailblazers are now 3-0 in their first season playing in Class 3.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kwanzaa celebration held at Douglass High School

A Kwanzaa celebration held Saturday at Douglass High School included dance performances, a talent and fashion show and a Kwanzaa ceremony.

PHOTO GALLERY: Spartans fall 65-52 to Bulldogs

The Spartans played the Mexico High School Bulldogs in the Norm Stewart Classic on Sunday at Columbia College. The Bulldogs defeated the Spartans 65-52.

PHOTO GALLERY: Toddlers learn basic swimming skills

Toddlers attended instructor Leslie Winn's class on basic swimming skills at the Macher Swim School on Saturday, Nov. 22. Winn's class requires the accompaniment of at least one parent.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri falls to Alabama in SEC Championship

The Missouri Tigers fall to the Alabama Crimson Tide 42-13 in the SEC Championship at the Georgia Dome.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tigers face Crimson Tide in SEC Championship

No. 14-ranked Missouri played No. 1-ranked Alabama on Saturday at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri men's basketball falls to Oklahoma

The Missouri men's basketball team lost 82-63 against Oklahoma on Friday. Johnathan Williams led Missouri with 16 points and eight rebounds. Montaque Gill-Caesar, Missouri's top scorer entering the game, finished with 15 points on 6-for-16 shooting.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU4MikeBrown movement marches through campus to honor Eric Garner

The MU4MikeBrown movement organized a march Friday in honor of Eric Garner at MU. The march capped off an eventful week on campus for the movement.

PHOTO GALLERY: Journey for Justice marches to Jefferson City

The NAACP's Journey for Justice concludes as marchers arrive in Jefferson City for a rally at the Missouri Capitol on Friday. The march began Nov. 29 at the site of Michael Brown's August shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri. During the six-day march, participants walked more than 130 miles to Jefferson City, sleeping in churches and at Lincoln University along the way.

PHOTO GALLERY: SEC Championship news conference

Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel speaks during a news conference at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on Friday. The Tigers will face the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Marchers ready for final leg of Journey for Justice

NAACP Journey for Justice activists continue marching along U.S. 50 toward the Missouri Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City on Thursday. The march began in Ferguson on Saturday and will end Friday with a rally at the Capitol.

PHOTO GALLERY: Christmas tree sales

Hinkson Creek Tree Farm is in the heart of its seasonal Christmas tree sales. Kinsey Bailey and Alicia Novak picked out a tree that was 7 feet tall and cost around $30.

PHOTO GALLERY: The City of Columbia's original flag

The City of Columbia is holding a contest for a new flag design to replace one created 26 years ago.

PHOTO GALLERY: Paquin Tower to be renovated

Paquin Tower, built in 1974, will receive $12 million for renovations, which will include cleaning, painting, and repairing bricks. The renovations will begin in the spring.