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Reading sacred texts

About 24 percent of people surveyed by the Baylor Institute for Studies on Religion said they never read sacred texts. According to the survey, sacred texts include the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.

MU during the Depression

Neighboring states outspend Missouri on higher education

The origins of holiday traditions

Jennifer Luna helps a student with reading

Jennifer Luna helps one of her students sound out the words in "The Farm" on Nov. 12 at Parkade Elementary School. Luna is a learning transition specialist at Parkade.

Other Fiscal Scenarios for other Curator Programs

UM System Budget Reduction Impact Statement

UM System budget reduction impact statement filed with the state Department of Higher Education on Thursday.

Comparing unemployment

Homeowners plan improvements

Community improvement district

Health disparities in Missouri affect minorities

Faceless interaction

Netiquette is a social code of conduct for the Web, when normal face-to-face interactions become faceless.

Teach for America: Will Idealism sink or swim?

MU women's basketball scoring

Bids on recycled paper down