PHOTO GALLERY: Baha'i community gathers in Columbia

Members of Columbia's Baha'i community gather regularly in members homes to discuss scriptures and other world religions.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hotel unveils art exhibit 'Wall of Hope'

Employees at The Broadway-Columbia, a new hotel downtown, unveiled a new art exhibit Friday called the "Wall of Hope." People can stop by to write messages of hope for 2014.

PHOTO GALLERY: Family hopes for autistic son

Daniel Romero-Compain attends Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary and receives one-on-one attention from learning specialists who help him with interaction skills in structured situations. Daniel, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, often is challenged by new objects, situations and foods.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students design clothing line for people with limited mobility

MU students in a textile and apparel management course designed a line of clothing for young working women with limited mobility as a market.

PHOTO GALLERY: Wren re-opens shoe repair shop

Lucas Wren, left, and George Wren work together at Wren's Shoe Repair Tuesday. The business, once run by George for 28 years, was re-opened by his son Lucas in April.

PHOTO GALLERY: Family adopts son from Russia

A law, signed in 2012 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, prohibits U.S citizens from adopting Russian children. Mark and Danette Robb of Columbia, who adopted Luke Konstantin Robb from Chelyabinsk, Russia, when he was 3 years old, dislike the ruling. Dannette Robb says when she heard the news she thought of "the children in orphanages who might never know the love of a family and the parents who long for children. Luke is now 8.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia pawn brokers assist customers

Columbia pawn brokers assist customers find items in their shops. Pawn shops have been boosted by reality TV shows "Hardcore Pawn" and "Pawn Stars."

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri women's basketball defeats Western Illinois

The Tigers' defeated Western Illinois 75-60 on Sunday at Mizzou Arena.

GALLERY: Data on minorities and AP enrollment

In the 2012-13 school year, 667 of the 879 students enrolled in AP and honors courses were white, 51 were black, 34 were Hispanic, 80 were Asian and 44 were multiracial. Of the 879 students, 133 received free or reduced-price lunch.

PHOTO GALLERY: Illinois beats Missouri in Braggin' Rights Game

Missouri men's basketball lost its first game this season to Illinois, 65-64.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ice covers Columbia

Freezing rain Saturday leaves much of Columbia covered in ice.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tractors adorned for Centralia parade

Tractors are decorated for the holidays Friday during the annual Centralia Lighted Tractor Parade.

PHOTO GALLERY: Natalie Hull works as for the Missouri State Public Defenders

Natalie Hull, an attorney who works as a public defender for Missouri, worries that her work load and dedication to her job might lead her to burn out on her career choice. She chose the work because she comes from a family with a strong tradition of public service.

PHOTO GALLERY: New cellphone tower being built to look like an elm tree

A new cellphone tower being built near Providence Road will look like an elm tree to blend in with its surroundings.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students at Stephens College Children's School decorate gingerbread cookies and houses

Classes at Stephens College Children's School decorated gingerbread men cookies and houses Thursday. The idea was inspired by Natalie James, a fifth-grader at the school, who wrote a persuasive letter and created a petition to have class time to make gingerbread men.

PHOTO GALLERY: Title 1 classrooms foster independence, cooperation

Helping children interact and develop appropriate social skills is all part of the method used in Title I preschool classes. Students are rewarded for following directions, and they are taught to negotiate interactions as part of improving their social skills.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lee Elementary first-graders perform at Memorial Union

Lee Elementary first-graders performed their Christmas concert outside Memorial Union on Wednesday before visiting the State Historical Society in Ellis Library. The students had created ornaments for a Christmas tree there.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tigers work on defense

Missouri Tigers worked on defensive plays during practice on Tuesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Live Nativity in Clark brings Christmas story to life

When Sharon Marohl began assembling animals for the second live Nativity at her farm in Clark, she was short a small, gentle cow. An ad on led her to Mercury, a miniature jersey cow, on loan from SouthHouse Farms in northeast Missouri. The live Nativity will be performed Saturday and Sunday.

PHOTO GALLERY: MIssouri women win 82-70

Missouri women's basketball team beat out Belmont University Bruins 82-70 on Monday at Mizzou Arena.