PHOTO GALLERY: Meat smoked, sauced at Lonnie Ray's BBQ

Brandon Millikan and owner Mike Whiteley take orders, smoke pork and use barbecue sauce at Lonnie Ray's BBQ. Whitely and Millikan are the only two employees at Lonnie Ray's in Harrisburg. Whiteley opened Lonnie Ray's in 2004.

PHOTO GALLERY: Residents spend day playing in water with friends, family

Columbia residents spend Tuesday at the Douglass Pool with family and friends at Douglass Park. Children jumped into the pool and some did handstands.

PHOTO GALLERY: Shooters take aim during Missouri State Senior Games

Marksmen tested their aim in the Missouri State Senior Games shooting events Sunday at Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports.

PHOTO GALLERY: Readers share photos of their fathers

What one word best describes your dad? We asked readers and some people shared just the one word, and some chose to tell us about a moment or situation that explains why they chose it. Several readers also sent photos of their dad, which are included in this gallery.

PHOTO GALLERY: Seniors compete in archery, track, field

Men and women aged 50 and older participate in the Missouri State Senior Games on Saturday. There were many different sports, including track and field as well as archery.

PHOTO GALLERY: 115 children compete in triathlon

Children compete in the Hy-Vee IronKids Triathlon on Saturday at Albert-Oakland Park. Competitors ranging from ages 6 to 15 swam, biked, and ran their way through a custom course.

PHOTO GALLERY: Children squirrel hunt in national forest

Children spent Saturday morning squirrel hunting in the Mark Twain National Forest. Although none of the groups were able to shoot a squirrel, they were able to try slow-cooked squirrel meat harvested from a previous hunt.

PHOTO GALLERY: Second night of the Missouri High School Rodeo State Finals

The Central Missouri Events Center hosted the second night of the Missouri High School Rodeo State Finals on Friday. The saddle bronc event was one of the night's competitions.

PHOTO GALLERY: Hickman High School class of 1943 70-year reunion

Hickman High School's class of 1943 70-year reunion occurred Friday at D. Rowe's Restaurant & Bar. Members of the class brought their yearbooks to show to their former classmates, and the current Kewpie cheerleaders performed during the event.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri State Senior Games competitors play golf, pickleball

Participants came from across the state to compete in the Missouri State Senior Games on Friday. Competitions included pickleball and golf at places like Cosmopolitan Park and the Lake of the Woods Golf Course.

PHOTO GALLERY: Competitors rally at rodeo

Competitors from across Missouri came to the Central Missouri Events Center on Thursday for the annual Missouri State High School Rodeo Finals.

PHOTO GALLERY: Mizzou Storm Chase Team pursues Mother Nature

The Mizzou Storm Chase team completes a 26-hour round trip storm chase. Seven members of the team, left Columbia at 5 a.m., April 17, to track reports of tornadoes in the Lawton area in southwest Oklahoma. The team headed first to Oklahoma City, and then down through small towns and to Lawton, chasing two storms that occurred one after the other. The team drove through the night and returned to campus at 7 a.m. the next day.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia Area Career Center hosts rocket camp

Ibrahim Khaleel and his daughter Mabinah Khaleel teach students how to make water rockets during the first part of the week in preparation to launch solid fuel rockets Friday at the Columbia Area Career Center.

PHOTO GALLERY: MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announces retirement

MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announced Tuesday that he will retire effective Nov. 15. He has been chancellor since 2004.

PHOTO GALLERY: Eliot Battle, distinguished Columbia educator, dies

Columbia educator Eliot Battle died Tuesday night. He was 88. This gallery is a collection of photos of Battle through the years.

PHOTO GALLERY: NBA player DeMarre Carroll hosts basketball camp

Utah Jazz forward DeMarre Carroll hosted the Demarre Carroll Next Level Basketball Camp on Tuesday at Father Tolton Catholic High School. Carroll created the basketball camp two years ago to benefit children in Columbia.

PHOTO GALLERY: Christy McCullough returns from brain injury to become Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri

Christy McCullough, of Clinton, won the 2013 Miss Teen Rodeo Missouri in September 2012 and will compete in the National Miss Teen Rodeo competition later this year. Christy suffered a brain injury in August 2011 and had to learn to ride a horse again. She also had to give up the cowboy hat and wear a helmet when she rides, including at events and competitions.

PHOTO GALLERY: Roman Caldwell hangs out around home

Roman Caldwell lives in a trailer park in Columbia. He likes to play around the neighborhood and in his house. He said one day, he wants to work at a crayon factory.

PHOTO GALLERY: Flooding slows planting, damages soybeans

Flooding at John Sam Williamson's farm has caused damage to soybeans. Soybeans should be planted in May and then need about an inch of rain each week from June through October for them to yield the best crop, Williamson said. As of Wednesday, Williamson had planted about two-thirds of his crop, but had lost 5 percent of it to recent flooding. He has "been in observation mode" for the past week and hasn't been able to plant or tend his crops, he said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Competitors race down Broadway during Soap Box Derby

Children, ages 7 to 17, race homemade cars down East Broadway on Sunday in the 2013 Mid-Missouri All-American Soap Box Derby. Races took place in the Stock, Super Stock and Masters divisions, Each division required a specific age range and weight of the participant and their car. To ensure the times are based solely on the skill of the driver, each race takes place twice, with the racers getting a chance to drive on both sides of the street once, and they switch two of their wheels with their opponent before each run.