PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri women's basketball players practice before Tuesday's game

The Missouri women's basketball team practices Monday on Mizzou Arena's practice court before the team's game Tuesday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Eastern seaboard sees first effects of Hurricane Sandy

States and cities along the Eastern Seaboard began to see the effects of incoming Hurricane Sandy on Monday and throughout the weekend, including a turbulent sea, heavy wind, and flooding.

PHOTO GALLERY: Morning frost covers grass, flowers

The first fall frost of the year for the Columbia area was recorded at Sanborn Field on Oct. 27.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hurricane Sandy attacks the East Coast

Residents along the East Coast began bracing for the brunt of Hurricane Sandy.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ragtag switches from analog to digital projectors

Ragtag Cinema is in the process of switching its projectors from the old analog version to newer digital.

THE WEEK IN PHOTOS: Homecoming, football and 'Little Joe'

PHOTO GALLERY: Equine veterinarian treats horses with acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments

Randy Huenefeld says chiropractic treatment can give horses a greater range of motion and comfort and improve their mood.

PHOTO GALLERY: Rowden campaigns for District 44 seat

Republican Caleb Rowden is running for the Missouri House of Representatives' 44th District seat.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU administrator focuses on self-sufficiency in her spare time

MU Vice Provost Ann Korschgen's farm has bees, hens and a vegetable garden.

PHOTO GALLERY: Jacob campaigns for District 44 seat

Democrat Ken Jacob is running for the Missouri House of Representatives' 44th District seat against Caleb Rowden.

PHOTO GALLERY: Rural and urban communities form District 44

Rural and urban communities form Missouri's new 44th House District, which includes northeast Columbia, Hallsville, Sturgeon, Clark and Centralia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Teams perform at National Pan-Hellenic Step Show

Step teams perform at the National Pan-Hellenic Step Show on Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU fraternities, sororities decorate Greek houses for Homecoming

MU fraternities and sororities partnered together to work on MU Homecoming decorations on Friday. They decorated their Greek houses with various themes including Old West, rock 'n' roll and Jurassic era.

PHOTO GALLERY: Gentry Middle School students collect peanut butter jars for the Food Bank

Ann Hawkins Gentry Middle School science teacher Dean Klempke keeps his promise to his students to shave his head for collecting 2,700 peanut butter jars for the Buddy Pack Program for the Food Bank. The program collects food for children during weekends and holiday breaks when schools don't provide meals.

PHOTO GALLERY: Oakland Junior High School students hold political convention

Ninth-grade students at Oakland Junior High School held a political convention Thursday. In groups, students prepared displays with information about candidates' backgrounds and political positions.

PHOTO GALLERY: Fraternity members prepare for house decorations

Fraternity members prepared house decorations Thursday for MU's 2012 Homecoming celebration.

PHOTO GALLERY: Greek members decorate businesses downtown

MU students in Greek organizations painted on windows of downtown businesses Thursday for the Decorate The District contest.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mary Still runs for 19th District Senate seat

Mary Still, who is running for the 19th District Senate seat, knows she's facing an uphill battle against incumbent Kurt Schaefer.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hickman offensive tackle Jon Jennings sticks with football

Hickman offensive tackle Jon Jennings, known by his team as "Big Jon" for his 6-foot-8-inch, 400-pound frame, had previously quit the football team, but this year he has stuck with it with the support of his teammates.

PHOTO GALLERY: Kurt Schaefer seeks re-election to state Senate

State Sen. Kurt Schaefer is seeking re-election to his 19th District seat in a race against Democratic state Rep. Mary Still.