Columbia is Blooming

Columbia took second place in the America in Bloom program.

Alcohol Referrals at MU Rise

The number of alcohol arrests on campus has increased with enrollment.

Vision Commission Structure

Columbia City Council has approved the creation of the Columbia Vision Commission to oversee progress of the Imagine Columbia's Future project.

Risky Business: alcohol and drug use

Risky Business: tobacco use

Wisdom of the prairie

Where the candidates stand on a new reactor

Orgins of the Tiger's handshake

MU football players discuss the origins of their celebratory handshake.

How to grow prairie grass

Prairie grasses are ideally suited to Missouri's climate and can make for an unusual yard.

Grant improves test scores

An early reading program has been successful at raising test scores.

Shared Lanes

Many roads throughout Columbia will soon feature "sharrow" symbols to help motorists and cyclists travel more safely together.

Alternate trail requested

Park layout

Single stall and unisex bathrooms on MU Campus

Single-stall and unisex bathrooms provide privacy and security for transgender individuals.

Hogarth's "Marriage a la Mode"

British artist Hogarth pokes fun at 18-century upper-class arranged marriages in this series of six prints now on display at MU's Museum of Art and Archaeology.

MU goalkeeper Tasha Dittamore's numbers

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Drew Gordon's injury

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Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ

How traditional and nontraditional math solve the same problem

For simple math problems, traditional and nontraditional math take different approaches.