PHOTO GALLERY: A growing number of men choose surrogacy as means to become fathers

Trey Powell and Simon Taylor have joined the growing number of men who have choosen surrogacy as a means to become single fathers.

PHOTO GALLERY: Children, pets attend Fun Fest

Children play games at Fun Fest on Wednesday at Flat Branch Park. The fair was themed Around the World this year and had games and performances from many different countries, including China, Belgium and African countries.

PHOTO GALLERY: Alpaca felt used to make wall hangings

Alpaca felt is used to make wall hangings at the Heartfelt LLC studio in Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Battle High School celebrates first day

Battle High School officially opened its doors on Tuesday. Army Sgt. Wyatt Siegrist, dressed as the Spartan, and Stephanie Barnette, dressed in a white toga with a blue and gold belt of ribbon, greeted students on horses as they stepped out of cars and streamed out of the buses.

PHOTO GALLERY: Battle High School students prepare for classes at Jump Start Day

Classes start Tuesday at Battle High School, but students had the chance to get acquainted with the school Monday during Jump Start Day. Principal Kim Presko greeted students as they arrived and helped hand out lunches.

PHOTO GALLERY: Organic waste collected at Sanitary Landfill

Organic waste is collected at the City of Columbia Sanitary Landfill on Thursday. The city eventually sells the compost at the landfill and through local stores.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mid-Missouri LGBTQ community gathers for PrideFest

The Mid-Missouri PrideFest took place on South Fourth Street on Sunday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Pony pull a family tradition

Competitors travel across the state to take part in the pony pull during the Missouri State Fair on Saturday in Sedalia. Pound for pound, ponies can pull more than draft horses.

PHOTO GALLERY: Families have fun at Missouri State Fair

People travel across the state to participate in activities at the Missouri State Fair on Saturday in Sedalia. Sunday is the final day of the fair.

PHOTO GALLERY: Volunteers tend to garden on Step Forward Day

Volunteers do gardening projects at Route B and Paris Road as part of MU's Step Forward Day volunteer event Saturday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bicyclists raise money for True/False Film Fest

Bikers gather for the Boone Dawdle cycling event on Saturday at Flat Branch Park. An estimated 425 bikers participated in the event, which raises money for the True/False Film Fest.

PHOTO GALLERY: Cal State East Bay implosion a study in earthquakes

Warren Hall is imploded Saturday on the campus of Cal State East Bay in Hayward, Calif. The U.S. Geological Survey scientists placed more than 600 seismographs in concentric circles within a mile of the building to pick up the vibrations. They hope the unique experiment will help map out where the ground might shake the most when the big one hits.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tori and Tyus Monroe work hard to accomplish goals

Tori and Tyus Monroe work hard so Tyus, 14, can fulfill her dreams of going to a good college and one day becoming a prosecutor. Tyus' mom, Tori, is studying to become a nurse.

PHOTO GALLERY: Battle High hosts Call to Battle

Friday's Call to Battle celebration at the new Battle High School features activities, entertainment, food and performances by some of the school's organizations.

PHOTO GALLERY: CIA acknowledges Area 51

The CIA is acknowledging in the clearest terms yet the existence of Area 51, the top-secret Cold War test site that has been the subject of conspiracy theories for decades.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri football prepares for second SEC season

The Missouri football team practices Thursday afternoon.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Canvas on Broadway hosts painting class

The Canvas on Broadway hosts a painting class while serving wine Thursday.

PHOTO GALLERY: Empire Artistic Team practices roller skating, show off national medals

The Empire Artistic Team took photographs on Wednesday to showcase the 16 medals they won at last month's national competition. One team member will be competing in the world championships in Taiwan.

PHOTO GALLERY: Drive-in theaters struggle in digital age

The latest threat to the existence of drive-in theaters is the film industry's conversion from 35 mm film to digital prints, and the expense involved in converting projectors to the digital age. The $70,000-plus investment required per screen is significant, especially for what is in most places a summertime business kept alive by mom-and-pop operators. Paying for the switch would suck up most owners' profits for years to come.

PHOTO GALLERY: Midnight BBQ kicks off fall semester

The annual party, Midnight BBQ, kicks off the fall semester on Rollins Street by the MU Student Center. Students ate food, danced and made wax molds of their hands.