Canning at home

CLARIFICATION: The National Center for Home Food Preservation recommends using 2-piece lids when canning, which includes canning flats and rings. Jars should also be placed on racks in canners to prevent jars from coming into contact with direct heat from the bottom of the pot. (06/25/2009)

Going digital

Approved parking lot site

Rainfall totals

City to install red-light cameras

By early July, the Columbia Police Department will install permanent cameras, designed to capture evidence of drivers running red lights, at two intersections in the city. These two intersections, used during a temporary study in April, were deemed to be public safety issues.

Columbia's criminal activity by age


City stimulus requests up to $126 million

New development approved on Route Z

The classification of the approximately 210 acres was changed from agricultural to light industrial in the hopes of attracting businesses to the region. While local business leaders, such as the Columbia Area Jobs Foundation, supported the measure, area residents expressed concern over the change for a variety of reasons.

Columbia bus riderships rises

Range line bike lanes, sidewalks

Rolling Hills Road extension

GetAbout Columbia's budget

Ragtime Festival schedule

Request to rezone 201 acres

Green Acres LLC has requested permission to rezone 210 acres off Route Z from residential to light industrial.

How MU salaries rank

Compared with the other AAU institutions, that puts MU at No. 26 out of 34 schools when ranking salary increases during that 10-year period.

Browns vs. Gates property map

A map of the property around the home of Daniel and Donna Brown illustrates the connections between Ralph Gates, his mortgage company and some of the property owners who testified in a trial of the Browns' suit against the gun club.

Get into summer

If you're staying in Columbia this summer, here are some fun diversions to make you forget about the humid Missouri weather.

Travel Guide

Community gardens in Columbia