Homeless shelters are filling up

A spot check of four homeless shelters in Columbia showed three of four were occupied Friday afternoon. The Salvation Army Harbor House is the only shelter in the survey that had open beds. The Turning Point shelter is a day center and does not offer beds for the evening. New Life Evangelistic Center is available only to pre-approved homeless men.

GRAPHIC: Columbia outside emergency planning zone for power plant

Boone County has agreed to help Ameren Missouri execute the energy provider's emergency plan in the event of a nuclear meltdown. The area that might be affected by a meltdown is within a 10-mile radius of the power plant.

GRAPHIC: Boone County agrees to nuclear reactor emergency plan

The Boone County Commission agreed to Ameren's flex plan, a series of steps to be taken in the event that the Callaway County nuclear reactor melts down. The county agreed to maintain the Columbia Regional Airport for the arrival of emergency supplies, keep Interstate 70 clear for supply deliveries and to coordinate with the first responders and other agencies. The New Madrid Fault Line poses a threat to the power plant.

GRAPHIC: Attic fire reported at 306 Hartley Court

No one was injured in an attic fire Wednesday morning at 306 Hartley Court. Columbia Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

GRAPHIC: Possible sites for new northeast elementary school

Three preferred sites were announced for the new elementary school that will be located in northeast Columbia. The Columbia Public School District hopes to open the school by 2018.

* denotes an approximation

Columbia to add East Campus sculptures to city’s public art collection

The sculptures are located at four corners in the East Campus neighborhood: two that mirror each other at the corner of University Avenue and College Avenue, one at the corner of William Street and Bouchelle Avenue and one at the corner of South Ann Street and Cliff Drive.

GRAPHIC: Meningitis B outbreaks on U.S. college campuses

College freshmen face an increased risk of meningococcal infection due to the close quarters of dorm living. Meningitis B, a strain that has no FDA-approved vaccine, presents an even greater threat. Three American college students died of meningitis B in 2014, and two campuses experienced nonfatal outbreaks between March 2013 and November 2014.

GRAPHIC: Missouri Title Loans robbed

Two suspects robbed Missouri Title Loans, located at 614 Business Loop 70 W., at 10:45 a.m. Monday.

GRAPHIC: Two small southeast Missouri towns refuse to merge

Altenburg and Frohna, two towns located in Perry County, await the decision from the 32nd Circuit Court about a jointly filed petition that could potentially release the two towns from a voter approved ballot measure that was passed in 2001. City officials have delayed merging the two towns due to a lack of agreement on the new town's name.

GRAPHIC: University proposes new hotel and conference center

The university wants a nationally branded hotel chain to open a hotel and conference center behind the Campus Facilities Storage Building so that it can use the conference center as a regular meeting and events space.

GRAPHIC: State and federal spending on highways

In 2013, Missouri spent $398 per capita on federal highways. Missouri ranks at No. 43 for highway spending, which covers costs for construction, maintenance, highway safety and law enforcement.

GRAPHIC: Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission supports trail options backed by PedNet

The trails would connect the Grindstone Nature Area to Stephens Lake Park. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission supports options 1 and 3, which were recommended by PedNet, an active transportation advocacy group.

GRAPHIC: Public Transit Advisory Commission to consider safety measures for S. Providence Road

The commission wants to improve safety on Providence Road between Stadium Boulevard and Nifong Boulevard following a pedestrian death on Jan. 22. The commission will consider adjusting the speed limit.

GRAPHIC: National support for marijuana legalization is increasing

Forty percent of Columbia residents supported legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and 31 percent supported medicinal use only. Based on survey demographics, however, students were underrepresented.

GRAPHIC: Satisfaction rating of city services

The City of Columbia recently released the importance-satisfaction rating of major categories of city services. According to the report, "the city 'satisfaction' percentage represents the sum of the ratings '4' and '5' excluding 'don't knows.' Respondents ranked their level of satisfaction with each of the items on the scale of 1 to 5 with '5' being very satisfied and '1' being very dissatisfied."

GRAPHIC: Locations of Columbia’s red-light cameras

The city of Columbia has red-light cameras at four intersections. The intersections are Broadway and Providence Road, Stadium Boulevard and Worley Street, Stadium Boulevard and Forum Boulevard and Stadium Boulevard and Providence Road.

GRAPHIC: Sewage treatment plant to be fully operational by May

The Rocky Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant finished construction in August 2014 and is now ready for integration into Boone County's sewage system, officials said. The $10 million project was first proposed in 2005.

GRAPHIC: Man arrested for cannabinoid sales in northwest Columbia

A man suspected of selling synthetic cannabinoids out of a hotel room at the Royal Inn was arrested Wednesday by the Boone County Sheriff's Department. He was being held on $30,000 bond.

GRAPHIC: Missouri schools consider four-day week

Three Missouri school districts are considering switching to a four-day school week with Mondays off. The districts are in Miller, Pierce City and Stockton, Missouri.

GRAPHIC: City considers sidewalk along Clark Lane

The Columbia Public Works Department will reveal new plans to connect the sidewalk in front of QuikTrip to the intersection of Clark Lane and Paris Road. The plans also include a trail adjacent to Hinkson Creek.