PHOTO GALLERY: Battle High School faces Gateway Tech on Saturday

The Spartans challenged the Jaguars in a home game Saturday, winning 45-7.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri vs. Arkansas State

Missouri football plays Arkansas State on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tolton faces Marionville in home game

Tolton Catholic High School challenges Marionville in a rainy Saturday home game.

PHOTO GALLERY: Rock Bridge defeats Hickman in 2013 Providence Bowl

Rock Bridge High School was able to hold off Hickman 27-10 Friday night in the annual Providence Bowl.

PHOTO GALLERY: Lydia Ely's family cheers Missouri volleyball to victory

Missouri volleyball player Lydia Ely's family cheers for Tigers on Friday as they win their first SEC game of the season against South Carolina.

PHOTO GALLERY: Iraqi exchange students leave Columbia College

Columbia College hosts a farewell party Friday for eight Iraqi foreign students, marking the end of their six-week visit to Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Apples, alpacas main attractions of Mexico, Mo., farm

Sandy Binder has single-handedly run Binder's Hilltop Apple and Berry Farm and Mid Missouri Alpacas since the death of her husband of 52 years, David. She sells homemade fruit and alpaca wool products on her farm in Mexico, Mo.

PHOTO GALLERY: Van Horn Tavern deconstructed for relocation to Marthasville

The historic Van Horn Tavern is being moved from Boone County to Marthasville. Beams that can be reused are being numbered and will be reassembled at the new location.

PHOTO GALLERY: Brouder Science Center dedication accompanied by student, teacher demonstrations

Columbia College's Brouder Science Center held its dedication Thursday. Following the dedication, students and teachers performed scientific demonstrations in the new building.

PHOTO GALLERY: Keija Parssinen became a full-time author after 'The Ruins of Us'

Keija Parssinen, author of "The Ruins of Us" and a Columbia resident, continues to be a full-time author while raising her 8-month-old son.

PHOTO GALLERY: Old friends gather in the Pierpont Store every morning

Old friends gather in the Pierpont Store located on Missouri 163 to chat about their lives over coffee. Every morning the Pierpont Store Coffee Club meets at 6:30 a.m. as friends stroll in and out telling their daily tales.

PHOTO GALLERY: Young entrepreneurs go online to start their businesses

Lauren Rundquist uses Etsy to sell customized shoes that she paints herself.

PHOTO GALLERY: Students participate in MU International Day celebrations

MU's International Day celebration included a flag ceremony and a bazaar with food from countries around the world.

PHOTO GALLERY: Priscilla Bevins and Bob Bartlett start married life together

Priscilla Bevins and Bob Bartlett got married in August, less than three months after they first met. He is 88, and she is 82.

PHOTO GALLERY: Harrisburg Bulldogs defeat Slater

The Harrisburg Bulldogs beat the Slater Wildcats 50-26 during JV play on Monday at Harrisburg High School. The Bulldogs move to 3-1 for the season.

PHOTO GALLERY: Stephens College poms squad tryouts start

Poms squad try outs start at Stephens College under head coach Danyale Williams.

Battle High School softball team holds car wash

Members of the Battle High School softball team gathered at the Dairy Queen at Forum and Stadium boulevards on Sunday to host a car wash fundraiser for the program.

PHOTO GALLERY: History revisited with Heritage Festival in Nifong Park

The 36th Annual Heritage Festival & Craft Show on Saturday and Sunday in Nifong Park helped modern visitors mingle with costumed actors to recreate, if only briefly, 19th century small town life.

PHOTO GALLERY: Program uses baseball to help fight Alzheimer's

Members of the Cardinals Reminiscence League remember and discuss past games in hopes of helping with their fight against Alzheimer's.

PHOTO GALLERY: Roots 'N' Blues brings melody to Stephens Lake meadows

People at the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ Festival mingle in Stephens Lake Park on Saturday to catch a spin on the Ferris wheel, eat some barbecue and, most of all, listen to music.