GRAPHIC: Development lags near Battle High School

Development of Muriel Williams Battle High School has been delayed because of infrastructure issues. The Somerset Village housing, office and commercial space and the North Battleground single-family housing subdivision are in the development process. These general areas, which are represented by green boxes below, are behind schedule because there aren’t enough roads in the area. People expected faster growth in this area after Battle High School was established.

City rejects Park 7 development

The Columbia City Council on Monday night considered Park 7 Development Group’s request for rezoning to accommodate plans for a 321-unit, 849-bed student apartment complex northeast of the intersection of Stadium Boulevard and U.S. 63.

Missouri Senate has lost legislative experience since term limits were enacted in 2003

GRAPHIC: Memorial service for Vietnam veteran to be held at Centralia High School

A memorial service for Vietnam veteran Rodney Griffin will be held on Saturday at Centralia High School. He was killed in action in May 1970, but it has taken nearly 45 years for his remains to return to his hometown of Centralia.

GRAPHIC: Future site of Maya Creek bed-and-breakfast

Tao Weilundemo is building a sustainable bed and breakfast on the 310 acres of forest where his father founded a social-and-spiritual community during the 1970s.

Proposed sites of gateways in downtown Columbia

Four gateways are scheduled to be built throughout downtown Columbia as part of The District Gateway Master Plan. Implementation is projected to take 1 to 5 years.

Black population underrepresented

Compared to an already small U.S. population, black students at MU make up a considerable minority especially in the MU School of Medicine.

GRAPHIC: Retracing the Hitt Street Garage shooting

A man suspected in an attempted robbery was shot and killed by a police officer sometime around 11 p.m Wednesday night in Hitt Street Garage. Earlier that day, the suspect hid in a woman’s car and held her at gunpoint outside Moser’s Supermarket, 900 N. Keene St. The suspect is believed to be 51-year-old Mark W. Adair.

GRAPHIC: IBM by the numbers

IBM promised 800 jobs by the end of 2012, but by 2014, those numbers just didn't add up.

Manchester Heights sewer problem to be fixed

Property owners in the Manchester Heights neighborhood will have to ante up hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix a sewer problem that’s polluting a tributary of Hominy Branch. A loan from Boone County will allow homeowners to repay the cost over time.

How much sugar are you drinking?

A recent report released by the United States Department of Agriculture says that added sugars can lead to heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Sixteen ounce drinks can range from having 36 to 72 grams of sugar.

GRAPHIC: Body recovered in Columbia creek

A 47-year-old man’s body was found Sunday under the Blackfoot Road bridge over Bear Creek. The man had told family members he was going hunting for arrowheads.

GRAPHIC: The 911 center conducted multiple "pings" on the Fennewald's phone

The 911 center’s attempts to locate the call, called “pings,” provided locations far from where Fennewald was found.

GRAPHIC: Helicopters found the Fennewald along Cedar Creek

A half a mile south of Rutherford Bridge on Cedar Creek, helicopters found Randy Fennewald, who had fallen off a bluff while hiking. His jeep was found a fourth mile away on Route 354.

GRAPHIC: 911 tracked a call to a location far from where Fennewald fell

A muffled call from Randy Fennewald revealed he had fallen off a bluff along Cedar Creek, but the 911 center’s attempts to track the phone call led to Turkey Creek in the Three Creeks Conservation Area, about 5 miles from where he was later found.

Gender-neutral living spaces at MU

Gender-neutral housing will be available in MU’s College Avenue Hall. Gateway Hall will have community-style rooms and unisex bathrooms accessible from the hallway. The bathrooms will have a common sink area available to all students and private toilet and shower rooms with full-height walls and full-height lockable doors. In other community-style bathrooms, such as in Laws Hall, toilets and showers are in separate areas.

MU School of Fine Arts receives endowment

The MU School of Fine Arts received a $10 million endowment. The endowment will be used to help fund a new School of Music building on the northest corner of Hitt Street and University Avenue. Currently, the Music, Theatre and Art departments are all located in the Fine Arts Building.

The basics of scholastic wrestling

GRAPHIC: River explorer to speak on Saturday

Missouri River Relief sponsored “Peeled Faces on the Amazon,” a film about West Hansen, a river explorer, and his trip down the Amazon. He recently also traveled the Volga River in Russia.

GRAPHIC: River explorer to speak Saturday at Columbia independent school

West Hansen will speak at the screening of the documentary, "Peeled Faces on the Amazon -- the Story of the Amazon Express," about his voyage down the Amazon River. It is sponsored by the Missouri River Relief.