Voter turnout on national, state and local levels

Boone County reflected the national and statewide trend of higher voter turnout compared with previous presidential elections.

Possible layout for proposed trailer park for veterans

David Sallee has proposed that five acres of his land in Hallsville be used for a mobile home park for veterans who are disabled or homeless.

Voter turnout in Boone County

2008 General Election results in Boone County and Columbia

Click on precincts to see results from Tuesday night's election.

Red states go blue in 2008 presidential race

States that were red in the 2000 and 2004 presidential election went blue for this year's election, which resulted in a victory for Democrat Barack Obama.

National results for presidential race

Election 2008 scorecard

This Election 2008 Scorecard will help you keep tally as each state's results rolls in. Click the image to download a printable scorecard.

Evangelical voters

Voters Guide 2008

Learn everything you need to know to be an informed voter this November 4.

Fall package Flash project

Timeline of the Hickman-Jefferson City football rivalry

A time line of the Jefferson City High School-Hickman High School football rivalry.

Economic issues in '08

Roads will be closed around Obama rally

Susan Montee mug

Susan Montee is the Missouri state auditor

Number of jury trials has increased

Water bond projects to appear on November ballot

A nearly $40 million bond project proposes to allow Columbia Water and Light to renovate or replace water mains and flow systems in 49 locations across the city.

State casinos admission fee

Alternate routes to avoid heavy homecoming traffic

Homecoming brings in fans, which can mean more foot and street traffic. Avoid road congestion with suggested alternate routes from Columbia Police Department.

Fire response areas

Stoplight timeline

In August 2005, Krysten Chambrot was struck by two vehicles at the intersection of College and Rollins avenues.